What is OpenVZ and what is the use of OpenVZ?

What is OpenVZ and what is the use of OpenVZ?


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  1. Linux Operating System OpenVZ allows a physical server to run multiple isolated operating systems called Virtual Private Servers.
  2. It comes with hard memory limits and instead of offering SWAP space it instead offers burstable memory. This burstable memory is only used when it’s available to be utilized on the server.

Uses of OpenVZ:

Use of OpenVZ VPS

Since it is lightweight, OS virtualization offers several benefits over machine/ hardware virtualization:

  1. It is much more efficient
  2. It scales better
  3. It offers much greater machine density
  4. It offers a larger number of resource management parameters
  5. Resource management is dynamic so no container restart is needed

OpenVZ can achieve better performance, scalability, and density because there is a single Linux kernel running on the physical host with each container only taking up the resources necessary for running the processes/ services you want inside them without all of the overhead of a full operating system.

Another advantage of OpenVZ is that it offers a wide range of dynamic resource management parameters including several for memory usage, the number of processes, CPU usage, disk space usage, etc all of which may be changed while the container is running.

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