Guidelines to consider while choosing a VPS hosting plan

When you own a shared hosting plan and you look to upgrade it to a better version, VPS hosting is considered to be optimum to upgrade to better RAM and bandwidth feeding webhosting plan. VPS hosting abbreviates Virtual Private Server where one server is shared with multiple users though every user is allotted dedicated resources which make it highly secure and compatible. It comes with better scalability and reliability options as compared to shared hosting plans. So VPS hosting could be a great option to go for before diving directly to dedicated server hosting plans.

Guidelines to consider while choosing a VPS hosting plan

First of all, before choosing a VPS plan, you should be certain with your requirements and what you actually need from your webhosting plan. Once you know your requirements, you should go ahead with the research accordingly. Like if you have a small website but you need high end images and other media activities, you will need high RAM to maintain your website for which you will have to go for an upgraded versions like of VPS. While researching and filtering between different VPS providers, you should check for the following factors to come across the best VPS plan possible.

1. Uptime

Uptime of VPS hosting

Uptime is the most important thing for any website. Uptime is the mark of how long your website can stay up and running. Shared hosting plans are expected to yield low uptime but VPS hosting plans are powered to get you faster. You should check whether the VPS plan you choose offers the highest of uptime above 99% atleast.

2. Security

Security of VPS hosting

This is another important point you should consider with utmost concern as the security of your data and your client’s data should be secured with utmost protection. You should make sure whether your service provider offers all the security patches and regular backups in order to take utmost care of your data and resources.

3. Site performance

Performance of VPS hosting

You must ensure that your VPS hosting plan will yield you high site performance with minimal lags and maximum efficiency. Your VPS plan hosted on the server should be powered with a powerful CPU speed and bandwidth abilities.

4. Customizability

Customizability of VPS hosting

Customizability is the ability of the users to customize and configure resources as per their own needs. You should consider this point vitally as it gives you the flexibility to adjust resources as per your own requirements. Though you don’t get as much as customizability as you get in the dedicated server hosting plans but still you are allotted dedicated resources that should be utilized to their best use.

5. Pricing

Pricing of VPS hosting

Lastly, and where it counts the most you should compare the prices of different VPS providers and also compare the spec sheet and features sets and then evaluate which plan could be the most efficient and worthful to opt for.

The above five points are the five most important points to consider while going for a VPS hosting plan. To avail, the best VPS plans filled with all the bar setting features, browse through some of the best and most reasonable VPS plans on Ideastack.

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Managed VPS :the improved VPS from Ideastack


As businesses expand and their online presence grows more complex, the management of web hosting servers can become an increasingly time-consuming and specialized task. This is particularly true for those utilizing Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server hosting.

Managing your own VPS hosting can be costly in terms of time and expertise. This is where Managed VPS hosting steps in as a solution to save time, reduce costs, and ensure the smooth operation of your virtual private server.

Understanding Managed VPS

Managed VPS hosting represents a middle ground between complete autonomy and full reliance on hosting service providers. It combines the control and flexibility of a VPS with the convenience and expertise of managed services. Let’s delve into the details.

The Virtual Dedicated Server

A VPS functions like a dedicated server for its users. Installed on one computer, it can host multiple websites simultaneously. Each server operates independently, reducing the risk of one server’s issues affecting others. It requires just one operating system to function effectively.

The Essence of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting strikes the perfect balance between responsibility and assistance. It allows you full control of your VPS, including root access, while also providing the support of IT professionals.

This service model removes a significant burden from your shoulders, as your hosting provider handles complex and time-consuming server management tasks.

Managed VPS Hosting Advantages

With Managed VPS, you can enjoy the benefits of a VPS without the need for technical expertise. Your hosting provider takes care of server configuration, maintenance, software updates, and security patches.

This leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business, making Managed VPS an ideal choice for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Managed VPS Solutions

Ideastack offers Cheap VPS India and Managed VPS hosting that you can rely on. Our service comes with excellent customer support, staffed by experts in the field. We ensure that you get not only a superior product but also outstanding service.



Managed VPS from Ideastack is an excellent choice for businesses looking to harness the power of a VPS without the associated complexities of managing it. It’s an ideal solution for saving time, reducing costs, and ensuring efficient operation.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1.What makes Managed VPS different from regular VPS hosting?

Managed VPS includes additional support and management services, taking the burden of server maintenance off your shoulders.

Q2.Is Managed VPS suitable for non-technical users?

Yes, it’s perfect for those without technical expertise, as the hosting provider handles all technical aspects.

Q3.How does Managed VPS hosting save time?

It eliminates the need for you to manage server-related tasks like updates and security, freeing up your time for other business activities.

Q4.Does Ideastack provide support for their Managed VPS services?

Absolutely, Ideastack offers top-notch customer support, ensuring reliable and efficient assistance for all your VPS needs.

VPS Hosting in The Cloud – Virtual Private Server Hosting

What is VPS cloud hosting?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a type of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which end users can access virtualized server resources online through a cloud or hosting provider. Each VPS cloud hosting is installed on a physical server that the cloud or hosting company manages and uses to run additional VPSs.

What is VPS cloud hosting?

Have you thought about a VPS hosting technique?

If you don’t, you should learn something new. Any VPS technique is exceptionally a financially smart decision for individuals.

It is truly a thing that will get site proprietors each powerful talk about hosting and also principal gave cloud hosting administrations to individuals. VPS remains for VPS. That is the fundamental idea. This is a computerized cloud hosting server, which might be controlled by individuals independently together with the essential cloud hosting server.

There are loads of interesting points of utilizing this sort of methodology. It additionally makes web showcasing very productive and smart too, in any case.

The clarification for this is the same for your rights given by the computerized server programs. The computerized technique server won’t be a certified server. It can be useful for hosting the site with no issues, which are generally connected with genuine hosting servers.

The computerized web servers will keep running in and along sync utilizing the honest to goodness web servers. Thus, the web servers will exploit the advantages and vacation destinations from the run-of-the-mill server for cloud VPS hosting.

You will see better information exchange and also faster dispatching speed for the web. In this way, when your site will be facilitated on the essentially hosting server, it will likewise have every one of these components and points of interest.

These might be other used to make your cloud hosting costly and exceptionally extraordinary as well. With any advanced server technique, you may likewise get numerous giveaways as well. Incorporated into this are a few space names, which might be given into the web server. You may likewise do the hosting for PHP and Mysql database areas and databases.

VPS projects by Ideastack are basically the ideal choices for hosting. They help for making the specifically up cloud hosting very viable and advantageous. The sites will be made do with the state of the fine art capacities and a few frameworks as well.

Thus, furthermore, you will get a few Web rehearses from your essential server. This can likewise make your cloud hosting exceptionally costly and in addition adaptable. You may enhance information exchange and in addition, much better dispatching speed for the area name from your essential hosting server alone. Along these lines, you ought to likewise experiment with the VPS arrangement for the advantage of your site.

What is the difference between Virtual Private Server vs. Cloud hosting?

Instead of using a single server uses a cloud-based cluster when using cloud hosting plans. Each server in the cluster keeps an up-to-date copy of your website. When one of the servers is overloaded, the cluster automatically sends traffic to a less overloaded server. As a result, cloud hosting has no downtime because there is always a server in the cluster that can handle the requests of your website visitors.


VPS hosting allows you to have guaranteed resources and full control without having to run your server. It’s a great choice for medium to high traffic, resource-intensive, and eCommerce websites.

However, businesses that expect major growth might also profit from the stability of the service. If you want a reliable, business-scale hosting environment at a reasonable price, VPS hosting is a good option for your website.

We hope you understand the blog that has explained what is VPS hosting and how it runs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do you need VPS Hosting?

VPS is a popular hosting service for large websites and enterprises. VPS is similar to shared hosting in that multiple users share the same physical server.

VPS on the other hand divides the server into partitions using virtualization technology, giving separate dedicated resources for each user. As a result, VPS users have greater flexibility in configuring individual systems.

Q2. What is the difference between Virtual Private Server vs. WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a service that is only available to WordPress website owners. It includes various WordPress-related features that you can only use if you have a WordPress site, such as one-click installation, pre-installed plugins, and a WP command-line interface. Servers are configured to meet WordPress requirements. As a result, hosting providers include WordPress hosting as part of their shared hosting service.

Although it is easy to install WordPress on a virtual private server, you will not have access to the custom-built servers that have been configured specifically for WordPress. However, if you choose VPS for your WordPress site, you may set up and modify your hosting environment to meet your company’s needs.

Q3. What is the difference between Virtual Private Server vs. Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you rent a whole physical server for your company. If you have a high-traffic website, dedicated hosting may be the best option because dedicated servers are fast, flexible, and completely customizable. However, the service does come with a cost therefore, they are not for everyone, especially if you run a small or medium-sized website.

While VPS hosting allows you to select and modify your operating system and server software, dedicated hosting goes a step further. It allows you to configure not just the software but also the hardware, as the entire server is yours and no one else has any say in the setup. You can also run a dedicated server on-site, but you will lose the support of a professional hosting team.

What Is the Process of Migrating Your Website from Shared Hosting to a Cheap VPS Hosting Plan

In today’s digital landscape, where online presence is paramount for businesses, selecting the right cheap VPS hosting plan for your website is crucial. While shared hosting might suffice in the initial stages, as your website grows, you might find yourself needing more control, power, and resources. This is where cheap VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting comes into play. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of migrating your website from shared hosting to a VPS hosting plan seamlessly.

Understanding Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting entails multiple websites sharing resources on a single server. While it’s cost-effective and easy to manage, it comes with limitations in terms of performance, security, and customization options. Your website’s performance might be affected by other sites on the same server, leading to potential slowdowns during peak times.

cheap vps

VPS Hosting

On the other hand, Cheap VPS hosting offers a dedicated portion of a server’s resources exclusively for your website. This ensures better performance, scalability, and security. With Cheap VPS hosting, you have more control over server configurations, allowing for greater customization to suit your specific needs.

Benefits of Migrating your Website to a VPS Hosting Plan

1. Enhanced Performance

With dedicated resources provided by cheap vps hosting, your website will experience improved speed and performance. This is crucial for providing a seamless user experience and reducing bounce rates.

2. Increased Security

Cheap VPS hosting provides a higher level of security compared to shared hosting. Since your website is isolated from others on the server, you are less susceptible to security vulnerabilities and malware attacks.

3. Scalability

With Cheap VPS hosting, you can quickly scale your resources as your website grows. Whether you need more CPU power, RAM, or storage, you can upgrade your plan effortlessly to accommodate increased traffic and demand.

4. Customization Options

Cheap VPS hosting offers extensive customization options, allowing you to configure server settings, install software, and optimize performance according to your specific requirements. This level of control is invaluable for businesses with unique hosting needs.

The Process of Migrating Your Website to a VPS Hosting Plan

Step 1: Select a Reliable VPS Hosting Provider

Choosing the best Cheap VPS hosting company is essential to a smooth migration. Look for a provider that offers reliable hardware, robust security measures, excellent customer support, and competitive pricing.

Ideastack stands out as a reliable and affordable VPS provider, offering top-notch services for businesses and individuals alike. Their commitment to reliability ensures a seamless transition for users moving from shared hosting to VPS plans.

Step 2: Back Up Your Website

Before initiating the migration process, it’s essential to back up all your website files, databases, and configurations. This guarantees that you have a backup plan in place if the migrating process encounters difficulties.

Step 3: Set Up Your VPS Environment

Once you’ve signed up with a Cheap VPS hosting provider, you’ll need to set up your server environment. This involves configuring server settings, installing necessary software (such as web server, database server, and CMS), and securing your server against potential threats.

Step 4: Migrate Your Website Files and Databases

Next, you’ll need to transfer your website files and databases from your existing shared hosting account to your new VPS server. This can be done using FTP, SSH, or a control panel provided by your hosting provider. Ensure that all files are sent correctly and without mistakes.

Step 5: Test Your Website

Once the migration is complete, it’s crucial to thoroughly test your website on the new VPS server. Check for any broken links, missing files, or functionality issues. This ensures that your website is running smoothly and is accessible to your visitors.

Step 6: Update DNS Settings

Finally, update your domain’s DNS settings to point to your new VPS server. Please be patient as this step may take some time to spread around the internet. Once the DNS changes have propagated, your website will be fully migrated to the Cheap VPS hosting plan.


Migrating your website from shared hosting to a VPS hosting plan can be a significant step toward improving performance, security, and scalability. By following the steps to Migrate from shared hosting to cheap vps hosting outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth and seamless migration process, minimizing downtime and disruptions with Ideastack to your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is migrating to a VPS hosting plan complicated?

While it may seem daunting, with proper planning and guidance, the migration process can be smooth and straightforward.

Q2: Can I migrate my website to a VPS hosting plan on my own?

Yes, you can migrate your website independently, but it’s recommended to seek assistance from your hosting provider or a professional for a smoother transition.

Q3: Can I upgrade my VPS hosting plan in the future?

Yes, most VPS hosting providers offer scalability options, allowing you to upgrade your plan as your website grows and demands more resources.