8 essential security measures for your Ideastack VPS

In the digital age, securing your online assets is as important as locking your front door. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have become a popular choice among businesses and individuals seeking flexible and efficient solutions for their hosting needs.

Ideastack’s VPS hosting offers an array of advantages including cost-effectiveness, customization, and scalability. However, just like any other online platform, it’s crucial to ensure that your VPS is safeguarded against potential threats.

Here are eight essential security measures you should implement for your Ideastack VPS:

SSH Key Authentication VPS hosting

1. Strong Passwords

The first line of defense against unauthorized access is a robust password. Avoid using predictable combinations or easily guessable information. Regularly updating your passwords and using a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters can significantly reduce risks.

2. SSH Key Authentication

Replace traditional password authentication for your VPS with SSH key authentication. It’s more secure as it requires a private key to access, making unauthorized entry considerably harder.

3. Firewall Configuration

Every VPS hosting should have a well-configured firewall to block unwanted traffic. Ideastack’s VPS allows users to set up rules, specifying which ports should be open and which IPs can access them.

4. Regular Updates

Always keep your server software and applications updated. Hackers often exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software. Automatic updates can be set up to ensure that you always have the latest security patches.

5. Backup Regularly

While backups aren’t a direct security measure, they are vital in case of any security breaches. Regularly backup your VPS data, so you can quickly recover in the event of data loss or a cyber-attack.

6. Disable Root Login

For Linux users, disabling root login through SSH adds an extra layer of security. Instead, create a different user with superuser privileges and use that for administrative tasks.

7. Install Security Software

Equip your Ideastack VPS with reputable security software. Tools like anti-malware, antivirus, and intrusion detection systems can provide real-time protection against potential threats.

8. Monitor Regularly

Keep an eye on your server’s activity. Regularly checking logs can help you spot any unusual activity or unauthorized access attempts, allowing you to take action immediately.

Firewall Configuration VPS hosting


The surge in the popularity of VPS hosting has also seen a rise in potential cyber threats. While Ideastack provides robust VPS hosting solutions, it’s the responsibility of users to ensure their server’s security. By following the above measures, you can create a secure environment for your data, ensuring smooth and safe operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is VPS hosting preferred over shared hosting?

VPS hosting offers more control, customization, and resources compared to shared hosting. With VPS, you have dedicated resources and can manage your server environment according to your needs.

Q2. How often should I backup my Ideastack VPS?

The frequency of backups is determined by how frequently your data changes. However, it’s a good practice to backup at least once a week. If your website or application sees frequent updates, consider daily backups.

Q3. Is SSH key authentication better than password authentication?

Yes, SSH key authentication is considered more secure than password authentication. It uses cryptographic keys, making it harder for hackers to gain unauthorized access.

5 reasons why Ideastack VPS outperforms its competitors

In today’s competitive digital landscape, choosing the right Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting provider is crucial for businesses and individual websites. With numerous options available, it’s imperative to differentiate among them. One provider that has continuously stood out is Ideastack. In this article, we’ll delve into five key reasons why Ideastack VPS outperforms its competitors.

Ideastack support team VPS hosting

1. Cutting-Edge Technology and Infrastructure

Ideastack prides itself on leveraging the latest technologies to deliver exceptional performance. Their servers come equipped with high-speed SSDs, which dramatically reduce website load times and improve overall performance.

In addition to this, their infrastructure is designed for resilience, with redundant power supplies and state-of-the-art cooling systems. This ensures that servers remain operational, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

2. Superior Customer Support

One primary distinction between hosting providers often boils down to the quality of customer support. Ideastack understands the importance of timely and effective assistance. Their support team is available 24/7, ensuring that issues are resolved promptly.

Moreover, their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to go the extra mile for clients. This unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart from many competitors.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions

When selecting a hosting provider, price is always a factor. Ideastack has consistently demonstrated that quality doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. They offer various cheap VPS hosting plans, tailored to meet the needs of different businesses and individual users.

With Ideastack, clients are not just paying for server space; they’re investing in a robust, reliable, and efficient hosting solution that guarantees value for money.

4. Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Every website and online project has unique needs. Ideastack’s VPS hosting solutions are built with flexibility in mind.

Whether you’re hosting a small personal blog or a bustling e-commerce site, their VPS solutions can be scaled and adjusted to fit your needs. As your sslsite grows, upgrading your resources is straightforward, ensuring that your website continues to run smoothly.

5. Robust Security Measures

In a time when cyber threats are more prevalent than ever, securing your online assets is paramount. Ideastack has incorporated top-notch security measures into their VPS offerings.

From firewalls to malware scanning and SSL certificates, Ideastack ensures that your data remains safe. Additionally, they conduct regular backups, so in the unfortunate event of data loss or a cyber-attack, recovery is swift and straightforward.

Ideastack VPS hosting security


In the world of VPS hosting, there’s no shortage of options. However, not all providers are created equal. Ideastack stands out due to its advanced infrastructure, unparalleled customer support, affordable pricing, flexible offerings, and stringent security measures.

When choosing a VPS host, it’s essential to consider not just the present but the future growth and changes your website might undergo. With Ideastack, you’re not just getting a hosting solution; you’re investing in a partnership that prioritizes your online success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting refers to a Virtual Private Server. It’s a method of partitioning a physical server into multiple servers that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine.

Q2. Why should I go with VPS hosting rather than shared hosting?

VPS hosting offers more control, performance, and resources compared to shared hosting. While shared hosting is suitable for smaller sites with lower traffic, VPS is ideal for growing websites that require more power and control.

Q3. Is it challenging to migrate my site to Ideastack?

Not at all! Ideastack’s support team assists with migrations, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Q4. How does Ideastack ensure the security of my data?

Ideastack employs multiple layers of security, including firewalls, malware scanning, and regular backups, to safeguard your data.

Q5. Can I upgrade my VPS plan as my website grows?

Absolutely. Ideastack’s VPS solutions are designed for scalability. As your site expands, you can easily upgrade to accommodate increased traffic and resource needs.

7 Common Mistakes to avoid when setting up your Ideastack VPS

Ever tried making a homemade pizza and ended up with a burnt crust because you overlooked the oven temperature? Just like cooking, setting up your VPS hosting can be a delicate process, and missing out on crucial steps can lead to disappointing results.

Fear not! Today, we’ll discuss seven common mistakes people make with their Ideastack VPS and, of course, how to avoid them. Let’s get started, shall we?

Ideastack VPS hosting

1. Skipping Updates

Ah, updates. They might seem pesky, but keeping your server software up-to-date is crucial. Imagine wearing last winter’s heavy coat in summer. Not quite the fit, right? Similarly, using outdated software can expose your server to vulnerabilities. Regularly check for and install updates.

2. Default Passwords

You wouldn’t use ‘password123’ for your email, would you? So why use default passwords for your VPS? Change them immediately after setup. This simple step is a robust defense against unwanted access.

3. Overloading the Server

Piling too many websites or applications onto your VPS is like trying to fit 10 people into a 5-seater car. It’s not just uncomfortable; it can hinder performance. Distribute your digital assets efficiently or consider upgrading your VPS package.

4. Not Configuring Firewall

Think of firewalls as the security guards of the digital world. Would you leave your front door wide open when you’re away? A well-configured firewall ensures that only the good guys can enter while keeping the bad ones at bay.

5. Ignoring Backups

Not backing up is akin to not carrying an umbrella despite a forecast of rain. Things can go wrong. Regular backups ensure you can restore your data if disaster strikes.

6. Avoiding SSL Certificates

It’s like driving without a seatbelt. SSL certificates protect data transfers, credit card transactions, and more. Secure your server and users’ trust by implementing SSL.

7. Forgetting Monitoring Tools

Setting up your VPS without monitoring tools is like baking without a timer. You need to keep an eye on performance, traffic, and potential issues. Invest in good monitoring tools to keep things running smoothly.

Cheap VPS hosting India


Setting up your Ideastack VPS hosting can seem overwhelming, but with the right precautions, it can be as smooth as a knife through butter. Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way to a secure, efficient, and optimized VPS hosting experience. Happy hosting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It provides you with dedicated resources on a server with multiple users, combining the power of dedicated hosting with the affordability of shared hosting.

Q2. Why should I consider Ideastack for VPS hosting?

Ideastack offers a blend of performance, security, and affordability. It’s a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Q3. Do I need technical knowledge to set up VPS hosting?

Basic knowledge can help, but many providers, including Ideastack, offer managed solutions and customer support to assist you.

Q4. Are updates mandatory?

While not mandatory, regular updates are strongly recommended to ensure security and optimal performance. Think of them as health check-ups for your server.

20 factors to consider while choosing for VPS hosting

Having a secure hosting is essential for everyone to access your website. Whether you are choosing Dedicated Server Hosting or Shared Hosting, it is quite important to ensure reliable resources. These automatically increase the performance level. Many top VPS hosting companies are providing Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting based on the requirement.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS Hosting is the process of storing the website on virtual private servers. These are mainly divided into smaller virtual compartments. Virtual Private Server is the VPS full form as it is enabled with RAM, CPU, and storage along with a separate Operating System. VPS allows you to store your web data. Normally, this virtualization software is a suitable option for easily saving your money and increasing your level of performance.

What is VPS Hosting?

How does VPS work?

Normally, the virtual server software lets you run on the virtualized operating systems on the machine. Each virtualized system behaves like a dedicated server. Virtualization is enabled with a hypervisor which is computer hardware, software, or even the firmware. The process allows creating virtual machines (VM).

Benefits of VPS Web hosting

VPS hosting is a suitable option for virtual private servers. Availing the VPS server windows is a suitable option for offering wider benefits. These are 100% private and secure, so you can easily get complete access to privacy. Now you have the better option for saving more time using the VPS hosted servers. VPS server application is flexible compared to cloud hosting servers. It is easier to install the operating system on the hosting. Users can easily install any OS and increase the RAM, which is the biggest advantage of virtual private servers.

Why choose VPS?

VPS Hosting environment is quite similar to that of a dedicated server in a Shared Hosting environment. Choosing secure VPS hosting lets easily get the resources with other hosting. It is quite a convenient option to choose the best VPS Plan for increasing the performance level and privacy. In VPS Hosting, there are many numbers of virtual private servers is available on a single physical server.

How does VPS work?

Factors to consider when choosing a VPS hosting provider

VPS gives you the benefit from the dedicated server for a significantly lower cost. There are various factors to consider while choosing the best virtual private server hosting. Each of the virtual server software is mainly installed separately.

#1. Price

VPS is quite inexpensive compared to dedicated web hosting. VPS offers quite a similar service as that of dedicated hosting. Choosing a VPS plan is suitable for your pocket and allows you to easily serve the website.

#2. Reliability Of The Hardware

Installing the VPS hosting gives you more attributes for guaranteed resources on multiple virtual servers. Installing the single dedicated server’s hardware allows to easily create a sense of independence. Plenty of drives in a RAID array is available to give stable service. You can easily get better deals using Cloud Servers for Blade and SAN environments.

#3. The Operating System

Operating System is the most important factor that needs to be considered apart from storage space, speed or performance. Normally, the Windows and Linux VPS hosting services are known for providing a better-proven solution. This mainly increases the quality server’s performance for the website. Linux is open-source software and inexpensive compared to Windows. The operating system of the server plays an important role on a virtual server.

#4. RAM (Random Access Memory)

Random Access Memory or RAM is quite important for shifting the information for completing the tasks. VPS server hosting allows you to easily have your own dedicated RAM. Users can easily upgrade VPS server’s RAM to 32 GB or even more with huge content. Get VPS plans to have a minimum of 2 GB of RAM for the running website.

#5. Hard Disk Type

Normally, the hard disk storage space is quite bigger and more inexpensive. The use of a high-end solid-state drive is mainly recommended for VPS hosting. Installing high-end SSDs or Solid State Drives are resilient for power failures. It is the perfect option to fit VPS hosting.

#6. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Intel intrudes the E5 and E7 Xeon servers. These are perfect options for multiple tasks simultaneously and use the Broadwell or Haswell architectures. It mainly provides an effortless multi-core for multitasking resource allocation on multiple cores. These especially give proved work smoothly at the peak times. You have a better option to customize even 14nm architecture for the multitasking feature.

#7. Control Panel

Control Panel is commonly called as cPanel, which is completely user-friendly. Choosing a user-friendly control panel is quite important for administration. This provides complete access to more numbers of features. It increases the performance level of the site. Various options include Direct Admin, Webmin, Plesk, and many more.

#8. Configuration Of Your Server

Knowing about the quality of the machine that the VPS is created is quite essential. Finding whether the server is configured for the VPS server plays an important role. The machine needs to be a reputable brand as well as high capacity for website speed.

#9. Tech Support

Quality of support is most necessary by hosting. It is quite important to choose a VPS provider mainly suitable for adding more performance levels. It is quite efficient to contact them–toll-free phone, chat, email, or any others with the cheapest hosting package.

#10. Network Monitoring

VPS services mainly work as the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Finding the best VPS packages mainly allows to easily create multiple virtual servers as well as shared hosting. Accurate network monitoring is important to avoid servers and troubleshoot technical problems.

#11. High Server Uptime

Choosing the hosting service frequently offline or down is not a wise decision. It is directly proportional to the amount of money you pay. These add powerful security systems with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

#12. Connection Speed

The numbers of visitors get decreases when the site takes more time to load. These use high-performance equipment for ensuring the website runs smoothly.

#13. Scalability And Redundancy

Redundancy is the most important backup resource mainly available with the data center. When there is any failure of power supply, then it is important to have an alternative way to run the system, such as a backup resource.

#14. Area Of Expertise & Limitation

Not all the company offers services that are compatible with unique needs. Leading web hosting solutions assures in bringing you the best features that enable the shared plans.

#15. Quota Of Bandwidth

Most VPS hosting providers have a certain amount of bandwidth. Certain bandwidth mainly causes an increased amount of traffic. These are imposed on the server for paying extra. Before choosing the VPS hosting service, it is important to find a service offering unlimited bandwidth.

#16. Specialties And Area Of Focus

Not every web hosting solution is suitable for you. Finding the weaknesses and strengths of the web hosting solution is quite important. Finding the companies offering great shared plans at an affordable price is helpful.

#17. Location Of Your Web Host

When you are living in a particular region, then learning about the ways of protection of user data is necessary. Web hosting mainly uses advanced, sophisticated technology for enabling more attributes. It protects the customer data with a highly reliable feature.

#18. Managed Vs. Unmanaged Server

Choosing between the Managed and Unmanaged Server is the most important factor. The Managed VPS Hosting mainly assures in taking care of all server-related issues. It decreases your workload, and the web hosting provider mainly takes care of server resources. These web hosting provider regularly updates when required. Unmanaged VPS Hosting mainly involves the responsibility of the VPS for customers. You can easily set up, configure, as well as monitor VPS. These best managed VPS hosting are convenient for managing the VPS.

#19. Root Access

Root access gives you the administrator-level login enabling more options for completing the task. It is easier to control over the server for using anything that includes hosting multiple websites, game servers, and even installing third-party applications.

#20. Security

VPS Hosting is mainly secure and isolated in nature for the hosting environment. The VPS security windows add more factors such as pre-configured security settings. Installing the VPS with Ideastack mainly enables more features such as anti-virus protection, automatic updates, and more.

Why choose VPS?

Who should opt for VPS hosting?

There is various type of hosting for the website performance level. It is necessary to consider the type of hosting suitable for the business. These mainly expand beyond constraints of shared hosting. Finding a better way to increase site traffic especially helps to improve your business. Having bandwidth and root access to handle a single website is quite important.


VPS server provides increased performance scalability along with greater control. Choosing the best managed VPS hosting is suitable for easily improving the business aspects. A flexible and reliable VPS hosting provider provides a smooth and effective web experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between VPS & Shared hosting?

Many website owners get started with a shared hosting plan. Normally, when the website or business grows, these require more functions and resources. Choosing between VPS or Shared Hosting is quite important for upgrading. VPS hosting is perfect for scalability.

2. What are the different types of VPS hosting?

There are different types of technical backgrounds is available that include Unmanaged VPS and managed VPS hosting. Web hosting especially takes place on installing operating system. Managed VPS lightens your load by easily keeping the server running exactly.

3. Which is the right VPS hosting plan for your business?

Choosing between shared and dedicated hosting services is quite important. To get an improved performance level and higher reach with top VPS services, enabling the dedicated hosting service is helpful.

4. When do you need VPS hosting?

The virtualized operating system is an effective way for keeping the success of the site going even with rapid growth. These are the next best plan that allows us to easily afford a various form of scalability.

What is Driving the Rise of cheap vps Hosting at Global Levels?

In the bustling landscape of online businesses and digital ventures, the quest for cheap vps hosting has increased rapidly, particularly in regions like India. This increase is not accidental; rather, it is the result of several interrelated processes that have influenced the landscape of digital infrastructure.

In this blog, we delve deep into the driving forces behind the rapid growth of cheap vps hosting, especially in India, and explore the impact of this trend on global digital ecosystems.

The Rise of Digital Entrepreneurship

1. Advancing the Digital Era

The digital revolution has revolutionized entrepreneurship, allowing individuals and businesses of all scales to establish their online presence. From budding startups to established enterprises, the need for a reliable hosting solution is paramount. cheap vps hosting presents an exciting option, offering a balance between affordability and performance.

2. Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

cheap vps hosting has emerged as a lifeline for small and medium enterprises, providing them with the tools and infrastructure needed to compete in the digital arena. With scalable resources and robust performance, VPS hosting enables SMEs to harness the power of the internet without breaking the bank.

The Technological Advancements

effect of digital revolution on cheap vps hosting

1. Innovations in Virtualization Technology

Advancements in virtualization technology have been pivotal in driving down the costs of VPS hosting. By leveraging virtualization techniques, hosting providers can optimize resource allocation and maximize server efficiency, thereby offering cheap vps hosting solutions without compromising on performance.

2. Automation and Efficiency

Automation has revolutionized the hosting industry, streamlining processes and reducing operational costs. With automated provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance systems in place, hosting providers can pass on the cost savings to customers, making cheap vps hosting a reality for businesses of all sizes.

Regional Dynamics: The Case of India

1. The Booming Digital Economy

India’s digital economy has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years, fueled by factors such as rapid urbanization, rising usage of the internet, and government initiatives like Digital India. This rapidly evolving digital environment has created an advantageous ground for cheap vps hosting providers for success.

2. Catering to Diverse Needs

In a diverse market like India, where businesses vary in size, sector, and technological requirements, cheap vps hosting serves as a versatile solution that caters to various needs. Whether it’s an e-commerce venture, a content-driven website, or a SaaS platform, VPS hosting offers the flexibility and scalability needed to adapt to changing demands.

Future Outlook and Implications

1. The path of sustainable growth

The rise of cheap vps hosting, both in India and globally, is indicative of a broader trend towards affordability and accessibility in the digital realm. As technology continues to evolve and hosting providers innovate, we can expect cheap vps hosting to increase in frequency even further, driving sustainable growth across industries.

2. Redefining Digital Infrastructure

The popularity of cheap vps hosting is reshaping the digital infrastructure landscape, democratizing access to powerful computing resources, and leveling the playing field for businesses worldwide. This democratic development fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development, paving the way for a more inclusive digital future.

Benefits of cheap vps hosting:

benefits of cheap vps hosting (2)

1. Cost-effectiveness:

One of the most apparent benefits of cheap vps hosting is its affordability. Compared to dedicated servers, VPS hosting offers a similar level of control and customization at a fraction of the cost. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals and businesses.

2. Scalability:

cheap vps hosting allows for seamless scalability, enabling users to easily upgrade or downgrade their resources based on fluctuating needs. Whether you’re experiencing a sudden surge in traffic or anticipating growth in the future, VPS hosting can accommodate your evolving requirements without hassle.

3. Isolation and Security:

Unlike shared hosting, where multiple websites share the same server resources, cheap vps hosting provides greater isolation and security. Each VPS operates in its own virtualized environment, ensuring that your website’s performance and data remain unaffected by the activities of neighboring websites. This isolation also enhances security, reducing the risk of security breaches and unauthorized access.

4. Customization and Control:

With cheap vps hosting, users have full root access to their virtual server, allowing them to install custom software, configure server settings, and implement security measures according to their specific needs. This level of control and customization empowers users to optimize their server environment for maximum performance and efficiency.

5. Reliability and Performance:

VPS hosting offers a higher level of reliability and performance compared to shared hosting. Since each VPS operates independently, issues affecting one VPS do not impact the performance of others. Additionally, VPS hosting typically utilizes robust hardware and network infrastructure, resulting in faster load times, improved uptime, and better overall performance for websites.

6. Support and Management:

Many cheap vps hosting providers offer comprehensive support and management services, helping users set up, configure, and maintain their virtual servers. From software updates to troubleshooting technical issues, these services reduce the burden of server management, allowing users to focus on their core business objectives.

6. Support and Management:

cheap vps hosting is highly flexible and versatile, accommodating a wide range of use cases and applications. Whether you’re hosting a small blog, an e-commerce website, a development environment, or a complex web application, VPS hosting provides the resources and flexibility you need to meet your specific requirements.


In conclusion, the rise of cheap vps hosting at global levels, particularly in India, is evidence of the transformative power of technology and innovation. As businesses embrace the digital landscape, the demand for affordable and reliable hosting solutions will only continue to grow.

By understanding the foundational factors and benefits of this trend, Businesses may position themselves for success in the ever-changing digital landscape. Experience the difference with Ideastack – your go-to cheap vps hosting provider worldwide. Benefit from unbeatable pricing, reliable performance, and exceptional customer support. Join Ideastack today to enjoy top-notch VPS hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is cheap vps hosting suitable for my website?

cheap vps hosting is ideal for websites that require more control, customization, and reliability than shared hosting can offer. It’s suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, e-commerce sites, and high-traffic blogs.

Q2: What are the advantages of cheap vps hosting?

Some benefits include cost-effectiveness, scalability, isolation and security, customization and control, reliability and performance, support and management, and flexibility and versatility.

Q3: What level of technical expertise do I need for cheap vps hosting?

While some technical knowledge is helpful, many cheap vps hosting providers offer managed services where they handle server maintenance and troubleshooting, allowing even beginners to use VPS hosting effectively.