Dedicated Server Hosting And Its Important Benefits

Nowadays many businesses are shifting and upgrading to Dedicated server hosting as after realising the immense amount of power and efficiency it offers. For many SMEs shared hosting and VPS hosting are common as these are the starters for any webhosting services. Though with growing businesses every business has to switch one or the other day to Dedicated server hosting as only dedicated server hosting could fit and manage your high maintenance website perfectly with ease and maximum effectivity.

Dedicated Server Hosting And Its Important Benefits

Dedicated servers are the top webhosting services plan and has a great ability to manage and maintain your website’s fluently. In Dedicated server hosting, the whole server and it’s each component is purely dedicated to one and only one user. As it is not shared with other users like in shared and VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting devotes all of its power to one user only. Being the reason, why Dedicated server hosting creates maximum power and efficiency to the user.

Discussing about its most important benefits –

1. Resources of the server are not shared

Resources of the server are not shared

As said before, Dedicated server hosting functions only for one user. It’s resources are not shared among multiple users. So you don’t have to worry about other users access or other user’s websites clogging the server. As it is not shared among any users, you get the utmost of speed and deliverance without any hassle.

2. Flexibility and Compatibility

Flexibility and Compatibility

As you are allotted the whole server, you are free to configure it as much as you want. You get full-root access in order to make any upgrades, install any program, remove any application, or anything you want to do in order to fulfill your requirements. You get the utmost of freedom with Dedicated server hosting to customize and configure resources as per your needs.

3. Ultimate performance and security

Ultimate performance and security

As all the resources work for your website’s functioning, you get the maximum power of all the resources giving you the highest of uptime. Even when your website experiences unexpected hikes in traffic or if there are other high-end requirements, Dedicated server hosting manages it with complete ease. You also get a highly secured connection as no other users are there to hinder or access your resources without your permission. Your Server is safe and sound with enhanced security.

4. One IP address to one user

One IP address to one user

One server has one IP address. With dedicated server hosting, you get a unique IP address that is not shared with other users as it happens with shared and VPS hosting services. This let’s your website to have higher chances to rank higher and also facilitates optimism if you own a large website.

5. Low overhead costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment

Low overhead costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment

With dedicated server hosting, you won’t have to bear much of costs. You get access to all resources of your server, so you can configure and customize your server on your own. It reduces overhead costs for businesses to purchase server space and ultimately improves the return on investment.

Dedicated servers are undoubtedly the best webhosting services as it’s features talk for itself. It is the best covering every factor and feeds maximum of performance. For your growing website requirements, Dedicated server hosting could be the best webhosting plan for you to upgrade. To avail the best Dedicated server hosting plans, contact Ideastack today.

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Top 10 Web Hosting Trends for 2020

It is hard to overestimate the significance of web hosting in the digital age. It’s the backbone of every website, ensuring that it’s accessible to users around the world. But like every other industry, web hosting is subject to trends and changes. Here are the top 10 web hosting trends for 2023.


There are lots of things to consider to become a reputable and reliable web hosting company. Security is just one among many, with 30,000 websites being hacked each day. Being able to offer website owners a 99.9% uptime is great and all, but it’s no longer enough if you need to stay within the game, particularly with the huge and leading players who are usually numerous steps ahead of everyone else.

Meanwhile, the escalating e-Commerce change is one of the main elements driving the increase of the web hosting industry. The e-Commerce market regularly requires easy website operations, maintenance, and records security, and these are some components where web hosting providers focus their product developments.

How many people are using the Internet?

The growth of the web hosting industry isn’t always without disruptions. Today, the most significant threat faced by web hosting providers is changing user attitudes towards hosting. Google trends shows that the search phrase “web hosting” has decreased by 60% over the past ten years. 

The difference between creating a website yourself and hiring a professional web designer keeps growing as more small company owners search for ways to launch a website without having extensive technical skills.

The website hosting industry significantly impacts the environment

1. Green Web Hosting

The website hosting industry significantly impacts the environment, with the internet’s annual CO2 output equivalent to 31 million motors. This is due to the physical locations where website data is stored, known as information facilities.

Hardware in data centers needs to be stored in a cool and controlled environment, which requires electricity-intensive protection and results in a significant amount of CO2 output.

RECs certify that a website hosting company contributed to producing renewable electricity, while VERs certify that a hosting agency helped decrease the number of greenhouse gases listed in the certificates. This helps to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the industry.

Green Web Hosting Trends Highlights:

  • By funding green energy projects, web hosting firms are tackling environmental challenges.
  • Certificates of renewable energy (REC) attest to a web hosting company’s investment in renewable energy generating.
  • Carbon offset certificates (VER) give accreditation to a web hosting company that practiced reducing greenhouse gas output.

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a revolutionary concept that stores data across multiple computers, providing access via network connection, similar to a physical computer.

It offers unlimited processing power and storage space, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional server configurations. Cloud hosting also offers a more efficient platform in statistics, as it allows resources to be pulled from multiple unique virtual servers.

This scalable and reliable hosting solution is a significant milestone in the web hosting industry. Cloud-based servers work collectively, providing 24/7 digital resources on a pay-as-you-use model, allowing website owners to only pay for the space they need.

This makes cloud hosting a significant milestone in the industry, offering a more efficient and scalable solution for websites.

Cloud Hosting Trends Highlights:

  • In 2019, the public cloud service market is set to reach $206.2 billion worldwide.
  • Right Scale’s annual State of the Cloud Report for 2019 reports that about 91% of businesses use a public cloud, while 72% use a private one.
  • In 2021, cloud data centers are expected to process 94% of workloads.

3. Pricing Competition

The demand for web hosting trends is increasing, leading to increased competition in the industry. Web hosting companies often offer attractive and discounted purchase-in offers to attract new customers. The cost of building a domain varies depending on the complexity of your needs, including web hosting, domain, content creation, image design, web development, and marketing.

Web hosting offers unique pricing schemes with special features and options, with shared web hosting being the most affordable option. However, finding the right capabilities, hosting software, and pricing for a website can provide a smooth platform for online businesses.

Shared web hosting services typically offer high-quality server performance and functions, but website owners should be cautious and ensure the web host can cover all their website’s needs. Shared web hosting typically costs around $3 to $10 per month.

Pricing Competition Trends Highlights:

  • With their pricing on the line, web hosting companies compete with one another.
  • The least expensive kind of web hosting is typically shared hosting.

4. HTTPS as the Norm

In July 2018, Google Chrome marked non-HTTPS websites as “not secure” and promised an honest rating increase to encourage them to switch to HTTPS.

As a result, free HTTPS became standard in the web hosting sector. Switching to HTTPS can significantly affect web page ratings and may be costly for web agencies.

HTTPS benefits include higher website rankings on search engines, building customer trust, and protecting sensitive data. It ensures that all information collected on a site is secure and impossible to steal.

As a result, search engines and visitors tend to avoid websites without HTTPS. Web hosting providers must now offer HTTPS to their clients to stay competitive and avoid lag in the market.

HTTPS as the Norm Trends Highlights:

  • Free HTTPS is a standard practice for web servers.
  • As of May 2018, about 84.2% of pages loaded in Chrome are over HTTPS.
In worldwide spending on data centers

5. Fewer Data Centers

Gartner’s research predicts a 2.8% decline in worldwide spending on data centers, the backbone of the internet, by 2019, marking the largest spending decline for these hidden entities globally.

6. Security Protocols

Between January 2017 and March 2018, 1.9 billion personal data was compromised, leading web hosting providers to emphasize stricter security protocols. This has led to a growing emphasis on user privacy safety.

Web hosting solutions should offer more tools to protect client data, including compliance checks for CMS vulnerabilities, SSL certification, and encrypted storage.

Domain privacy is another important feature offered by ideastack, web hosting companies, as it ensures that non-public client information is hidden from the rest of the world. This is due to the increasing prevalence of records violations and cybersecurity breaches in recent years.

7. Offering Additional Services

In today’s technologically advanced world, the web hosting industry is witnessing a surge in growth and investment in new equipment and functions.

Client expectations for web hosting are increasing, and basic services like web design, HTTPS, SSL, and advertising and marketing solutions are not enough. Web hosting vendors are addressing these demands by offering various value-delivered offerings.

For instance, many website owners require online marketing platforms to overcome unique challenges in e-commerce. This accessibility to e-commerce help may attract more customers for web hosting vendors.

Additionally, hosting vendors provide online training, allowing clients to guide them through each stage of their website’s development. Other services offered include advertising and marketing and SEO.

8. Managed Web Hosting Services

Managed web hosting is gaining popularity in the web hosting industry, particularly for growing websites or online organizations without extensive technical knowledge in performance optimization and security.

The web host manages vital operations such as help table services, backups, and system updates. Some providers rent out fully operated computer servers, allowing website owners to focus on business development while admins manage the website.

The demand for managed services is driven by technological advancements, regulatory compliance, and lack of internal and technical knowledge. In managed web hosting, the vendor’s technical expertise is crucial, while content owners’ needs are equally important.

9. Targeting the Market

Web hosting companies must constantly strive to retain and attract customers, but not all market segments can be covered by a single provider. To stand out, companies should focus on niche markets, as it can be challenging to compete with large and established providers in terms of pricing and offerings.

This can improve website search engine rankings due to less competition. Specializing in a specific customer base allows companies to connect with customers on a personal level. Identifying a unique selling point (USP) can also help differentiate a company from competitors, but it’s equally important to choose a large enough target audience to generate profits.

10. DIY Website Builders

DIY website builders offer a clean and easy-to-use alternative to internet hosting, which allows users to control the coding and design of their websites. Both tools offer powerful systems for individuals or businesses to create and maintain an online presence.

However, DIY web builders allow users to create websites based on visuals rather than codes. The website builder market is booming globally, with a value of $6.25 billion in 2018 and projected to reach $13.5 billion by 2025. The growing need for companies to establish an online presence is one of the driving factors behind the growth of website builders.


Ideastack, the web hosting companies is evolving rapidly, with new trends emerging every year. From green web hosting to the rise of cloud hosting and the emphasis on security, there’s a lot to keep track of. However, by staying updated with these trends, web hosting companies can ensure they remain competitive and continue to meet the needs of their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. With fewer data centers becoming a trend,how it optimizing its data center operations?

IdeaStack Solution is investing in advanced server technologies to maximize efficiency, implementing energy-saving measures, and utilizing virtualization to optimize server space, ensuring high performance with fewer physical data centers.

Q2. Why is HTTPS important for websites?

HTTPS ensures that all data collected on a website is secured and protected from theft. It also helps in building customer trust and can positively impact search engine rankings.

Q3. With the increasing popularity of cloud hosting, how it enhance, its cloud services for its clients in 2023?

IdeaStack Solution is expanding its cloud infrastructure, introducing advanced cloud management tools, and offering scalable and flexible cloud hosting packages tailored to the diverse needs of our clients.

A Brief About Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is gaining popularity in the digital age, offering benefits and potential for businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Innovative hosting solutions, such as shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting, are now available on the internet, providing small businesses with an ideal economic platform to launch their strategies. This article delves into the intricacies of reseller hosting and its suitability.

Understanding Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a popular aspect of web hosting services where exclusivity is sold as part of an account holder’s hosting plans. It involves the account holder renting out website addresses to third parties, allowing them to access multiple websites.

Reseller hosting is becoming increasingly popular as a lucrative business and an economical way to secure an exclusive site. By opting for reseller plans, users gain access to the rate structure and resources needed for their new individual web address. 

This is particularly beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs, as it allows them to showcase their business online without the high costs typically associated with traditional hosting services.

Reseller Hosting a Goldmine of Opportunities

Reseller Hosting: A Goldmine of Opportunities

Reseller hosting offers numerous business opportunities for webmasters, developers, and IT consultants by renting services from a website that houses multiple other sites.

A reseller account allows you to have complete control over your account, enabling you to feature multiple sites online, even as a webmaster.

Reseller hosting offers webmasters, designers, developers, and consultants profitable online journeys. cPanel reseller hosting offers enhanced control over accounts, mirroring shared web hosting.

Reseller hosting allows webmasters to create a network of unique websites under a single domain name, catering to various business agendas under a single reseller hosting account.

Reseller hosting Profitable Venture

Why choose reseller hosting? Here Are The benefits

1. Flexibility

Reseller hosting is versatile, catering to both short- and long-term accounts.

2. Freedom

You have the liberty to allocate your designated space to as many websites as your package allows.

3. Profitable Venture

It provides you with a lucrative opportunity to lease out your server space.

4. Unique IP Addresses

Every website under your wing gets an individual IP address.

5. Tailored Configurations

Websites can be customized based on user specifications.

6. Secure & Stable

Any security and stability concerns? The main provider’s got your back.

Reseller hosting offers discounted packages for businesses, providing maintenance-friendly solutions for large automated systems and hardware, and ample space and bandwidth for fast processing and uptime.

Get to know more click  Ideastack


Reseller hosting is a growing trend in the online business world, offering businesses and individuals a viable and profitable way to establish their niche in the online world. It provides a viable path for expanding or starting a new online business, ensuring success and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What exactly is reseller hosting, and how does it differ from traditional hosting?

Reseller hosting involves the primary account holder renting out disk space and bandwidth to third parties, acting as a hosting provider for profit.

Q2. Is technical expertise required to start a reseller hosting business?

Primary hosting providers provide resellers with tools and support, such as cPanel access, billing software, and customer support, while primary hosts handle server maintenance and software updates.

Q3. Are there any security concerns with reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting account security relies on primary hosting provider’s infrastructure, server security, software updates, and reputable providers. Resellers should encourage clients to implement website-specific security practices.

What is the importance of good Web hosting in your Freelancing career?

What are Freelancer’s need?

If you are a freelancer, then you know the difficulties in getting the best opportunities. Therefore, many freelancers look for the best web hosting services where they can update their portfolio and other content.

The initial days of being a freelancer of any niche to find the clients are difficult and their website helps in adding value to their skills. Hence for this, you need a good web hosting service. However, many companies offer this service.

The amount of time spent on the content or work they create is more equal to the amount of time they advertise. Therefore, it is important to have the best web hosting provider with the best services.

Why good web hosting is important?

There are many web hosting companies that help you get many views, responses and perform marketing for your needs. But you need the best ones which overcome problems such as downtime as every second count.

As a freelancer, you do not know when a customer is looking for your services. Hence the site must be active all the time to not miss out on any clients.

The following is the importance of a good web hosting service:

1. Customer service

If a user cannot access o your service, then he needs 24×7 customer support. If he cannot contact you regarding the issue you are losing a customer. This can count up to many people who are trying to reach out to you in a second. Consequently, the revenue falls and this can continue until the problem is resolved. However, these problems can be resolved when you choose a web hosting service.

2. Downtime

For any freelancer, the downtime is a bad thing and it leads to loss. Every second has a chance of yielding revenue by clients and if they do not find your website, then it is a great loss. Hence it is very important to choose the web hosting service provider with no downtime and similar issues.

3. Security

The web hosting services must be safe and the users on the other end must also feel secure. Most providers provide plug-ins, software updates, and other tools for the enhancement of websites. Therefore, to protect from hackers and other cyber attacks, it is important to find the best provider. They help in preventing the common DDoS attacks and acquiring user privacy data from the host.

4. Interface

The interface of the web must be made simpler, trendy, and easier. The web hosting service must offer all the services and custom options for the users. Also, it makes your web content unique and not boring.

5. Accessibility

The website must be accessible on all platforms like smartphones, tablets, and PC or laptops. This helps the user to effectively use the service on any device. Therefore, a good web hosting service provider offers such accessibility to devices.

Importance of good web hosting


In short, if you are looking for a good web hosting for your freelancing career, you need all the above features. Ideastack offers you high quality services with all the above mentioned features. Therefore, you can shine in your freelancing career with the best web hosting which is fast and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a type of internet service that allows you to publish your website or web application on the internet.

Q2. What are hosting services used for?

Web hosting providers offer their customers shared hosting or dedicated hosting of one or more services. A web hosting service is typically used to host websites, but it can also be used to hold company email, files, games, and other content.

Q3. Why is web hosting important for business?

With professional web hosting, you have the freedom to select any amount of data space that suits your needs and to upgrade or downgrade it based on how scalable your company is. It assists in obtaining a moderate increase in internet traffic, which benefits your company.