Why Buy A Cheap Dedicated Server To Manage High Traffic Websites

There has always been a hustle among medium and large-sized businesses of finding a professional tool to manage traffic hikes on their websites. It is believed and observed by various qualified professionals that Dedicated servers are the optimum solution to manage the highest complexity and management with ease. Still, businesses with budgetary constraints, have an immense need of buying cheap dedicated servers and at the same time productive dedicated servers.

Buy Cheap Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are those powerhouses of web hosting, which gives you the exclusive right to own all of its resources, i.e. all the resources are dedicated and devoted to your website and your services. Dedicated servers are always considered above all the other hosting services because of the performance, security, and scalability it offers. But as it is said, good things come with good costs, Dedicated servers are expensive as each and every resource of the dedicated server is devoted to one user and is not shared with the other users. 

Buying cheap dedicated servers could help you in many different ways to manage high traffics on your website:-

⦁ With power-packed performance, it allows you maximum uptime of all your resources.

⦁ With optimum scalability, you could upgrade all your resources like CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, Disk space, software, etc as per your wish.

⦁ As your resources are not shared with others, Dedicated servers prove to provide maximum security and stability of your website’s functioning. 

⦁ Dedicated servers offer reliable and efficient bandwidth, which maintains its high performance and facilitates all its applications and programs to run smoothly.

⦁ Buying cheap dedicated servers could prove to be a gold mine to your high traffic websites, as your valuable money is saved without any hindrance in performance. 

Dedicated Server prove Stability

Buying cheap dedicated servers could help your business to cut costs along with maximum efficiency in managing traffic hikes on your website. With your applications running smoothly and producing maximum uptime, these dedicated servers could help you to make the most of your conversions. To find that optimum cheap dedicated server, it starts with understanding your needs and looking for the perfect fit accordingly. Once you are clear with your needs, the next step is the research.

 You would need good research to find the best service provider fulfilling all your needs. You should shortlist and then select the best service provider, guaranteeing all the security and performance features of your cheap dedicated server. You should ensure that your service provider is experienced in the web hosting industry and is well versed and responsive to all your requirements.

Maximum Uptime

Dedicated servers are undoubtedly the kings and queens of web hosting and you could count on them blindly to manage your high traffics. Though, getting that perfect service provider of cheap dedicated servers could be a difficult task but not impossible. There are some service providers like Ideastack who can give you the perfect package of performance, stability, security, and flexibility of cheap dedicated servers and at cheaper market rates. 

So the final verdict would be to employ cheap dedicated servers from the best service providers to manage your high traffic websites.

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Ideastack: Providing a wide Range of World-class Server Hosting Services

Dedicated Server

When you believe of a web hosting overhaul supplier in India which offers world-class hosting solutions, you should think Ideastack. This firm has emerges as one of the best web hosts because it has productively provided a wide collection of hosting solutions to customer enterprises across different manufacturing verticals.

It was founded in 2000 and since then, it has strived to offer world-class hosting plans and performance ambitious solutions to its clients. It boasts of a better cloud communications with state-of-the-art data. The main reason at the back their achievement has been their approach towards making businesses seize new growth opportunities and enter into new markets flawlessly.

Web Server

Ideastack has grown into one of the most dependable world-class dedicated server hosting source because of its technological expertise. It offers only tried-and-tested solutions which have been urbanized by Microsoft Certified Professionals. When you sign up with Ideastack, you can also benefit from their 24×7 technological staffs which adopt the most recent technologies for better presentation.

Customer enterprises find Ideastack services dependable because of their exceptional technical support; they will make sure that all your server-related issues get determined without delays. You can get in contact with their client service agent through live chats, emails and phone call. This web host is dedicated to offering the finest customer services within the hosting industry.


Customer enterprises are likely to be faced with server related trouble from time to time. So, when you sign up with Ideastack you can be sure of getting end-to-end preservation services. Their experts will take care of usual security updates, upgrades for the hardware and software, downtime resolutions, traffic treatment issues etc. This fresh clients to use their capital to focus on other vital areas of their business.

Why you need a dedicated server with a growing business

When it comes to supporting a growing business, a dedicated server can be a game changer. As your business scales, the demands on your infrastructure increase. This makes it essential to have a server that is solely dedicated to your business’s needs. In this article, we will explore the various reasons why you need a dedicated server with a growing business.

1. Enhanced Performance and Speed

One of the most significant advantages of using a dedicated server is the enhanced performance and speed it offers. Since the server resources are not shared with other users, your business benefits from higher speeds and better performance.

This is crucial for businesses with high traffic websites or resource-intensive applications, as it helps maintain a smooth and fast user experience.

2. Increased Security

Security is a top priority for any growing business. Dedicated servers offer a higher level of security compared to shared hosting solutions. With a dedicated server, you have complete control over the server environment, including the ability to implement your own security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software.

This level of control helps protect your business’s data and resources from potential threats.

enhance security with dedicated server

3. Customization and Flexibility

A dedicated server provides your business with the customization and flexibility needed to tailor your server environment to your specific requirements. Unlike shared hosting, where you are limited by the provider’s settings and configurations, a dedicated server allows you to install and configure the software, applications, and operating systems of your choice. This level of customization ensures that your server is optimized for your business’s unique needs.

4. Scalability and Growth

As your business grows, so do your infrastructure requirements. A dedicated server offers the scalability and growth potential needed to accommodate increased traffic and resource demands. With a dedicated server, you can easily upgrade your hardware, such as adding more RAM or storage, to keep up with your business’s expanding needs. This scalability ensures that your server can continue to support your business as it grows.

5. Reliability and Uptime

A dedicated server provides your business with a higher level of reliability and uptime compared to shared hosting solutions. Since the server is solely dedicated to your business, you don’t have to worry about other users affecting your server’s performance or uptime. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on their websites and applications to generate revenue, as even a small amount of downtime can result in significant losses.

6. Better Control and Management

With a dedicated server, your business gains better control and management over its server environment. You have full access to the server’s settings, configurations, and resources, allowing you to manage your server according to your preferences. This level of control is essential for businesses that require specific software or configurations to run their applications efficiently.

7. Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While a dedicated server may have a higher upfront cost compared to shared hosting, it can be cost-effective in the long run. As your business grows, the benefits of a dedicated server, such as enhanced performance, security, and customization, can help improve productivity and efficiency. This can lead to cost savings over time, as your server can better support your business’s needs.

8. Compliance with Regulations

Many industries have specific regulations and standards that businesses must adhere to, especially when it comes to data handling and privacy. A dedicated server can help your business comply with these regulations by providing a secure and controlled environment for your data. This is particularly important for businesses in industries such as healthcare, finance, and legal services, where data security and privacy are paramount.

9. Dedicated Support

When you choose a dedicated server, you often receive dedicated support from your hosting provider. This means you have access to a team of experts who can assist you with server management, troubleshooting, and maintenance. This level of support ensures that your server runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

10. Enhanced Performance for E-commerce

For businesses involved in e-commerce, a dedicated server offers enhanced performance for handling online transactions. E-commerce websites require a fast and reliable server to ensure smooth and secure transactions for customers. A dedicated server can provide the speed and stability needed to deliver an exceptional shopping experience, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Performance for E-commerce with dedicated server

11. Control Over Backup and Redundancy

A dedicated server allows your business to have control over backup and redundancy solutions. This means you can implement your own backup strategies and redundancy measures to protect your data from loss or corruption. Having control over these aspects ensures that your business’s data is safe and can be restored quickly in the event of a failure.

12. Greater Accountability

With a dedicated server, your business benefits from greater accountability in terms of performance and security. Since you are the sole user of the server, you can monitor its performance and take corrective actions as needed. This level of accountability helps ensure that your server meets your business’s expectations and requirements.


In conclusion, a dedicated server offers numerous benefits for a growing business, including enhanced performance, increased security, and greater customization and flexibility. By investing in Ideastack’s dedicated server, your business can scale efficiently, improve productivity, and maintain a secure and reliable online presence. This investment is essential for any business looking to grow and succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should a growing business consider a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers offer higher performance, increased security, scalability, and flexibility, which are crucial for supporting business growth.

Q2. How does a dedicated server improve security?

A dedicated server allows you to implement your own security measures, such as firewalls and antivirus software, to protect your data and resources.

Q3. Is a dedicated server suitable for e-commerce businesses?

Yes, dedicated servers provide the performance and reliability needed for smooth and secure online transactions, enhancing the shopping experience.


The web can sometimes present unexpected challenges, particularly when encountering HTTP Errors. These errors are not just a source of frustration for users but can also indicate underlying issues with a website.

Here, we explore and explain the five most common HTTP errors, along with a newly added sixth one.


This error occurs when a user tries to access restricted content on a website but enters incorrect credentials.


Solution: Ensure accuracy when entering passwords to avoid failed login attempts.


Generated by the web server, this error message indicates that the application used (like a web browser) accessed the server incorrectly or that the request was corrupted.


Solution: Consider using a different web browser or clearing the cache memory of the website.


Similar to the 401 error but with a key difference: in this case, no login opportunity is available. It typically happens when trying to access a forbidden directory on a website.


Solution: There is no direct remedy for this error as it signifies forbidden access to certain content.


Occurs when trying to access a file (usually a web page) on a web server that doesn’t exist. Common causes include broken links, mistyped URLs, or moved/deleted content.


Solution: Check if the content is moved or set up a homepage if it’s not established.


This internal error happens when the server is overloaded and unable to handle requests properly.


Solution: Try renaming the .htaccess file or wait for the server load to decrease.


This error occurs when the server is overwhelmed with more requests than it can handle.


Solution: Restart the Apache server or wait for the server load to lessen.


Understanding these common HTTP errors is crucial for both website users and developers. While some errors can be resolved with simple actions like clearing the cache or changing passwords, others might indicate more significant issues that require technical attention. Regular maintenance and monitoring of websites can prevent many of these errors, ensuring a smoother online experience for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I prevent HTTP 500 errors on my website?

Regular monitoring and optimizing server resources can effectively prevent HTTP 500 errors. Ensuring your website is not overloaded with requests and scripts are running correctly can also be beneficial.

2. What should I do if I frequently encounter HTTP 404 errors on a website?

If you frequently encounter 404 errors, check for broken links or incorrect URLs. For website owners, implementing redirects for moved or deleted content can help mitigate this issue.

3.Can HTTP mistakes affect my website’s SEO?

HTTP errors like 404 and 500 can significantly impact your website’s SEO. These errors can affect user experience and site reliability, which are factors in search engine rankings. Regularly checking and fixing such errors is essential for maintaining optimal SEO health.

Unmetered Dedicated Servers remain an attractive option

Unmetered dedicated servers are a popular choice in web hosting due to their unlimited bandwidth usage, offering flexibility for businesses and individuals with unpredictable internet consumption. This unique offering makes them an attractive choice for those seeking a flexible web hosting solution.

The Beauty of Unmetered Hosting with Ideastack

Unmetered dedicated servers are a popular choice in web hosting due to their unlimited bandwidth usage, offering flexibility for businesses and individuals with unpredictable internet consumption. This unique offering makes them an attractive choice for those seeking a flexible web hosting solution.

When the conversation veers towards dedicated Servers, choices abound. Decisions range from how much bandwidth you require to selecting the appropriate storage type for your operations. The freedom and flexibility are unmatched.

Unmetered dedicated servers provide hosting with no limits on bandwidth usage

Online businesses and blogs can avoid bandwidth limitations by choosing unmetered hosting from Ideastack. This not only provides freedom from these constraints but also saves significantly while offering numerous benefits, especially when bandwidth needs are subject to sudden spikes.

Moreover, without the constant monitoring of bandwidth, you can seamlessly enhance your site’s functionality. This applies to blogs, e-commerce stores, gaming servers, and every other platform benefiting from an unmetered hosting package.

Unrivaled Advantages

Unmetered hosting provides peace of mind, ensuring bandwidth limits are never exceeded or additional costs for overages are avoided. This flexibility allows users to use bandwidth in ways that best suit their needs.

Unrivaled Advantages of Dedicated Servers


Ideastack offers unmetered dedicated servers with limitless bandwidth, providing flexibility and assurance for your digital presence. As a trusted partner, you get more than just hosting; you also receive guidance, flexibility, and the assurance that your digital presence is in expert hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are unmetered dedicated servers?

Unmetered dedicated servers are hosting solutions that do not have a set bandwidth limit. This means users can utilize as much bandwidth as they need without incurring additional charges.

Q2. Who can benefit the most from unmetered hosting?

Unmetered hosting is perfect for online businesses, bloggers, gamers, and basically anyone whose bandwidth needs can be fluctuating or unpredictable.

Q3. Are there any hidden charges with Ideastack's unmetered hosting?

No, Ideastack’s promise is clear and transparent. With our unmetered dedicated servers, you will not be charged overages or additional costs for bandwidth usage.