Reseller server: Basic features and advantages

Reseller server: Basic features and advantages

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where a person can buy a dedicated server and act as a service provider without the need to build, maintain or manage the web hosting infrastructure. Reseller hosting is primarily a business development model provided by a web hosting provider.

Wherein one or more organizations lease or sell under their name. It is a great avenue for additional income or business. The person can either sell the whole server or let somebody rent it or else sell/ lease it as shared hosting.

Reseller hosting is a good opportunity to earn some profits and there is not much work to do as the maintenance of the server is not in the hands of the reseller. It is one of the popular options in today’s online business. For businesses looking to increase their revenue, this is a great way to earn it.

Reseller hosting

There are a lot of advantages of reseller hosting, some of them are:

1. Complete control over your resources

Reseller hosting gives you complete authority to manage your resources and create your own plans and sell them to others. It will allow you to control disk space usage, bandwidth limits, and other important areas that come with running your own website.

2. More features

They include a great number of features than the basic hosting plans as the control panel for administrating your website will be powerful and allow you to manage your site effectively.

3. Less expensive

Instead of having to purchase a dedicated server, a reseller hosting plan allows you to take advantage of many similar features without the added cost. Most reseller plans are extremely low priced when compared to dedicated solutions, leaving your business with more financial resources for other areas of your site.

4. No maintenance

Instead of purchasing your own server, a reselling plan is more like having your very own Dedicated Server with only one difference you won’t have to worry about the server issues.


Reseller hosting can be easily comprehend and presents a lucrative opportunity for those aspiring to establish a web hosting business. It is essential to grasp the mechanics of reseller hosting, devise a suitable strategy, and choose a hosting solution that aligns with your business requirements. Contact Ideastack now to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does a reseller hosting work?

With reseller hosting, you can purchase hosting packages in large quantities and then resell them to your clients. The hosting company from whom you buy the packages will furnish the necessary hardware, software, and overall infrastructure to host the websites of your customers.

Q2. What are the different types of reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting comprises two primary categories: white label and private label. White label reselling allows the reseller to operate as an autonomous company and use their branding while serving clients. Private label reselling, on the other hand, displays the parent company’s branding to the customer, revealing that the hosting services are being provided by a third-party business.

Q3. What are the benefits of Linux reseller hosting?

Linux reseller hosting offers a significant advantage in terms of affordability. Since Linux is open-source, hosting providers can utilize it at no cost, which results in cost-effective Linux reseller hosting plans that exclude operating system expenses.

Reseller server: Basic features and advantages
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Reseller server: Basic features and advantages
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