WebsitePanel Control Panel for Windows Cloud Servers

The WebsitePanel Control Panel is the most advanced Windows control panels available, which can be used to manage your Windows Cloud Server.

Web Control Panel

Cloud Server Control Panel Features

The following features are available in all our Customers Control Panels for Windows Cloud Servers.

Create Cloud Server using Operating System Template

Configure Cloud Server settings;

    • vCPUs Cores
    • RAM
    • Hard drive Space
    • Number of Snapshots

Cloud Server

View resource usage including CPU, RAM and Harddrives

Reboot, Shut Down, Start, Turn Off, Pause, and Reset Cloud Server

Configure External Network, Add new IP’s, Set Primary IP

Reinstall Windows Cloud Server Operating System

Browse DVD Media Library to install software on Cloud Server

Windows VPS

Control Panel Demos

Use the links below to view Live Online Demos of the Cloud Server Control Panel

 View Cloud Server Control Panel Demo

Control Panel Login

Control Panel Address (Secure SSL)
UsernameThis is the account name supplied when you signed up.
PasswordSent to you with your welcome message, but can be changed in your Control Panel.

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Last Edited: 06/05/2020

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