How joining Ideastack’s Affiliate Marketing can start your Passive Journey?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Online Affiliate Marketing is the way an affiliate or a normal person other than the company’s employee, earns a commission for the company’s product sold through them. The affiliate marketing involves the affiliate promoting any company’s product and then enjoying a piece of profit or commission granted by the Company of which the product is sold.

What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Online Affiliate Marketing could yield an affiliate a bulk load of benefits as follows –

• You won’t have to create or produce any product.

• Only Promotion and Selling is on you. Rest of the delivery, packaging, product quality, and after sales services are maintained by the company itself.

• You won’t have to make any investments in the affiliate marketing business.

• With little or no hard work, you can have a steady source of income.

• The affiliate business can help you to be financially independent.

• A person with little or no technical knowledge can also make the most out of it by using effective marketing strategies.

How does Affiliate Marketing works?

Affiliate Marketing works by leveraging on the effective marketing strategies performed by a variety of individuals as affiliates. The profits earned are then shared with the affiliates. In the below discussion we will break down how does affiliate marketing work and how affiliate network works.

Affiliate marketing is basically practiced with the involvement of three important parties –

• Company or the Product Creators.

• Individuals or Promoters as Affiliates.

• Customers.

The Company or the Product Creators are the first person selling their products in the market. The Company does not necessarily have to involve in marketing and sales. Through affiliate programs, it can let the affiliates to market and promote the company’s products and then persuade customers. If the ultimate customers end up buying that product that was promoted and linked through the affiliate, then the affiliate receives a portion of the profits made by the company by selling their respective product. 

This is how affiliate marketing works. By following through the below article, you will understand more deeply on what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

Starting your online affiliate marketing would not take much of your time. As we transition to the new normal in 2020, it is very important to consider a few important strategies you should practice starting your affiliate marketing programs profitable in 2020. Following the below points would give you a fair idea on how to start an affiliate marketing program that can be profitable –

Promote and Affiliate for many different Companies!

Always try maximizing your profits by working with multiple different affiliate programs of multiple companies. If you get stuck with just one company, then your commissions are limited to the sale of just one product. So, it is highly recommended to diversify your affiliate marketing online earnings from multiple companies. This will help you with a steady stream of revenues and commissions. 

Target more on your Traffic sources!

When you initiate an affiliate marketing strategy, it is also important to track its success. So, you should keep a healthy track of where your traffic is coming from, where it is coming too and how can you make the most of the same. Understanding your traffic sources will also give you a chance to carry personalization with specific sets of prospects.


These traffic sources can include affiliate marketing blogs, social media, referrals, emails, and direct or organic traffics. You can track your traffic source through Google Analytics and can evaluate which are the most converting traffic source you should focus on.

Promote and Recommend products your most familiar with!

It is highly advised to give beneficial and authoritative quality recommendations to the customers. Don’t just promote anyone to buy your product. You should first get familiar with the quality highlights of your product and if possible, test it by yourself first. The more quality recommendations you will forward, the more you will attract them to come back to you, and the more you earn money online affiliate marketing.

Work more on Optimizing your Conversion Rates!

With higher conversion rates, you can earn higher referrals and ultimately higher income. You can focus more on landing page optimization, Calls to Actions (CTAs), and an effective conversion optimization strategy to improve your conversion rates. 

Affiliate marketing is the perfect passive income generating plan for making money with affiliate programs for beginners. Following the above four most important points, your question for “How to start affiliate marketing” can be productively answered. 

With Affiliate Marketing, how much capital can you make?

The money you make through affiliate marketing is directly proportional to the marketing efforts and lead generations you make. It clearly depends on how much product sold is linked by you, how much traffic you acquire, etc. 

Making money with affiliate programs for beginners can be from anywhere 0 to maybe millions. Though as no extra expenses or investments are needed by you, your profit made is always in plus. Being the reason, why it is considered to be a probable source to earn money online affiliate marketing.

How to become an Affiliate Marketer?

It is very simple, you just have to pick any product from companies that need affiliate marketers, find an affiliate marketers program, and get yourself registered with an affiliate link. Though you should not just pick any product and go Gung-Ho with its promotion. 

You should understand the product first and then determine whether that specific product can complement your target audience. Also, it is important to promote those products you are most familiar with. Once you decide the product and the company you are going to choose to promote, then you can proudly say “I am an Affiliate Marketer”.

How to Affiliate Marketer get paid?

Online affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the best options for inexpensive and quick earning with little or no technical knowledge. Affiliate marketing business can earn you a steady flow of income. Well, when it comes to how these affiliates make earnings, it majorly depends on the basis of the programs they are affiliated with. It is not necessary everytime that the affiliate headstarts only by selling any of its affiliated company’s product. There can be programs promoting different kinds of contribution style as followed – 

Pay Per Lead

This program contributes to the affiliates when the leads brought by them get converted. It could be just filling the contact form, subscribing to the newsletter, downloading any brochure, or signing up for a free trial.

Pay Per Click

This program contributes to the affiliates when the target consumers are redirected to the Company’s marketing platforms or the ultimate website. Here the affiliate just has to persuade the consumers to click or redirect to any company’s platforms.

Pay Per Sale

This program is usually what is practiced the most in the affiliate business. Here, a certain percentage of profits is allotted to the affiliates if they sell the company’s products by their own marketing and sales strategies.

What are the tips to help you become a successful Affiliate Marketer?

Review Products and Services

Develop your own niche and audience by pursuing good knowledge about any specific product or service. Then post your reviews regularly to build trust among your audience. You can review any product or service on the internet with your expertise or experience in any specific field. This can gain the confidence of your audience in your affiliate marketing products and services as well.

Create a Goodwill

Goodwill is not made in a few years. Though you can establish yourself as an expert in any specific niche and then promote related affiliate programs to gain a big chunk of audience share. You can cultivate the respective target audience by building a rapport with an expert or as an experienced user.

Make use of Multiple Sources

Spend your time more on diversified sources like for instance, blogs, personalized reaching out on social media channels, cross-channel promotions, etc. Don’t just be limited to the email campaigns. By engagements in multiple sources, you get a better opportunity to gain a wider audience and also to check which source yields you better. 

Base on your Personal Experience and Judgements

It is always preferred to first test and then approve on which product or service can serve value to its best. Pick and choose the product you have personally experienced and have believed in. This will give you confidence in selling value-based products and services to the customers and also to enjoy a good repetition of higher conversion rates. 

Stay Updated with new Trends

Markets evolve in no time! With such a volatile environment, techniques and strategies develop and revolutionize continuously. To be above your affiliate competitors, it is always important to be updated with the real-time trends in not only the affiliate marketing business but also in the product or service you are affiliated with.

The above tips are not just believed as effective affiliate marketing tips for newbies but are also considered by the established affiliate marketers as well!

What are the questions needed to be asked before promoting an Affiliate Product?

It is very important to test, approve, and question your affiliate marketing business before promoting any affiliate marketing product. The basic questions that need to be answered are – 

The above are the basic questions you should ask before promoting an online affiliate marketing product.

What are 2020's top Affiliate Marketing Trends?

Personal data collection is changing due to the new GDPR

In effect from May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all set to strengthen the protection of data regulations. This is making the affiliates to browse data through opt-in-consent. The new regulations imposed will also be needed to follow -up with the FTC guidelines which ask for the affiliate marketers to disclose their commissions made.

Developed Affiliate Reporting

Companies that need affiliate marketers, find affiliate marketers today as the ultimate force of piece-based revenue seekers. Affiliate marketers have developed good reporting techniques and strategies to track the attribution models that allow them to see a full-fledged picture of coordination among individual marketing tactics. 

Focused Targets

Today’s searchers are more specific and use long-tail keywords to find their specific product or service they need. Affiliate marketers are getting more focused on specific targets having specific requirements in a specific niche. Now, the marketers might not send a large number of advertisers to an unlimited audience, but only to those who are credible and can yield higher conversion rates. 

How to start Affiliate Marketing for Online Creators?

There can be six basic and effective steps to kickstart your online affiliate marketing business – 

What are the 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes you never want to make?

Not Building an Email List!

This is the most common affiliate marketing flaw affiliated make. Your affiliate marketing business would be of no reach if you cannot generate a list of prospect email addresses that can yield conversions. 

You look for Earnings right away!

It is often seen that new affiliates look for earnings right away, oversaturating their blog posts with a bulk load of links, advertisements, banners, and with minimal to no research. When you start your online affiliate marketing business, initially you won’t receive much traffic. So instead of expecting that your links and advertisements will get you a good amount of traffic, you should first focus on developing research and build an audience you can count upon.

Zero value in your promotion content!

Your content should always have credibility. Most affiliate business just promotes a product regardless of how that product actually performs. This makes their content vague and unreliable. It is always recommended to promote useful and dependable information about the product you are promoting.

You have an Ugly Landing Page

If your website and your landing page are ugly, it could generate bad first impressions and ultimately deprive your reputation. Instead of spammy landing pages and traditional HTML templates, your website should be highly user-friendly and attractive.

You have too many products to promote on your site!

With lots of products comes lots of risks. With so many products, some products will always be there which makes losses and ultimately writes off your profits made as well. With lots of products, a lot of responsibility for its management will also come that can eat up most of your time, making you inefficient. Instead, you should focus on specific products and count on them entirely.


There are millions of sources to make money today. But one needs to have proper knowledge, skills, and dedication to work hard with lots and lots of patience. Online Affiliate Marketing is one such source that can help you to make a steady source of income if done skillfully and systematically.

Affiliate marketing makes passive income online possible. When compared to another online source of income, affiliate marketing is the most probable source of earning income without much of technical knowledge. It might test a lot of patience in the beginning for any affiliate marketing business. 

You just have to make sure that you promote relevant products that present value and can build a large base of audience. With time you will gain the expertise, knowledge, and learnings to make your affiliate business a huge success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Affiliates?

Affiliates implies to individual partners who associate or partner with other companies for sharing a similar motive. The online affiliate marketing business involves an affiliate marketing model where the affiliate business or the partners are compensated only when they have generated an agreed-upon outcome. 

What is the Commission rate?

Commission rate in affiliate marketing is a certain percentage of profits allotted to the affiliate when the affiliate business manages to produce an agreed-upon outcome. 

Do affiliates have to pay to enter an affiliate program for a brand?

There is no cost of affiliate marketing for beginners or even other establish affiliates who sign up with any affiliate programs. Affiliates are also allowed to participate in multiple affiliate programs by different sellers at one time. Still, you can take a look at the respective affiliate program guide presented.

What kinds of brands offer affiliate programs?

Almost every industry vertical imaginable today offer affiliate marketing business opportunities through their programs. An affiliate business can be practiced today in any industry be it Retail, Insurance, Finance, Travel, education, logistics, etc.

What position in an affiliate program does affiliate technology play?

Affiliate technologies like SaaS offer brands and companies to track their extended affiliate programs and measure their performance. 

Who manages an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs can be managed depending on the management style of the brand or company. It could be done in-house or through managed affiliate networks.

Leasing Servers has more than what meets the eye

The decision between buying and leasing has long been a subject of debate across various consumer sectors. This choice becomes particularly poignant when it comes to the procurement of IT infrastructure. The complicated situation of people confused about whether to buy or lease is nothing new; consumers have been quarreling over this decision for years now. It should be no surprise then that the same situation exists with a company’s information technology (IT) equipment.

Understanding the Lifespan and Value of Servers

Servers themselves can be made of use or have a working life of four to five years alone, on top of that they typically lose all of their capital value after three years. This rapid depreciation is a critical factor in the purchasing decision.

Development in server technology often renders current servers obsolete in less than two years. Companies that purchased servers face the challenge of early retirement while still managing their initial purchase assets.

Leasing Servers to buying plans for servers

The Shift to Leasing Servers

Usually, people tend to find buying plans for servers a complicated thing. Well, now the complications have been eradicated for you. Leasing servers is now a thing and it has made everything so much easier for everyone.

Mix renting and getting the best flexible deal for your convenience and a price that works for you. This new approach to server management offers a level of adaptability that purchasing simply cannot match.

Customized Leasing Plans

Ideastack offering a lease for servers that have the best deals for you. Buy the hardware over a 1 or 2 year period for a finance percentage fee. These servers include 15 MBPS of bandwidth a month and a 100 Mbps port.The server is basic management, but you can upgrade to a managed server with a CentOS with cPanel or Windows with a Plesk license.

Customized Leasing Plans for buying servers

The Advantages of Colocation

Once you own the hardware, you can collocate your server in the respective data centers of the company and most of them only make you pay for space and traffic.

The data centers are very well secured and only employees are allowed to take any actions when required. The colocation facilities include complete redundancy in power, network connectivity, and unparalleled security and safety.


Leasing servers offers a new horizon of possibilities for businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure. With the flexibility of leasing terms and the assurance of top-notch colocation facilities, companies can now pivot more readily to the ever-changing landscape of IT needs. This approach not only mitigates the risk of technological obsolescence but also aligns with financial strategies that prioritize operational expenditure over capital expenditure.

Frequently Asked questions

Q1.What are the financial benefits of leasing a server compared to purchasing one?

Leasing a server can provide financial flexibility, allowing businesses to spread the cost over time rather than making a large upfront investment. It also avoids the issue of depreciation and the need to manage obsolete equipment.

Q2. How does server leasing work with regards to upgrades and scalability?

Leasing agreements often include options to upgrade the server hardware as new technologies become available, ensuring that a business’s IT infrastructure remains up-to-date without additional large investments.

Q3. What are the security implications of server colocation?

Server colocation in a professional data center typically offers enhanced security measures, including physical security, network security, and disaster recovery options, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure.

Why is Windows Dedicated Server the right choice for you

In the sprawling digital landscape, businesses often face the challenge of maintaining superior website performance and security. Amidst a plethora of hosting options, Windows Dedicated Server emerges as a leading contender. Let’s delve into its advantages and find out why it could be the right pick for your business.

Features of Windows Dedicated Server

1. User-Friendly Interface:

Windows Dedicated Servers come with a familiar interface. If you’ve ever used a Windows OS, maneuvering around this server type becomes a breeze.

2. Integration with Microsoft Applications

Seamless integration with Microsoft tools and software ensures efficient functionality and less compatibility concerns.

3. Remote Desktop Access

This feature allows administrators to easily manage and monitor the server remotely.

Windows Dedicated Server

Types of Windows Dedicated Servers

1. Managed Windows Dedicated Server

Ideal for businesses that prefer to have the hosting provider handle server management, updates, and maintenance.

2. Unmanaged Windows Dedicated Server

Best suited for businesses with a technical team in place, ready to handle server operations, updates, and problem resolutions.

Benefits of Windows Dedicated Server

1. Scalability

Windows Dedicated servers are robust and can be easily scaled up or down based on your business needs. This scalability ensures that your server resources match your growth trajectory. As you find your site drawing in more traffic and demanding more assets, shifting from shared hosting or VPS to dedicated hosting becomes an informed choice.

2. Security

Arguably, the foremost requirement of commerce websites is security, as the entirety of business processes relies on the integrity of the business website. Windows Dedicated Servers offer advanced security features and regular updates, fortifying your website against potential threats.

3. Performance

With dedicated resources at your disposal, expect a significant boost in website performance and uptime. The time of traffic on the site demands superior server uptime and Windows Dedicated Servers are more than equipped to deliver.

Performance Dedicated Server

The Perfect Transition

The journey from a shared hosting or VPS environment to a dedicated one is a crucial decision point for many growing businesses. For companies considering dedicated hosting, understanding expected growth over the forthcoming years is vital. Before you transition, take a moment to gauge your business requirements, factor in future needs, and then choose a server accordingly.

Remember, it’s not always wise to opt for the most advanced plans if they don’t align with your business model. A proper assessment of future requirements, such as RAM, CPU cores, bandwidth, storage type (HDDs or SSDs), can guide this decision. Intriguingly, each consideration carries its own cost implication.

Ideastack emerges as a reliable solution in this domain. They offer an impeccable hosting alternative for businesses and e-commerce sites witnessing high traffic. Their commitment to providing ample server resources ensures unwavering website performance and steadfastness in other mission-critical applications.


Choosing the right hosting solution can be the difference between business success and stagnation. Windows Dedicated Server, with its plethora of features, security measures, and performance capabilities, stands out as a compelling choice for businesses primed for growth. Partnering with service providers like Ideastack can further smoothen the transition, ensuring your online presence remains unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. How does Windows Dedicated Server enhance website security?

Windows Dedicated Server, with its regular updates and advanced security features, provides a fortified environment, safeguarding against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Q2.When should a business consider transitioning from shared hosting to a dedicated server?

When a business experiences consistent growth in web traffic, demands superior server uptime, and requires more resources, transitioning to a dedicated server becomes a natural and often necessary step.

Q3. What makes ideastack's hosting solutions stand out?

Ideastack offers tailored hosting solutions designed to cater to high-traffic businesses and e-commerce sites. Their commitment to providing ample server resources ensures optimum website performance and unwavering functionality.

Using cPanel to create a website

1. Easy way to Install:

cPanel can be done with no trouble installed in a few ways. Simply, install the Linux OS and run the characters for installation. You will observe that a big piece of your server preparation is completed.

2. Extremely adaptable:

cPanel is flexible widely with gigantic numbers of open source applications.

3. Communicative interface:

cPanel provide a variety of virtual interfaces to a range of customers that incorporate clients, managers, and email customers.

4. Effortlessly adaptable:

cPanel furnishes you with easy expediency comprise during which you can swap your site starting with one facilitating association and then onto the next.

5. No linked information required:

cPanel furnishes you with easy expediency comprise during which you can swap your site starting with one facilitating association and then onto the next.

Using cPanel to create a website

Additional details about cPanel

Once cPanel is install it will not be debarred from the server without a total server restore. cPanel does not tender an uninstaller also, cPanel is legally responsible for a licensing fee which may turn out to be around a year. Before installing cPanel on our droplet, we need to take two added steps first we have to make sure Perl is install on the server.

After downloading Perl we need to make certain that one more initial step. cPanel is very picky about ensuring that the server that it is installed on has a completely Qualified Domain Name. To that result, we need to give it a suitable hostname. Or else, if you want to carry on with the cPanel installation but still lack the hostname, you can contribute a provisional one.

Once cPanel is installed, will be able to change the hostname to the accurate one on one of the first setup pages. Then exit out of the screen. The script, which can take one to two hours to complete will carry on running while in the backdrop even if you shut out of the server.


Still confused about using cPanel to create a website? Contact Ideastack now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between cPanel and WordPress?

WordPress is one of the content management systems on which you can create your website, whereas cPanel is a server management technology.

Q2. Do all websites use cPanel?

Due to its popularity, not every host employs cPanel to help clients in managing their websites.

Q3. Why do people use cPanel?

Because of its ease of use and simple interface, cPanel is a popular choice among webmasters. Additionally, cPanel makes it simpler to handle online files, run websites, and do other duties.