How have Virtual Desktop Infrastructure helped Accounting businesses to work efficiently during lockdown?

How have Virtual Desktop Infrastructure helped Accounting businesses to work efficiently during lockdown?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure known as the VDI has become a must for all businesses nowadays. With more significance to virtual environments and remote networking, VDI has played a major role in letting people access resources from remote locations effectively. In this lockdown, where all businesses had to develop a virtual environment for their employees and other associates, VDI played a crucial role in helping businesses to connect with their employees and share resources efficiently.

VDI technology could be a very beneficial asset in the coming days as with more significance arising for virtual environments and Work from home mechanism, VDI would be a mandatory asset to be used for accessing resources from different locations. 

How can VDI help for Accounting businesses?

As the Accounting businesses use a hell lot of software packages and resources to facilitate their client accounting and management needs, VDI can help all accounting professionals to access these software packages and resources remotely from their homes or other locations. Through VDI, these accounting businesses can get anywhere access to not just the resources but also the reports, sheets, and other important documents as well.

Advantages of VDI to accounting businesses

1. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device access

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device access in VDI

VDI improves your accounting business’s productivity by providing remote access through a virtual environment. VDI helps your business resources to be hosted virtually and securely. This helps you to access all the accounting resources and documents from portable devices from anywhere by just needing an internet connection. 

2. Secured data

Secured data in VDI

Data is the most important thing to any accounting business and VDI takes good care of that. Even in physical environments, accounting businesses have to invest a lot in order to maintain their physical security, network security, and data security. In the case of VDI, the host providing VDI services guarantees you the data security for the data hosted on the virtual environment and carries regular backups and security checks.

3. Flexible and Scalable

Flexible and Scalable in VDI

VDI offers endless scalability options to scale up as per business requirements. You can easily scale up to upgraded versions of your accounting software and also adjust your resource management accordingly. You can even expand RAM, bandwidth, and other functions of your VDI plan in a single go. 

4. Cost savings

Cost savings in VDI

VDI could be a huge cost saver as you won’t need the required hardware and other specific desktop requirements. As VDI is hosted on the hosting provider’s hardware, everything is taken care by the host. So, you would not have to invest in environments, regular management, maintenance, backups, hardware installations, etc. 

VDI can be a very effective tool in this lockdown not just for the accounting businesses but all the businesses around who are shifting to virtual environments and are bound by this lockdown to facilitate networking from different locations. VDI offers a major benefit to access all the resources, files, tools, documents, software packages, applications, programs, etc. on a different device from a different location. To get the best offers on VDI services, contact Ideastack today!

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