DDOS protection


DDoS attacks can have a devastating impact on not only the customer under attack, but also on the hosting provider and other customers within the same shared network infrastructure. At Ideastack we offer Complete protection of your servers with our fully DDoS Protection. Protect Your Server from DDoS Attack using our DDoS Protection Plan.

Ideastack Offers comprehensive DDoS and cyber threat protection to their hosted client as an extension of their current service offerings, improving the overall value system proposition and providing an opportunity to offer differentiated, value-added security service


Our DDos Protection

Pricing Plans


Level 1

Monthly plan

  • Upto 10 GBps
  • Upto /21 Ip block
  • Upto 10 million packets per sec

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Level 2

Monthly plan

  • Upto 50 GBps
  • Upto /20 Ip block
  • Upto 50 million packets per sec

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Level 3

Monthly plan

  • Upto 100 GBps
  • Upto /19 ip block
  • Upto 100 million packets per sec

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How it works?

As web attacks get bigger, our network offers high capacity to mitigate the attack and protect your website from DDoS attacks, even ones exceeding hundreds of Gbps. With Ideastack, all attacks that occurs on website is been directed to our data center where all the traffic is been shifted.

So we are able to leverage the significant global capacity of our network and infrastructure to absorb the floods of attack traffic at our network edge.The initial website goes through various stages when your server is been protected from DDos. ย With an initial scrubbing center deployment, suspect traffic flows are redirected to Smart Wall Network Threat Defense appliances for traffic validation and further level scrubbing. Your website is been monitored throughout the process.

Once done it been send to the server . DDoS attacks have great have an impact on their operations, and hosting providers can deploy the Smart Wall TDS inline to ensure always on DDoS attack mitigation services while benefiting from the highest levels of performance and security.