Smart Dedicated Server

  1. Smart dedicated servers are for enterprises that need guaranteed resources, at a moment’s notice.
  2. Ideastack has 25 servers racked and ready for client’s urgent needs.
  3. We provide 24/7 support for all smart dedicated servers.
Smart Dedicated Server

Smart Dedicated Server Pricing Plans


E5 2620 V316 GB RAM500 GB SSD$120
E5 2620 V364 GB RAM1 TB SSD$174

Ideastack requires users to complete eKYC as per government regulations.

If you’re looking for a customized server Ideastack will help to get your own custom build server

Why Choose Us?


Control Panel Setup and Management

Basically helps users to configure and monitor almost all aspects of running a website which uses Windows as its operating system.

Unlimited OS Reinstall

Can reinstall any version of any operating system available. How ever all smart dedicated servers come with CentOS preinstalled.


All the services installed in the dedicated will be monitered by our team 24/7.


Our expert support team will handle every single aspect of the server setup, monitoring and maintenance, as per your requirements.


We provide efficient technical support. Clients can connect with our experts when required over the call, email, or live chat.


Optimize the security of the server such as setting complex password, IP security and firewall setup to protect the server from hackers.


Our systems can be set up for scheduled auto backup at specific intervals of time. You can choose a schedule that fits your business data backup needs.


Our managed servers are powered by Intel Xeon Hyper Threaded processors, ECC RAM & Enterprise SSD drives.


Server optimisation can help you reduce infra costs by getting max performance from your existing server.

Why Choose Smart Dedicated Server?

Support Services
  1. Smart dedicated servers offer the same high-quality hardware checked and deployed in as fast as 15 min.
  2. Smart dedicated provides the same high-quality support uptime and reliability.
  3. Smart dedicated server with Ideastack provides you instant deployment time.
  1. All smart dedicated servers come with IPMI so you can access the console 24/7 reboot restart and reinstall os remotely.
  2. You can quickly spin up on-demand smart servers, with Cent OS, applications, console access, latest drivers support and security patches. It also doesn’t conduct any noisy neighbour problems.

Smart Dedicated Server FAQ’s

You have to create a ticket in your client area with your registered credentials or you can just email us at [email protected] with your queries.

Security analysis and reporting, fully managed backups, 24/7/365 engineer support, fully redundant power and networking.

If you don’t want to maintain a server at your premises then you should go with our managed dedicated server & if you can maintain a server at your premises then you should choose an unmanaged dedicated server.

Yes, you’ll get root access to your managed dedicated server.

You will get 2 TB bandwidth in your managed dedicated server.

You’ll get 8 IPs in your managed dedicated server.

You can refer to our blog to know the benefits.

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