What is Reseller Hosting and How Does it Work

What is Reseller Hosting and How Does it Work

What is Reseller hosting?

The reseller hosting is nothing, but the resellers allow rent their web hosting services to customers and become a hosting service provider. Businesses usually sell their website space to other businesses and individuals.

The website reseller will purchase the bulk amount of server storage space and bandwidth from the reliable provider with data centers. They get hosting services from the web hosting firms at the best rate and then sell them to customers to make a profit.

How reseller hosting works?

The reseller hosts generally package their hosting services with various features to compete with the big hosting firms. For instance, they render online marketing, SEO, and other services to customers. 

The hosts cater to the specific niche and try to address the requirements of those niches to stand out from the competition. Remember that reseller hosting is the product enabling you to do so.

You should find a reliable reseller hosting provider to get a hosting account that has a considerable amount of disk space. Divide them into sub-accounts and sells them to your clients at a profit. 

Resellers get the hosting package at a discounts rate, and thus they get profit from the customers. This is how reseller hosting works.

What are the benefits of choosing reseller hosting?

What is Reseller hosting?

What are the advantages of reseller hosting?

What are the disadvantages of reseller hosting?

The reseller hosting has certain disadvantages even though it offers too many benefits. Some of them are listed here:

What are the pros and cons of reseller hosting?

The primary benefit of reseller hosting is the cheapest pricing. It gives outstanding income opportunities such as selling SSL certificates and dedicated IP. The reseller hosting has more additional features and offers room to expand.

Unfortunately, reseller hosting might not render technical customer support as it is highly dependent on the original web hosting firm.

Setting up your reseller hosting business

Follow these steps carefully to set up your reseller hosting business properly!

What to look out for when looking for reseller hosting?

Consider the following aspects whenever you want to access the best reseller hosting service.

How to get started with reseller hosting?

Sit down and write a solid business plan. Then, find the reseller hosting plan that suits your needs and helps make a profit.

After choosing the best reseller hosting solution, you have to start labeling your brand and set up your management software to care for your customers. 

Once you set up everything, you are ready to begin reselling your hosting space. Use the reseller account properly to grab new customers and grow your business.

What is the difference between Shared and Reseller hosting plans?

The significant difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting is that shared hosting is specially designed for the single owner, whereas reseller hosting is for those who want to resell hosting.

Managing reseller hosting

Are you thinking about how to manage reseller hosting properly? Well! It is mandatory to understand reseller hosting in-depth because it helps you make web hosting your business. 

Knowing how reseller hosting works, choosing the best hosting solution for your needs, and picking up the right package is enough to travel a long distance and earn some money.

Earning income from reseller hosting

Once you understand in-depth about reseller hosting, it is time to turn your knowledge into money. Here are the tips that resellers should follow to earn income from web hosting.

What is Reseller web hosting?

The reseller web hosting is an excellent option in which the hosting provider rent the website, hard drive space, and bandwidth to other companies. Then, the reseller will rent that space to third parties such as entrepreneurs. In simple words, the reseller purchases domains from the hosting company and sells them to other people or businesses. 

It renders the chance to rent the website to the people who require them at the rate you determine. Anyone can do a website hosting reseller business as a freelancer or agency to render various services to the customers and earn money.

How can you benefit from choosing a reseller web host?

Many companies rely on internet technology, including web hosting, in their services. You can purchase the reseller hosting package separately to fulfill your internet requirements in a single destination. Or else, the web hosting company you engage with will add the web hosting as part of your package. 

So, as a reseller, you can provide web copywriters, internet marketing consultants, and other related web hosting services to the clients. Since these companies buy webspace in bulk at discounted rates, they will allow you to save some money.

What is White label reseller hosting?

The white label hosting is the service allowing you to render hosting under your brand name. In other word, you can rebrand the hosting company’s hosting products and services and build your hosting firm.

How white label reseller hosting work?

When you opt for a white label web hosting reseller program, you will charge your customers more than what you spend to purchase from the original hosting company. It helps you grab more profit and access several services such as domain and email integration, private name servers, etc.

What are the benefits of getting the best white label reseller hosting?


So, you will now get an idea about reseller hosting. It helps you to start the web hosting business and become a reliable and competent hosting service provider. You can use the tips mentioned above to earn money as a reseller. Why are you still hesitating to make a decision? Enter into the hosting domain right now and enjoy huge benefits from Ideastack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can i become an entrepreneur and make money with this?

The reseller hosting is the right option for those who want to become an entrepreneur and make money. It is a low-risk investment business and does not need huge startup costs. So, you will make a huge profit from your minimum investment and grabs the opportunity to grow more.

Q2. What’s included in a reseller package?

Here are the things usually available in the reseller package:

Q3. Do i need to be a hosting expert to succeed at this?

Having a basic understanding and knowledge of reseller hosting is enough to unlock many earning opportunities. So, you do not need to be a hosting expert. Take some time and learn everything about hosting to become a successful reseller.

What is Reseller hosting and How does it work?
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What is Reseller hosting and How does it work?
The primary benefit of reseller hosting is the cheapest pricing. It gives outstanding income opportunities such as selling SSL certificates and dedicated IP. The reseller hosting has more additional features and offers room to expand.
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