How to install KVM Virtualizor

How to install KVM Virtualizor

1. CentOS 5.x / 6.x / 7.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x / 6.x or Scientific Linux 5.x /  6.x or Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04(x86_64)

2. yum / apt-get

3. Storage to create the VPS disks

Step1: Take putty of the hardware server

Step2: Download and Install virtualizor

1. wget

2. chmod 0755

3. ./ [email protected] kernel=kvm           //put any email address

Step3: Reboot the server (# init 6)

Step4: Once rebooted.  Restart the virtualizor service on the server

# /etc/init.d/virtnetwork restart      ——> in centos 6

# service libvirtd restart                      ——> in centos 7

Step5: Check and put network interface for the server

1. Open Virtualizor in the browser

2. Go to Configuration -> Master setting -> network interface -> network_interface_name

3. Save the configuration

Step6: Done

Step7: Check firewall service and enable virtualizor port.

# service iptables stop ( For centos 6)

# Systemctl stops firewalld.service   (For centos7)

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 How To Install KVM Virtualizor
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How To Install KVM Virtualizor
KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a complete virtualization solution. With KVM, user can operate multiple virtual machines running Linux or Windows unmodified images.
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