Difference Between Windows Vps vs Linux Vps

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is one of the most popular hosting services you can choose for your website. It uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users.

It usually occurs in a small scale and can buy in cheaper rates instead renting entire server.

VPS Hosting

What is a need of VPS Hosting?

The VPS runs its own copy of an operating system and the best advantage for the customer is they can install any software that runs on the OS system. It is very smooth and trouble-free type of hosting which is offered in very cheap rates. It creates a virtual server within a physical server.

There are mainly two types of VPS used:

1. Windows VPS

Windows VPS

Firstly it offers more flexible and variable options for the administrators. Secondly it has been in the race for the long time, which allow them to offer software with plenty of benefits and experience behind it. They may have also got long standing relationship between business and operating systems. One of the most amazing part is the interface and control system to manage and edit data on the web-pages and other databases and do similar tasks.

It is said that they have got high level of technical support and security. The windows has got a long years of experience in interest and has a lot dignity which tends them to be in one of the well-known and leading VPS hosting providers.

2. Linux VPS

Linux VPS

Linux is the open source operating system which means it is free to use. It is very compatible software because to cut the cost most of the companies use this software which makes it for the user more convenient. The best advantage is they don’t experience any memory leaks and doesn’t slow down or freeze up. They hold the reputation for being the maximum strong OS in life.

Linux VPS is extremely clean to put in. The consumer also can install accessories and gear on the idea in their necessities. Their servers have got many strong layer of the protection. It is much steady and doesn’t require regular reboots at whatever point the update is done. By acquiring the Linux VPS you get the root access to the server.


Accordingly, Linux VPS seems for reliable because firstly, to cut the company costing most of the companies use the LINUX VPS as it is available for free. Secondly, looking upon the performance LINUX VPS seems more fast and reliable compared to WINDOWS VPS. Thirdly, installing LINUX is very easy and it is said to be one of the most Eco-friendly installations you may find. LINUX can run greater obligations simultaneously than the WINDOWS one.

Unlike home windows, with a LINUX VPS, the patron’s website is allocated a bigger amount of sources, and they could are searching for extra if their business so calls for. Ideastack offers Linux Vps At Most Competitve Price In India With 24x7x365 support.

Last Edited: 06/05/2020

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