WebsitePanel Control Panel for Windows Cloud Servers

The WebsitePanel control panel is the most advanced Windows control panel available, which can be used to manage your Windows Cloud Server.

WebsitePanel Control Panel For Windows Cloud Servers

Cloud Server Control Panel Features

The following features are available in all our customer’s control panels for windows cloud servers:

  1. vCPUs Cores
  2. RAM
  3. Hard drive Space
  4. Number of Snapshots
Cloud Server Control Panel Features

Control Panel Demo

Use the links below to view a live online websitepanel demo of the cloud server control panel.

View Cloud Server Control Panel Demo

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What is a cloud control panel?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is cloud control panel?

Perhaps you are already familiar with what cloud hosting is. In the world of cloud hosting, a  cloud control panel is the control unit for you as a client of a cloud hosting provider and operator of a website project.

A cloud control panel acts as a centralized control interface for server-installed apps, security features such as bot prevention, and user administration.

Q2. What is the best web control panel?

The best hosting control panels are:

Q3. Is cloudpanel free?

CloudPanel is a free web hosting control panel with features for managing servers. It has the latest technology stack that was created with small and efficient elements for maximum performance.