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Posted by shazim on 25 06 2018. 0 Comments

Install SSL in CWP with help of Below Steps :-   ⦁ First step is to download your SSL Certificate and KEY from the server to your local computer.(Login to cwp panel > SECURITY>Go to SSL generator >Generate csr&private key) ⦁ Don’t forget to check if your Apache is Listening on the port…


Why you need a dedicated server with a growing business

Posted by shazim on 10 05 2018. 0 Comments

Dedicated hosting is a hosting arrangement in which a server is staunch to a single system of government or for a single purpose, such as a site. This is in difference to shared hosting, in which a server stands as a host to multiple customers. A dedicated hosting overhaul is often…


Leasing Servers has more than what meets the eye

Posted by shazim on 31 03 2018. 0 Comments

The complicated situation of people confused whether to buy or lease is nothing new; consumers have been quarreling over this decision for years now. It should be no surprise then that the same situation exists with a company’s information technology (IT) equipment. Servers themselves can be made of use or have…


Reasons why Businesses need cloud servers

Posted by shazim on 28 03 2018. 0 Comments

Cloud dedicated servers have become the sources for the future of business hosting. From an abridged cost and amplified storage space, they break their traditional hosting counterparts in approximately every way. If you’re using a usual server in your office, you know that all your storage space is hosted locally on…


Unmetered Dedicated Servers remain an attractive option

Posted by shazim on 22 02 2018. 0 Comments

  With Ideastack, we’re always here to lend a hand to you in making the accurate decisions and we permit our customers to fully modify their hosting needs at any time. Adding to full modification, we’re also happy to offer unmetered dedicated servers, which offer hosting with no boundaries on your periodical bandwidth…


Ideastack: Providing a wide Range of World-class Server Hosting Services

Posted by shazim on 11 01 2018. 0 Comments

  When you believe of a web hosting overhaul supplier in India which offers world-class hosting solutions, you should think Ideastack. This firm has emerges as one of the best web hosts because it has productively provided a wide collection of hosting solutions to customer enterprises across different manufacturing verticals. It…


Managed v/s Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Choice Made Easy

Posted by shazim on 11 12 2017. 0 Comments

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service where a certain server is provided specifically for a single client who can basically control and access it just like having it in his/her home. In such a case, one client pays entirely for the service, and the provider will be providing…


How To Choose The Right Dedicated Hosting For Your E commerce portal

Posted by shazim on 06 12 2017. 0 Comments

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of web hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. For any business, no matter the size, it is critical that they have an e-commerce site that maintains high performance and high…


Dedicated Sever and it’s smaller branches

Posted by shazim on 22 11 2017. 0 Comments

As far as research shows, a Dedicated server has outdone even VPS in performance price and customizability. It truly takes away the cake in this field. You can list few distinct advantages of a dedicated server over VPS hosting that is possibly not available in VPS environment. The most compelling…


How to Implementing VMs on Xen Server?

Posted by shazim on 26 09 2017. 0 Comments

Step 1:-Create a Virtual Machine Step 2:-After creating Vm Power on the Vm, press OK. Step 3:-Welcome Screen Will Appear XenServer Click on OK. Step 4:- In Next “Accept EULA” And Press Enter. Step 5:- In Virtual Machine Storage Just Click on OK. Step 6:-Select Local media and Click on OK. Step 7:-Chosse on “NO” for…