Things to Know before Choosing Colocation or Dedicated Server Hosting

These Colocation services offer the customer a sheltered place to house their hardware and kit as opposed to locating it in their offices or store where the likely for fire, theft or smash-up is much greater.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is also approached to be known as co-location or colo is a data center facility in which commerce can rent the room for servers and other computing hardware. The Colocation server is typically a Web server, that is to be found at a dedicated facility planned with capital which includes a closed enclosure or cabinet, regulated control, dedicated Internet connection, security, and support.

Most Co-location amenities offer high-security, including cameras, fire detection, and extinguishing devices, multiple connections feed, filtered power, backup power generators, and other items to ensure high-availability which is mandatory for all Web-based, virtual businesses.

Or an ISP (Internet Service Provider) might place its network routers on the building of the company offering switch services with other ISPs. Businesses often Colocate their equipment with a service provider to take advantage of Higher Bandwidth availability and backup power. These providers are mostly placed in the form of racks and cabinets which are mostly based rent wise.Higher Bandwidth Service

The moving or placing things together, sometimes implying a proper order. This term is used to mean the provision of space for a customer’s telecommunications or computer equipment at the service provider’s premises. For example, a site owner might place the site’s possess computer servers on the grounds of the Internet service provider.

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Points to keep in mind for choosing the cheapest dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

A need for owning a dedicated server has become a necessity for not only large or expanding organizations but small and medium organizations as well. To gain entire control of a server, people generally opt for dedicated servers to be the best option. But most often, generally, for small and budget-constrained organizations, it becomes costlier exceeding their expenditure plans. But they can also not avoid the inherent risks their website may experience because of shared dedicated servers.

Therefore, from the recent researches and statistics measured, it can be seen that there are a lot of companies providing dedicated servers at cheaper rates so that it could be affordable for the budget-constrained organizations as well.


 It’s your smartness and awareness to spot out the best service provider providing dedicated servers at cheaper rates. To develop this sense of smartness, we are ascertaining some beneficial points that could help you land on the cheapest dedicated server suiting your budgets.

Have deep research before the market  Firstly, you need to be certain about what your budget is and make a list of what all companies will suit the best to your proportionate budget

Making this list could only be beneficial if you have a piece of proper and comprehensive knowledge about the market and you choose the most efficient service provider giving you the maximum of productive services at minimum possible prices. Also, make sure that services accorded as cheap or just using the term cheap for spam or to attract new customers should be determined.

Prefer those dedicated servers which are safe, reliable, stable and can be easily controlled

Data is the most valuable asset for any web-based company and its security should be the most important concern. You should not just accept the services being named cheap or subscribe for a cheaper package that could put your data’s security into dungeons of getting leaked. 

You should ensure that the service provider avails you secured services with a blender of stability. Therefore, it is important to go for that server which can easily be managed, having an easy and optimized operating system. Always choose those dedicated servers which are cheap and provides wider bandwidth space

 bandwidth space

Having a wide bandwidth space aids at accelerating the speed at which your web pages get loaded. Most of the search engines like Google ranks most of those websites higher which can be easily accessible. Therefore it is important to choose that appropriate package containing wide bandwidth at cheaper rates.


Keeping in mind the above points, you can figure out some of the cheapest providers in your list. We are sure that we are going to be one of those providers as we here at IDEASTACK provide you with some of the quality servers at an affordable and reasonable cost.

Our pricing gets added benefits of our effective services which comes out to be a fruitful and beneficial solution for your cheap dedicated server search.

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