How to Secure WordPress: 30 Ways to Protect Your Website

How to Secure WordPress: 30 Ways to Protect Your Website

WordPress is of the leading powers website or software applications where it can permit users to create, edit and collaborate. In addition, publish and store the digital content. Whereas it could be even called a Content Management System, this application is the most beneficial for the business to business people. They can easily design and build their website, are also intuitive, and drive traffic to the site.

With the help of WordPress as you develop the website, this article brings the most interesting information on how to secure your website. Your business opponent will be waiting for time to stop you are growing, as is common in the industry. In case you are a WordPress website get into the risk as like it is hacked and causes you in risk of losing the data credibility and assets. Implement the tips below to your hacker WordPress website to secure your webpage.



Keeping the WordPress Updated

WordPress software application releases the regulated software updating, as you need to update your WordPress version. Many WordPress users were unaware of it, so the security system got out of the version, and the hacker reached your page. Take automatic mode to get your software in updating level where the upgrade happens to the software.


Create Secure Login Credentials

Develop your site with a username and pass to help you analyze the hacker enter, where the hacker will be trying more than times to enter into the website by trying many attempts in the user name and password. So creating secure login credentials will secure your site, where this action is called the brute force attack.


Add Two Factor Authentication

Activating two-factor authentication is the other best process to secure your website, which will add a second layer of the protection of your website.


Disable PHP File Execution

The first way to Disable PHP File Execution is by opening the wp-config.php file using FTP clients or with the help of the hosting provider file manager. Then as the respective code, click the save bottom to apply the changes.


Using Trusted WordPress Themes and Plugins

Your site gets harmful if you use unused plugins and themes. So the best advice is to make your website safe as you need to prefer the WordPress theme. When the plugins and they have not to upgrade, then outdated plugins and themes will grow, and the hacker can easily access your site.


Checking for Malware and Vulnerably

Ensure that you’re plugins, themes, and software core are in the update as it will be WordPress security plugins. One more way is that you need to check the vulnerabilities databases; when you check them as you can find any risk to the themes or plugins that develop.


Install SSL Certificate

In case you did not install the SSL certificates, you need to do it, as it will boost the website search engine optimization. That helps in gaining more visitors. Then remain one process that changes your site URL from HTTP to HTTPS.


Always Take Backups

Another way to secure your site is by creating WordPress backups; the purpose of the backup is to create the path of a copy of the data that could be healthier in the happening of the main data stoppage.


Disable File Editing

Your WordPress site will have a code editor function in the dashboard. That function allowed the user to edit the site theme and plugin. To access it, you need to open the File Manager, where you are recommended to disable that feature.


Using .htaccess for better Security

When you get the 404 not found errors, you need to worry about it, where you can use the access for better security. It is another way to secure your website from hackers.


Change WordPress Database Prefix

All your site information will function on your WordPress database, but the hacker will try to attack it. So ensure that before proceeding, you have done the backup of your MySQL database.


Limit Login Attempts

When you feature limited attempts to the users in login, it will change the burst force attempt as the hacker gets the locked-out WordPress accounts. Still the limit the user can try to login attempts and temporarily as they will be blocked. So is another way to secure your website.


Disabling XML-RPC

XML-RPC is one of the WordPress features for accessing and publishing the comet on mobile devices. With the help of the trackbacks and pingbacks, in addition to supporting the jetpack plugin by the WordPress website.


Automatically log out Idle Users

With the help of the Inactive Logout as you can easily log out of the account of the idle users.


Hide Your WordPress Version

The third party can break your website easier as if they are aware of your version of WordPress. With the help of the version vulnerabilities, they can attack the site, especially if it is in the old version, as it can be easier attacked. Using the WordPress Theme Editor makes it impossible for the hacker to track your site.

Two-factor authentication


Prevent Hotlinking

Prevent Hotlinking are you looking for another way to secure your WordPress site as you can do the image’s URL to display a picture.


Choose the right hosting provider

In the simplest way that your WordPress site needs to be protected, you can choose the leading hosting provider who provides you with multiple layers of security.


Ease the burden by installing a WordPress security plugin

When you install the WordPress security plugins, your site will have an additional protection layer. To track and attack, you are content as the hacker does not have access.


Use a Strong Password

You might think that passwords are not vital enough to your website, as it is not like it were to make the website security stronger. The password also plays a vital key. So ensure that you create stronger passwords for your website.


Hide wp-config.php and .htaccess files

Prevent hackers from accessing as by hiding wp-config.php and .htaccess files. Still not be aware of the WordPress site user. Of its drops, the hacker racked the site.


Best WordPress security plugin

After the backup process, you need to set up these processes where an auditing and monitoring system keeps track of everything on the best WordPress security.


Enable Web Application Firewall (WAF)

To protect our WordPress site from hacking, there are two types of enable Web Application Firewall (WAF); you need to enable DNS Level Website Firewall and Application Level Firewall.


Use HTTPS and SSL, Encrypt Site Traffic

Today you have the flexibility to get the free SSL certificate for your WordPress website. Those help your visitor browser to establish a secure link with your hosting service. All the information is encrypted.


Use the Latest PHP Version

Be sure to test your WordPress site for compatibility first as you try it new in a testing environment to see all your plugins and function working with the upgrade version.


Add Latest HTTP Security Headers

New versions of the HTTP security headers are ongoing, as you need to implement that harder on your site. Was it another implementation to protect your site?


Always Use Secure Connections

Secure File Transfer Protocols are the best always use secure connections. The hacker gets the part to track your site during the connection time. So it would help if you had a highly secure connection.


Check File and Server Permissions

Were UN secures your site from the hacker as you also need to check the file and server permission where in the iThemes Security.


Switch Your Site to HTTPS

Let you know about the values of the SSL/TLS certificate, as it will suit your site into the hypertext transfer protected securely. It is one of the more protection of HTTP.


Keep the Number of Users on Your Site Low

User roles with high privileges might even offer the hacker an easy path to attack your site. So you need to access the users of your site at a low rate.


Track Your Admin Area Activity

The WordPress admin area is another vital feature as you need to keep an eye on track. Even with the help of your admin area activity, the hacker for a path to attack your site.

Content management systems


For your website, WordPress security is one of the crucial parts, as if you do not maintain the security of the WordPress, the hacker will easily attack your site. The above solution will best secure your WordPress website and avoid risk and loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is WordPress Securing?

Thus, WordPress is secured and perfectly accessed. It will enable you to improve your overall posture while reducing the odds.

Q2. Why does investing in WordPress security matter?

WordPress is one of the topmost content management systems, and it may be simple to use, and there may be thousands of themes and plugins to create the website.

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How to Secure WordPress 30 Ways to Protect Your Website
WordPress is of the leading powers website or software applications where it can permit users to create, edit and collaborate.
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