The Difference and Similarities between VDI and Cloud Storage Platforms

Cloud Storage Platforms

VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is an extremely beneficial tool in the world of business technology. It is a prime form of desktop virtualization that hosts different desktop environments on a central server. This tool helps to create a desktop which is virtually accessible to a specified group of users from anywhere and everywhere. This technology can spike up your work productivity rates to heights and also won’t pinch your pockets!

Knowing this, the biggest question that pops in our minds is – ‘How is this different from our usual Cloud based storage platforms’? Ironically, they are quite similar and very different too in their approaches. Let us dig into all the aspects!


1. Similar Access:

If the users are surrounded with a good internet connection, then no matter from where the users access their data files, they can efficiently get hold of their own activities.

2. The ‘Virtuality’:

Be it VDIs or cloud storage platforms both provide you a virtual environment for managing and handling your data and functions. In both the technologies, if any form of modification and alteration in data or activities, then will reflect to all the users linked with it. In addition, you can also retrieve the deleted files or back up your data in both the approaches.

The Virtuality


1. The Security Angle: 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures possess better security features as compared to cloud storage platforms. Because of its varied levels of layers, it ensures enhanced security. In addition, the VDIs also strengthen their security game by protecting data through the FileCloud. There exist security provisions in cloud storage platforms too, but frequent hacking and loopholes make it less secure and efficient than the VDIs.

The Security Angle

2. The Desktop Tools Approach:

These two technologies work opposite when we consider their desktop tools. In case of the cloud storage platforms, data is stored in logical pools which is known as the ‘cloud’. This form is understood as virtual hard drive. On the other hand, the Virtual Desktop Infrastructures allows you to access the exact same desktop multiple times through different places. Almost as it is a virtual computer in itself.

3. Data Control:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures have far more data control than cloud platforms. In fact, the VDIs provide you a facility of self-hosting your activities. Doing this, the data you manage becomes unavailable to anyone else and does not escape your system. This kind of provision does not exist in Cloud platforms. Hence, big companies make use of VDIs because it is important for them to hold a strong control over their confidential data.


The cloud storages as well as the VDIs have their own set of pros and cons with respect to their functioning and facilities. Cloud storage platforms are convenient and best used for handling small local businesses. Whereas, the VDIs work wonders in handling the data and functions of large set-ups and multinational companies. Then how do you decide which is the best? The answer is to not go for the best. But instead, go for what is best suited for your needs!

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5 important benefits of switching to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI the acronym of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a common word we hear from almost every business owner, employee, student, or other people nowadays. This lockdown has made us realize the value of VDIs to connect from different remote locations remotely. VDIs have played a major role to help us connect with different connections and also to access the resources and functions remotely. VDI is the right technology to develop a centralized network control where each individual’s user desktop environment is stored on a remote access server. 

This centralized server helps multiple connections of the server have organization-wide access to higher computing power and resources. This ultimately saves huge costs of the organizations as to maintain each resource for each individual could be a huge load of expenses and time as well. 

To know the benefits of a VDI better, follow the following advantages – 

1. Remote access to resources

Remote access to resources benefits of a VDI

VDI offers the most efficient function of availing all the resources, files, software packages, applications, and everything remotely on a different device at a different location. It makes this happen with the help of the centralized server connecting multiple locations. 

2. Nicely secured

Nicely secured benefits of a VDI

As VDI comes with a centralized network backed with the host’s guarantee and experience for the security of your data, it enhances your security. Also, everything is stored and backed at one central location which is highly protected with a strict password making it to be covered from any leakages or data loss. Even through VDI, an additional layer of security gets added. 

3. High performance with reduced time-lags

High performance with reduced time-lags benefits of a VDI

VDI is hosted on an immensely powerful centralized remote server which takes care from head to toe of your functioning. So, all the heavy work regarding your computing gets handled off with complete ease. This reduces latencies and time-lags and brings in more productivity and savings

4. Cost efficient and effective maintenance

Cost efficient and effective maintenance benefits of a VDI

VDI eliminates a hell lot of costs of buying a server and maintaining it for the rest of its life. Also, this cost keeps on adding with installation charges, creating a server environment, setting up an IT team for its maintenance, regular checks, etc. With VDIs, all you would have to do is use it and the rest will be taken care of by your centralized server’s host. Also, As VDI is hosted on a high-end data center’s computing power, storage capabilities, and professional assistance of the host, you get the best of continuous performance and management. 

5. Simple Management

Simple Management benefits of a VDI

VDI helps you to manage all your resources, systems, softwares, applications, programs, everything centrally. So, all your backups, updates, security patches, virus scans become easier to perform. VDI is also quite flexible to take all the upgrades and other adjustments as per your requirements. Even if you want more connections to be added, you can deploy that easily and get equal access to all the connections of the centralized server’s computing power.

VDI is the most efficient tool to set up a virtual environment and you can avail the bestest of VDIs from Ideastack. Contact Ideastack today to avail of the best VDI plans for your connections!

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How have Virtual Desktop Infrastructure helped Accounting businesses to work efficiently during lockdown?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure known as the VDI has become a must for all businesses nowadays. With more significance to virtual environments and remote networking, VDI has played a major role in letting people access resources from remote locations effectively. In this lockdown, where all businesses had to develop a virtual environment for their employees and other associates, VDI played a crucial role in helping businesses to connect with their employees and share resources efficiently.

VDI technology could be a very beneficial asset in the coming days as with more significance arising for virtual environments and Work from home mechanism, VDI would be a mandatory asset to be used for accessing resources from different locations. 

How can VDI help for Accounting businesses?

As the Accounting businesses use a hell lot of software packages and resources to facilitate their client accounting and management needs, VDI can help all accounting professionals to access these software packages and resources remotely from their homes or other locations. Through VDI, these accounting businesses can get anywhere access to not just the resources but also the reports, sheets, and other important documents as well.

Advantages of VDI to accounting businesses

1. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device access

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device access in VDI

VDI improves your accounting business’s productivity by providing remote access through a virtual environment. VDI helps your business resources to be hosted virtually and securely. This helps you to access all the accounting resources and documents from portable devices from anywhere by just needing an internet connection. 

2. Secured data

Secured data in VDI

Data is the most important thing to any accounting business and VDI takes good care of that. Even in physical environments, accounting businesses have to invest a lot in order to maintain their physical security, network security, and data security. In the case of VDI, the host providing VDI services guarantees you the data security for the data hosted on the virtual environment and carries regular backups and security checks.

3. Flexible and Scalable

Flexible and Scalable in VDI

VDI offers endless scalability options to scale up as per business requirements. You can easily scale up to upgraded versions of your accounting software and also adjust your resource management accordingly. You can even expand RAM, bandwidth, and other functions of your VDI plan in a single go. 

4. Cost savings

Cost savings in VDI

VDI could be a huge cost saver as you won’t need the required hardware and other specific desktop requirements. As VDI is hosted on the hosting provider’s hardware, everything is taken care by the host. So, you would not have to invest in environments, regular management, maintenance, backups, hardware installations, etc. 

VDI can be a very effective tool in this lockdown not just for the accounting businesses but all the businesses around who are shifting to virtual environments and are bound by this lockdown to facilitate networking from different locations. VDI offers a major benefit to access all the resources, files, tools, documents, software packages, applications, programs, etc. on a different device from a different location. To get the best offers on VDI services, contact Ideastack today!

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How can VDI be helpful for Art and design students?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure called as the VDI has come as a real boon in these tough times. VDI has satisfied the needs of coping up networks from different locations effectively. Not just the business’s work from home mechanism but also different schools, colleges, and universities have tried to make the most of it to utilize and access resources from different locations

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

How has VDI helped?

The technology of VDI enables its users to access resources, programs, and applications of a desktop infrastructure on another desktop infrastructure virtually. So, if your office PC has some important resources which you want to use it on your home PC, then VDI could help you access each and every resource effectively

Likewise, college students can also access various software and technologies availed by their respective colleges on their home PC with the help of VDIs. 

VDI for Arts and Design students

While every Arts and Design colleges and universities are closed and are adjusting their online channels for online teaching and training, VDI has bring in the most hybrid learning environment for the Arts and Design students.

As per the need of the hour, each and every class is organized online and all are trained through the online channels. Though being an Arts or design student, it is very difficult to practice and present assignments and projects without the required software and access to that software. These assignments require a high hand-on experience and creative animations which were used to be at the studio classes but now with online classes, it has become difficult for the students to practice the same. 

VDI for Arts and Design students

Though this problem can be solved easily with the help of VDI. These Art and Design Institutions can use VDI to provide a hybrid online experience to their students by availing them of all the resources and software packages required. Through VDI, the institutions can help students to have quick and seamless updates of the software packages on their desktop infrastructure, to create their innovative projects, 3D design artworks, and other modeling packages. 

While the students can not only just download these software packages but can also fulfill the system requirements effectively using VDI. 

Even the Professors and teachers can make the most of VDI to have interactive teaching with the students. Professors can make their students to use these software programs and share the screen through a video conferencing platform. By this, they can effectively check and work on their student’s projects and assignments prepared through these software programs. 

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

In Conclusion

VDI has made learning so flexible and accessible for the students to practice and perform their work efficiently and productively. Investing in VDI brings in long term technological optimization for the learning and development process. Now students can have access to all the necessary resources which are required in order to function seamlessly

Ideastack understands the needs of students and the institutions that are adjusting their services in order to provide online learnings. Being the reason, we offer the best in quality VDI services at the cheapest of prices possible.  Our VDI ensures the best results and the highest connectivity and networking to promote smooth VDI functioning. To get one of our top VDI plans, contact us today. 

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How To Ensure Business Continuity During Lockdown

Coronavirus Lockdown has changed the way businesses think and operate in India. Planning for organizational flexibility during a global crisis is of utmost importance. Nationwide shutdown due to COVID-19 has nearly caught many organizations. Although certain expectations of restrictions occurred, not many expected the scope of the restrictions to be set in place.

Here we will help you to develop a Business Continuity Plan during Coronavirus and also develop plans and processes for dealing with these disasters.

Coronavirus Lockdown

  1. Identify your essential business products or services

You should rate your business priorities as an Entrepreneur or Company Owner in order of importance. 

Create a schedule for these critical tasks and delegate duties to employees for how the Corona Virus Lockdown should manage these critical functions. 

Analyze how long the available resources will continue. Look into management cash flow and the financial consequences.

  1. Select what business continuity means for your business

If you’re a manufacturing company, continuity of business will mean maintaining consistency of production lines and factory operating.

For an airline, continuity of business means being able to operate on time as scheduled.

Business continuity for an IT / Engineering services organization would mean maintaining determination to provide project service without any delay.

  1. Reduce the negative impact of COVID-19

Your business continuity strategy needs to revolve around the people and the partners during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ensure employee wellness.

Develop a contact plan for employees, clients, and suppliers.

Maintain a Standard Operating Procedure Guideline to maintain performance, and efficiently handle the core functions.

Create a CoronaVirus Outbreak Team to look at vital functions to ensure that staff is protected with their preparation.

Allow flexible job opportunities like remote work, work from home, alternative working days.


  1. Do a risk estimate 

Understand the mandatory restrictions on coronavirus spread in your country, state, and the city imposed by your government.

Mandatory closure of factories ordered by the Government due to city lockdowns. Shutting down your town with private offices. 

A drop-in project quality delivered via an online system. Closing a company that can be run from a home office using online tools. 

Being emotionally attached to business plans which request change given the new circumstances.

  1. Supply Chain Management 

– Identify effects on activities and revenues.

Test the possibility of buying products from other suppliers or probably from several providers.

Make sure your source has a Business Continuity Plan already in order during Coronavirus.

  1. Change your value offerings or product

Since direct customer contact during the Coronavirus lockdown will not be possible, it is wise to modify your product offerings in order to match what the consumer wants during this time.

Many organizations can look at digital offers during COVID-19 lockdown or you can also transform current employees from dormant to vertical customer service to keep the customer happy by providing them with better service during Coronavirus Lockdown in India.

In this way, you would maintain existing customers and be able to make better use of the workforce.

  1. Find out options to run your business

As a first step, if you are allowed to run your business from a remote location please check with your industry association. Planning and getting employees to work from home. 

In coordination with your account managers and clients, discuss with your Administrative, Production Directors, Project Managers, and the Leadership team.

– Laptop access or the move of office desktops to the home offices.

  1. Report and Plan for the future

Build consistent contact methods for internal workers and for external stakeholders. 

Using the time to think about the future and how to make up for the decline with a slowdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak in India and across the globe.

Check the strategy regularly, and change it according to the external situation if necessary.

– Self-learning is a continuous cycle, so learn from the obstacles you face.

The spread of the Coronavirus will prepare us for the next global epidemic or crisis if it does happen.

Business Continuity Plan

  1. Implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: 

Providing centralized data with employees working from home can benefit the employees, and also helps the company to keep track of their employees in a virtual environment. You can check more about VDI Here.

This will help you implement the organization’s Business Continuity Plan, and help fight through the Coronavirus Lockdown. Insights, resources, and organized business processes can support pandemic planning for entrepreneurs and their companies.

To know more visit Ideastack.

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