Cheap Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in India

If you’re looking for a customized managed dedicated server Ideastack will help to get your own custom-build fully bare metal high performance powered with SSD Fully managed dedicated server in a tier 3 data center at the cheapest price in India & USA with top notch add-ons & benefits to make a complete package for your business. Chat with our hosting experts to build a custom dedicated server plan for your business.

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing


6 COREE5 2620 v364 GB1 TB SSD2 TB GOLD $160
8 COREE5 26674 V4128 GB1 TB SSD2 TBGOLD $180
12 COREE5 2678 v3192 GB1 TB SSD2 TBGOLD $213.33
20 COREE5 6138 v3 Gold256 GB1 TB SSD2 TBGOLD $280
24 COREE5 8259 Platinum256 GB1 TB SSD2 TBGOLD $306


12 COREE5 2620 v3*264 GB1 TB SSD2 TB GOLD $240
16 COREE5 2667 v4*2128 GB1 TB SSD2 TB GOLD $280
24 COREE5 2678 v3*2192 GB1 TB SSD2 TB GOLD $307
40 CORE6138 Gold*2512 GB1 TB SSD2 TB GOLD $376
48 CORE8259 Platinum*2512 GB1 TB SSD2 TB GOLD $529

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What is a Managed Dedicated Server?

Managed dedicated server hosting, usually offers tasks like network-monitoring, monitoring the internet connectivity and equipment for any hardware and connectivity-related problems such as maintaining a reliable and secure high-speed connectivity and 100% up-time assurance. Managed dedicated hosting services are a cheaper option than opting to hire system admins to manage your server. A managed dedicated server gives you 0 Sleepless nights due to server crashes. The servers must be upgraded to the latest patches as soon as they are available, and the operating system and applications must also be timely updated. Our Managed services will take care of all the needs of a dedicated server.

What is a UnManaged Dedicated Server?

In an UnManaged dedicated web hosting service the clients need to be completely self-sufficient as a web server admin. As a server admin, the client must be capable of installing and managing the operating system, installing software, and security applications, and installing and maintaining other web applications. Upgrading them periodically, applying patches, managing system restores, performing backups of the data, monitoring the entire system and maintaining it in prime condition all the time.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server



Managed dedicated hosting can be of great value to small and medium-sized companies. Unlike shared servers, it needs high maintenance costs. The responsibility of managing web hosting is to help organizations by saving manpower and vast prices relating to maintenance.



Reliability is one of the important factors to choose managed dedicated server hosting. Reliable managed dedicated hosting providers provide possible up-time. That’s why the websites run well with more effective up-time and less downtime.


Enhanced Scalability

For every entrepreneur, fully managed dedicated servers are the ideal choice for business operations with continuous growth. It saves time and effort for routine server administration. This, in turn, needs more network bandwidth and additional server capacity.


Assured Security

There is a higher level of security that makes your websites continuously monitored and examined operating systems. It saves us from cyber-attacks and also makes us less vulnerable. our managed dedicated support monitors your dedicated server all the time and resolves the issue as soon as it arrives.

If you’re looking for a customized server ideastack will help to get your own custom build server

Ideastack Provides Following Dedicated Servers

Bare Metal Dedicated Server

Checkout Ideastack’s high-performance bare metal Dedicated Server hosting service in India for enormous control over your server for extreme computing power required to control high traffic and tremendous data transmission with the help of Intel Xeon processors.

database in managed dedicated server

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting is recommended only for those who have solid server administration experience as it is extremely unsafe to use older versions of software they can be hacked leading to downtimes and data loss. We are known for providing the best managed & unmanaged dedicated server hosting service with our tier 3 Data-center across India.

High Bandwidth Dedicated Server

Ideastack provides a top-notch High Bandwidth Dedicated Server with 10TB Bandwidth to handle high traffic. We use 10 gig switches to ensure you do not face any packet drops during your peak loads. We use brand new hardware with IPMI RPS and hot-swap dives to ensure your application is always up and running.

Smart Dedicated Server

 Smart Dedicated Server with Ideastack provides you instant deployment time. Smart Dedicated Servers are for enterprises that need guaranteed resources, at a moment’s notice. We provide 24/7 support for all smart dedicated servers.

Ideastack Managed Dedicated Server Features


99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

We’re so sure in our foundation that we guarantee our clients an uptime of 99.9%.


Full Root Access

It provides total control on the server. Customers can run custom firewall programs, and can easily control data usage policies.


Port Speed

We provide 1 Gbps Port speed for your dedicated server.

Customer Service

Outstanding Support

Our Technical support is on standby via Live Chat, Phone or Email by 24/7.


Data Centre Choice

Clients can choose between Tier 3 India / USA Data Center.

Extra support add-ons we're providing with our managed dedicated server hosting.

Our Managed Dedicated Support Includes

Dedicated hosting server setup

Control panel installation and configuration

Third-party software installation

Linux security and hardening

CMS and web application installation

Windows security & hardening

Malware, virus detection, and protection

Installation of security patches and updates

CSF firewall installation and configuration

Optimizing web server and fine-tuning

Database optimization

Network fine-tuning

Server performance fine-tuning

Security optimization

Spam protection

Kernel patch updates

Database and website security

Protect against server blacklisting

Malware removal

Dedicated performance optimization

Dedicated migration

Re-installing the OS

rDNS setup

Hardware and network related issues

Unlimited ticket, live chat, and phone support

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    Managed Dedicated Server FAQ’s

      • Businesses that choose managed dedicated servers do not want to bother with daily server administration because they find it too demanding and do not have the time to manage the site physically. The hosting provider needs to manage and monitor servers within their own data center round the clock, along with backups service, software updates, firewalls, and other security management
      • Unmanaged dedicated servers for those clients who are happy to manage their own servers. In this everything is up to the client. They have complete freedom to install and manage any software they need. This can be a cheaper option for companies because there is no management – i.e. no routine support.

    Startups are excellent because they are looking for quick growth and expansion. The best option for startups is to choose a Managed Dedicated Server but only if the services are from a reliable web hosting provider. There are several favourable factors that startups can benefit from managed hosting, including access to high-performance IT equipment which is more cost-effective. Because it is an on-demand service, the high cost of investing in on-site servers, hardware components, and physical infrastructure is avoided by startups.

    Managed Dedicated servers are always chosen for their reliability and management. Yet switching managed dedicated servers to unmanaged VPS is a good move, if your website doesn’t get more traffic.

    System administrators, developers, and information technology businesses.

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