Dedicated Server Hosting And Its Important Benefits

Nowadays many businesses are shifting and upgrading to Dedicated server hosting as after realising the immense amount of power and efficiency it offers. For many SMEs shared hosting and VPS hosting are common as these are the starters for any webhosting services. Though with growing businesses every business has to switch one or the other day to Dedicated server hosting as only dedicated server hosting could fit and manage your high maintenance website perfectly with ease and maximum effectivity.

Dedicated Server Hosting And Its Important Benefits

Dedicated servers are the top webhosting services plan and has a great ability to manage and maintain your website’s fluently. In Dedicated server hosting, the whole server and it’s each component is purely dedicated to one and only one user. As it is not shared with other users like in shared and VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting devotes all of its power to one user only. Being the reason, why Dedicated server hosting creates maximum power and efficiency to the user.

Discussing about its most important benefits –

1. Resources of the server are not shared

Resources of the server are not shared

As said before, Dedicated server hosting functions only for one user. It’s resources are not shared among multiple users. So you don’t have to worry about other users access or other user’s websites clogging the server. As it is not shared among any users, you get the utmost of speed and deliverance without any hassle.

2. Flexibility and Compatibility

Flexibility and Compatibility

As you are allotted the whole server, you are free to configure it as much as you want. You get full-root access in order to make any upgrades, install any program, remove any application, or anything you want to do in order to fulfill your requirements. You get the utmost of freedom with Dedicated server hosting to customize and configure resources as per your needs.

3. Ultimate performance and security

Ultimate performance and security

As all the resources work for your website’s functioning, you get the maximum power of all the resources giving you the highest of uptime. Even when your website experiences unexpected hikes in traffic or if there are other high-end requirements, Dedicated server hosting manages it with complete ease. You also get a highly secured connection as no other users are there to hinder or access your resources without your permission. Your Server is safe and sound with enhanced security.

4. One IP address to one user

One IP address to one user

One server has one IP address. With dedicated server hosting, you get a unique IP address that is not shared with other users as it happens with shared and VPS hosting services. This let’s your website to have higher chances to rank higher and also facilitates optimism if you own a large website.

5. Low overhead costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment

Low overhead costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment

With dedicated server hosting, you won’t have to bear much of costs. You get access to all resources of your server, so you can configure and customize your server on your own. It reduces overhead costs for businesses to purchase server space and ultimately improves the return on investment.

Dedicated servers are undoubtedly the best webhosting services as it’s features talk for itself. It is the best covering every factor and feeds maximum of performance. For your growing website requirements, Dedicated server hosting could be the best webhosting plan for you to upgrade. To avail the best Dedicated server hosting plans, contact Ideastack today.

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A Brief About Reseller Hosting

Web hosting has taken the internet by storm. With almost every business establishing a web presence, the demand for web hosting services has been increasing day by day.

Reseller Hosting

As a result, innovative ways and means of hosting have been made available on the internet. Be it shared or dedicated, VPS or cloud, several hosting solutions are now available providing small business means of the ideal and economic platform to launch their strategy.

Reseller hosting is now a huge part of such services where exclusivity is being sold as part of an account holder’s hosting plans. Reseller hosting isn’t a new application. It is the subtenant of a more exclusive service like VPS or dedicated server hosting. 

Reseller hosting is when the account holder of an exclusive hosting facility having access to multiple websites, rents out the website addresses to third parties. Reseller hosting is slowly catching on as a lucrative business and an economic route to an exclusive site of your own.

Reseller hosting provides a major advantage to those hiring reseller plans. You acquire your rate structure as well as gain access to all of the resources for your new individual web address. If you’re an entrepreneur starting on your own, this is a great way to feature your business online without the expenses involved.

Reseller Hosting Provides Business Opportunities

Reseller Hosting provides Business Opportunities

For webmasters, software developers and IT consultants, reseller hosting provides a great opportunity to start a business. A reseller account is similar to a shared hosting account as you have hired the services of a website that features with other websites provided by the reseller. 

However the advantage here is that owing to the nature of the server, you have total control of your account. Even if you are a webmaster wanting to feature a dozen sites online, you can easily do the same through a reseller account.

Reseller hosting is the perfect solution for webmasters, designers, developers, internet consultants or anyone wanting to start a profitable online business

If you’re looking to get into the reseller hosting business, cPanel reseller hosting is the best option. Reseller hosting is almost the same as a shared web hosting account except you are given more control over your account. 

A webmaster may require a network of websites under different domain names to serve different business plans, but all are hosted under a common reseller hosting account.

Benefits of reseller hosting


It benefits short and long term accounts.

You retain the freedom to allot your given space to as many websites as your package permits.

Provides you a lucrative opportunity to rent out your server space.

Provides a indivual IP address to each website.

Complete scalability of websites which can be configured according to user specifications.

Issues of  security and stability are taken care of by the main provider.

Web hosting resellers usually provide discounted packages for those willing to purchase a reseller account. Reseller hosting benefits those in business who may find it impractical to manage large automated systems and hardware.

The question of maintenance is a huge factor that makes businessmen resort to shared or hired hosting accounts. Reseller hosting provides such opportunities where maximum space and Higher bandwidth provides faster processing and uptime speeds. Such issues are of significant importance when operating an e-commerce retailing site.

What Is The Importance Of Good Web Hosting In Your Freelancing Career?

Freelancer’s need

If you are a freelancer, then you know the difficulties in getting the best opportunities. Therefore, many freelancers look for the best web hosting services where they can update their portfolio and other content.

Web Hosting

The initial days of being a freelancer of any niche to find the clients are difficult and their website helps in adding value to their skills. Hence for this, you need a good web hosting service. However, many companies offer this service

 The amount of time spent on the content or work they create is more equal to the amount of time they advertise. Therefore, it is important to have the best web hosting provider with the best services.

Importance of good web hosting

There are many web hosting companies that help you to get many views, responses, and perform marketing for your needs. But you need the best ones which overcome problems such as downtime as every second count. 

Web Hosting

As a freelancer, you do not know when a customer is looking for your services. Hence the site must be active all the time to not miss out on any clients

The following is the importance of a good web hosting service.

• Customer service: If a user cannot access o your service, then he needs 24×7 customer support. If he cannot contact you regarding the issue, you are losing a customer. This can count up to many people who are trying to reach out to you in a second. Consequently, the revenue falls and this can continue until the problem is resolved. However, these problems can be resolved when you choose a web hosting service

• Downtime: For any freelancer, the downtime is a bad thing and it leads to loss. Every second has a chance of yielding revenue by clients and if they do not find your website, then it is a great loss. Hence it is very important to choose the web hosting service provider with no downtime and similar issues. 

• Security: The web hosting services must be safe and the users on the other end must also feel secure. Most providers provide plug-ins, software updates, and other tools for the enhancement of websites. Therefore, to protect from hackers and other cyber attacks, it is important to find the best provider. They help in preventing the common DDoS attacks and acquiring user privacy data from the host. 

• Interface: The interface of the web must be made simpler, trendy, and easier. The web hosting service must offer all the services and custom options for the users. Also, it makes your web content unique and not boring. 

• Accessibility: The website must be accessible on all platforms like smartphones, tablets, and PC or laptops. This helps the user to effectively use the service on any device. Therefore, a good web hosting service provider offers such accessibility to devices.


In short, if you are looking for a good web hosting for your freelancing career, you need all the above features. Ideastack offers you high-quality services with all the above-mentioned features. Therefore, you can shine in your freelancing career with the best web hosting which is fast and reliable.

Last Edited: 28/04/2020