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Server Colocation Pricing Plans In India

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42 U32 IP16 AMP100 MBPS BANDWIDTH$700/Mo

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Server Colocation

Are you searching for colocating your server in a multilayered data center with a hi-tech facility? Ideastack is the right place for your servers. Checkout the server colocation price list for 1U rack, 2U rack, 5U rack 10U rack servers colocation in India. Ideastack is known for its quality service for 10 years in India.

We provide low cost Server colocation service without compromising its quality. Also, you can compare our prices with other server colocation service providers in India Ideastack is known for its customer satisfaction. Our 24×7 Tech Team at the data center will take care of your collocated server. Deliver the utmost performance with our colocation service at pocket-friendly prices.

The price list for server colocation can vary depending on the usage of resources. There are plans for every business need in the industry in India. We charge according to Rack, IP, AMP & Bandwidth usage. For more detailed questions or doubt you can connect with our 24×7 care for any colocation issues or guide for buying a colocation for your server in India.

Server colocation is the approach of deploying and hosting an organization-owned server amid controlled service surroundings.

It allows an organisation to deploy their involved servers at a pre-existing data center or IT services facility. The server associated services, software programs and diverse applications are all managed through the customer, while the managed service provider gives you the resources of the physical plot, power and network connectivity.

Underneath server colocation, the server remains the asset of the customer, but it’s far handled and managed by the MSP or in a few instances, the cloud service provider. The client or business owner accesses the particular server through the internet or over a VPN link. The major objective at the back of the idea of server colocation is to consume extended IT assist offerings and key records technology framework or servers without escalation of considerable operational expenses. moreover, for numerous support offerings, multiple servers also are supplied at the side of bandwidth, power, physical security and backup services for the co-located server.

It’s miles nearly like Dedicated server hosting, in which a Dedicated server is hosted in the MSP facility or statistics center, set aside by using the undeniable fact that the server is owned in effect with the aid of the consumer or enterprise agency.

Why Server Colocation Hosting in India?

Server colocation in India is an excellent enterprise technique because the advantages of colocation outstrip the lesser advantages of dealing with in-house servers. In colocation hosting, customers could be able to plot their servers in Ideastack sturdy rack space. Therefore, after the customer selects Ideastack’s server colocation hosting services in India, they will be able to obtain our High bandwidth, networking related device, nigh-unbreakable security alongside software program support, air-conditioning and supply of energy. that is the maximum cost-powerful treatment for organizations – substantially the one’s organizations that observe it is quite hard to preserve up their personal servers on-premises.

There are some amazing advantages of selecting Ideastack as a colocation server companion in India. To start with the most fundamental yet important advantage, Ideastack data centers and colocation spaces are set a ways from areas expected to be vulnerable to natural screw ups like floods and earthquakes and are covered in opposition to various fire hazards. The extra enterprise-centric advantages are outlined beneath for our clients.

Advantages of Ideastack’s Server Colocation in India

Most assuredly, our clients will enhance their business output by selecting Ideastack’s colocation solutions. They need by no means be forced to throw away a fortune on purchasing high-priced networking devices, or on keeping an in-house IT group for maintaining servers. Once our clients log in, Ideastack processes manage their servers and free them of unwanted capital investment and operational fees.

The Colocation hosting is most properly-appreciated as a result of Ideastack providing you modern setup. For dealing with sensitive commercial enterprise and personal records, particularly with the Reserve bank of India’s regulations about neighbourhood data storage. as compared to old server rooms, Ideastack’s server colocation configuration gives lots of better arrangements for server storage and operation in perfect weather-managed environments. With Ideastack’s Cheap Server colocation Services, customers will get fast networking & high-speed website connections at the most affordable price.

A primary benefit of choosing Ideastack server colocation in India is that clients get free from inexperienced piling on of legacy technology. Our information facilities have modern resources so that our clients’ organizations are prepared to curtail their carbon footprint and increase profits through energy-saving processes, with many other benefits.

Benefits of Server Colocation

  1. Minimized capital fees, due to the fact the networking, firewalls, energy, cooling, and rack are supplied through Ideastack in alternate for minimal lease, which decreases similarly as more of the full rack is shared with different consumers.
  2. All of our data centers have centralized remark controls for all of the servers hosted under them, utilizing dedicated employees to verify that purchasers are alerted if a server or software faces troubles.
  3. Centralized advantages are supplied with colocation service providers for less complicated remote administration of the server from the consumer’s premises.
  4. Scalability may be attained faster and without direct capital charges, because the consumer will most effective want to lease additional rack space to host extra servers while the demand arises.
  5. Server colocation is especially beneficial for hosting crucial applications, as it’s far a precious technique to deliver the high stages of community accessibility required for a large consumer base.
  6. To a precise extent, colocation minimizes the expenses of managing the data center framework of a big business if the servers are hosted in-house.

Colocation Features

Global network of data centers

With data centers located in both India and USA, we provide global reach for your applications.

Security & Compliance

Our data centers are secured with latest and safest technology. The security and facilities provides by us are the best in the industry.

24/7 Support

Our customer support is comprised of the experts of their said field and are available 24/7 to guide and advice for any hitches or complication faced by the customer.

Power density

Our high density data centers provide increased scaliabilty and reliability. The modular design of our data centers allows you to increase power to meet the requirements of your most demanding applications.

Interconnection & Hybridization

Our data center's interconnection and hybrid facilities allows you to connect you to infrastructure environment.

Multiple Battery Backup

Multiply bandwidth give the advantage of elite system design and unmatched availability.

FAQs For Server Colocation

Server colocation is a service where an organization wants to host their existing infrastructure on the cloud. A dedicated hosting solution is a service where the clients choose to outsource their infrastructure to an IT company that takes care of the complete maintenance of the server.

A rack in a data center is physical steel or electronic framework designed to house a server.

Cost of colocation depends on the type of bandwidth, IP, and rack you choose. Ideastack collocation price starts from 5250/month to 52500/month depending on the type of infrastructure you need.

Tier 2 Data center has redundant components but only one path/source or partial redundancy in data center power and cooling resources.

Tier 3 data center has redundant and dual-powered servers, storage, network links and other IT components.

Yes, server colocation is cheaper than a dedicated server.

The server hardware in colocation is owned by the client.

If you own a server and keep it in your infrastructure the data is at risk because of no stable internet & electricity.

With managed colocation hosting service you will own the server but you will not have full admin control over it. Your web hosting provider will be responsible for its integrity, reliability & performance.

There are 42U in a data center rack.

A rack in a data center is a framework in which servers are placed.

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