Cheap Managed Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Managed dedicated web hosting, requires the clients needs to be completely self-sufficient as a web server admin. As a server admin, the client must be capable of installing and managing the operating system, installing software, security applications, and installing and maintaining other web applications. Upgrading them periodically, and applying patches, managing system restores, performing backups of the data, monitor the entire system and maintaining it in prime condition all the time.

  • Multiple Dc Choice ( INDIA/USA)
  • Full root Access
  • 99.9 % Uptime
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed
Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Managed Dedicated Server Plans


6 COREE5 2620 v332 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$160/MoBUY NOW
8 COREE5 267032 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$180/MoBUY NOW
10 COREE5 2680 v232 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$213.33/MoBUY NOW
12 COREE5 2678 v332 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$280/MoBUY NOW


12 COREE5 2620 v3*232 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$240/MoBUY NOW
16 COREE5 2670*232 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$280/MoBUY NOW
20 COREE5 2680 v2*232 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$307/MoBUY NOW
24 COREE5 2678 v3*232 GB250 GB SSD2 TBGOLD$347/MoBUY NOW

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What is Managed Dedicated server?

  • 1. Managed dedicated server hosting, usually offers tasks like network-monitoring, monitor the internet connectivity and equipment for any hardware and connectivity-related problems such as maintaining a reliable and secure high-speed connectivity and 100% up-time assurance.
  • 2. Managed dedicated server hosting is a cheaper option than opting to hire system admins to manage your server
  • 3. Managed dedicated server gives you 0 Sleepless nights due to server crashes
Rocket Performance
  • 1. The servers must be upgraded to the latest patches as soon as they are available, and the operating system and the applications must also be timely updated.
  • 2. Un-managed Dedicated Web Hosting is recommended only for those who have solid server administration experience as it is extremely unsafe to use older versions of software they can be hacked leading to downtimes and data loss

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