Difference between Free SSL Certificate and Paid SSL Certificate

What is a Free SSL Certificate?

Now the world has been developed as high tech, and the people are gaining more advantages. In the same way, how the technology developed and the number of hacking and fraud activities are growing each day. Therefore, the website owner is providing and concerned about more security. The SSL certificates give the authentication process any more website. 

There are two types of certificates: Paid SSL certificates and free SSL certificates. As the name indicates, the free SSL certificate does not attach the price tag, and the certificates are available free of cost. On the other hand, one must pay for the paid certificate, and it must be issued and signed by the trustworthy certificate Authority. 

Every website needs full security, and then the website owner may probably maintain the site in a good way with the full set of encryption. The free SSL certificates from a free certificate authority are issued, and it wants to make access to HTTPS offers for all certificates.

Why shouldn’t enterprises use free SSL?

Thus, encryption strength is standard across all certificates, and there may have a sustainable difference between them. There is the most common reason why the enterprise does not use the free SSL ca, and in the paid one, you may get the additional support, and it will give good support while handling the websites. In the enterprises, several infrastructures want more certificates. Therefore, use the paid one and avoid the free SSL certificates. Of course, it will be a better option for people to maintain the websites online.

What is a Free SSL Certificate?

What are the drawbacks of installing a Free SSL Certificate?

While installing the free SSL certificate may move with some risks and limitations. The free certificate authority is an issue in a few minutes, and the risks that occur on it are like, 

The free SSL certificates from a free certificate authority are not suitable for many more websites, and it may emerge to move with the paid one to get the beneficial services.

What are Paid SSL Certificates?

One must secure their website and wants to pay for it, and the trustworthy CA issues the paid certificate. It may be getting it from the Certificate Authority Website. On the other hand, you may buy it from third-party entities, which means resellers. The free SSL certificate is not used by anyone concerning security. The paid certificates have the non-negotiable option, and they may not assign legal ownership to any other person. Regarding safety, the paid one is the best and superior choice.

What are the benefits of choosing a Paid SSL Certificate?

Of course, there are several more benefits while choosing the paid benefits of SSL certificates compared with the free dedicated SSL. The most important benefits are like:

  1. Recognition: The certificate is issued by the reputable Certificate Authority, and it may make the website more secure. With the aid of the paid certificates, you may report any issues to CA.
  2. Different options: The certificates are issued to three validation options: domain, business, and extended validation.
  3. Server compatibility: The premium certificates will be used for any hosting services and maybe the self-managed servers.
  4. Liability protection: When it comes to purchasing the SSL certificates, a warranty may be used to cover the damage while any hacking issues arise. Unfortunately, it is not available in the free SSL certificates.
What are Paid SSL Certificates?

Which SSL/TLS Certificate is ideal for E-commerce websites?

Thus, trust plays a vital role in many things, so e-commerce websites are not different from it. Moving with the paid SSL certificates while comparing with free SSL EV certificates may follow a strict process. The user may see the security symbol that may not be present in the free SSL certificates.

How to look at Paid SSL/TLS as an Investment?

The branded free SSL certificates are moved with 24/7 technical support, and it may move out as the best part of the online business, and there is no matter what size. On the other hand, the paid SSL or TLS certificate is most trusted to the online business are like an investment.

What is the difference between Free SSL certificate and Paid SSL certificate?

There is several more difference between the SSL free vs paid. It will differentiate in the table form:

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What are the benefits of choosing a Paid SSL Certificate?


In today’s world, web security is not compromised with the SSL certificate, which may offer great help to website owners. By the vast comparison, the paid certificate is the most reliable and used one for the e-commerce site, and it will give the best aid to the people. Moreover, it may be more trustable to the site owner. In conclusion, the paid SSL certificate is right forever because it makes it more secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. So why wouldn’t I choose a free SSL certificate?

For the many website owners, the SSL certificates are the right choice, and even many the parties are not used free SSL certificates for a reason

Q2. What do paid SSL certificates do that free ones don’t?

The paid SSL certificates strengthen the algorithm and may completely provide high-level certificates with verified details. However, the free SSL certificates are lacking from the various supports.

Q3. Does getting a free or cheap SSL certificate prevent you from upgrading to a better one later?

Not; you may have full freedom to move to the paid SSL certificate anytime. Furthermore, there are no restrictions to upgrading from it.