Ideastack’s Endpoint Security Protection

Stop Attack Before They Start

Growing internet use, rapid cloud adoption, and huge numbers of mobile and cloud users are exposing your network to additional threats. Ideastack’s endpoint web security protection service is a crucial line of protection against modern day cyber threats. Ideastack offers sturdy endpoint protection which allows organizations to control access, protects users from threats, and secures their sensitive data.

Advantages of  Ideastack’s endpoint protection:

  1.  Ideastack’s endpoint protection provides a fully secured wall to protect your network from all major types of security breaches such as (Data breaches/leaks, Ransomware, Recording keystrokes, phishing, malware, virus & DDOS attacks).
  2. Easy classification of new security technologies.
  3. The endpoint protection service is Affordable.
  4. Blocks non-essential activities.

Ideastack provides endpoint security for a feasible price range. It consists of anti-malware, antivirus, anti-ransomware tools and firewall protection. We offer excellent services and our customer support service is available 24x7x365 days!!

Our Security Service Pricing Plans


LEVEL 1VirusAgent BaseMinimal CPU UsageMinimal RAM UsageFile Scanned on central Server$5.00/Mo
LEVEL 2Virus Protection And Malware ScanningAgent BaseMinimal CPU UsageMinimal RAM UsageFile Scanned on central Server$7.00/Mo
LEVEL 3Virus, Protection, Malware Scanning, Ransom wareAgent BaseMinimal CPU UsageMinimal RAM UsageFile Scanned on central Server$9.00/Mo
LEVEL 4Virus, Protection, Malware Scanning, Ransom ware, FirewallAgent BaseMinimal CPU UsageMinimal RAM UsageFile Scanned on central Server$12.00/Mo

Ideastack requires users to complete eKYC as per government regulations.

What exactly is an endpoint protection?

In this era of global connections endpoint security is a necessity for every organization. What is Endpoint security? It consists of security software which is located  on a centrally managed and accessible server or gateway within the network, in addition to client software being installed on each of the endpoints (or devices). The server authenticates logins from the endpoints and also updates the device software when needed.

Security Protection Features


Virus Protection

Our antivirus Solution simply got even better. It now consists of real-time virus updates, scans for both malware and overall performance issues, and even catches malicious downloads before they reach your Network.
It’s additionally got an all-new, refreshingly simple layout that suggests you precisely the way you’re covered. All of this, and it still won’t slow you down! with our Endpoint Security plans.



Firewall protection helps to secure your network from both internal and external dangers Ideastack’s endpoint protection behaves as a barrier between a trusted network and an untrusted network. It alerts or blocks the user when there is an unauthorized outbound or inbound attempt to connect with your computer, tracks recent outgoing, incoming, and intrusion events to find out who has gained access or tried to gain access to your computer. Our enterprise level DDOS protection blocks the threat from more than 6,000,000 websites on our network before it reaches the network.


Malware Scanning

Anti malware software protects against infections caused by various types of malware, including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware, keyloggers, ransomware and adware.
Anti malware software can be installed on an individual computing device, gateway server or dedicated network appliance. It can also be purchased as a cloud service or be embedded in a computing device’s firmware.



How Ransomware will affect your organization?

Well, ransomwares like wanna cry works by encrypting everything on a user’s computer. Then, the software demands that a ransom be paid in order to have the files decrypted. In the case of wanna cry specifically, the software demands that the victim pays a ransom of $300 in bitcoins at the time of infection . If the user doesn’t pay the ransom within three days, the amount doubles to $600. After seven days without payment, wanna cry will delete all of the encrypted files and all data will be lost.

Let us help you to secure your network ! Start now by just paying $5/M

How to prevent ransomware attacks before they even start?

There are a lot of ransomwares like these out there. But how do we protect your organization from them? Endpoint security is one software which helps to protect our devices from attacks like these.

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