How to earn money from Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a service of getting the host from the wholesaler and then renting the host to a small company or small clients. The rent hosting consists of disk space and bandwidth. By this, you are providing hosting services to other small clients.

The service does not cost much and no need to get stressed about it. The reseller process act as the web hosting service without configuring your hardware, operating, and managing a web hosting infrastructure.

Offering the hosting to others enables them to create a hosting account for the clients and also host their websites. The hosting comes with services like domain registration, email account, and providing access to free applications.

This hosting is done by entrepreneurs who want to start their own hosting business. They are managed by small companies for website development, graphic design, and online marketing.

How to buy?

Buying a reseller hosting is not a simple one that needs more attention to the service provider and plans that they offer. The hosting buyer needs to see some of the important things before buying the host from the reseller.

The below points will guide you about the reseller host and services.

What is meant by Reseller Hosting?

Reliable reseller hosting plans

Choosing the best company and signing up with those who are ready to share their web hosting. To choose the reseller host you need to look for the reliability which they offer for the customer. The reseller should provide basic information like plans, offering storage size, and bandwidth.

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Plans & Pricing

As Ideastack has its plans and limitations for sharing its resources. When you are tied up with the company for sharing the hosting the first thing you have to look at is planning. Choose plans for your requirements and functionality. According to the plans the resources are provided to the customer. The plans include storage space, bandwidth, email accounts, and access to their sub-accounts without limitations.

Support from a web hosting company

The web host needs customer support for troubleshooting the hosting process. Basic technical support should be provided for the customer. Monitoring should be done 24×7 from third-party access and hacker.

Benefits of buying a reseller hosting

1. Affordable

The reseller hosting provides access and functionality similar to the dedicated servers. When similar options are available in reseller hosting it reduces the cost and improves the financial status for your business. Reseller hosting provides several websites to run at the same time.

2. Full access

The reseller allows the customer to access the storage and bandwidth which are provided according to the plans. Users can manage and control the full aspect of the website and better use the storage space for their requirements.

3. No maintenance

No need to hire a separate technical team to fix problems and issues which occur during the process. The user doesn’t need to worry about server issues and problems. The reseller provides the technical team to support and clears the issues which occur in the server. The maintenance will be placed in their reseller plans

Why choose reseller hosting?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is meant by reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting enables individuals to sell hosting services using a white-label approach without needing to possess the technical expertise or actual equipment. Essentially, a hosting provider allows resellers to market their services under the hosting company’s name or their own brand name.

Q2. Who uses reseller hosting?

Web designers and developers often favor this type of hosting to provide hosting services to their clients. Additionally, businesses seeking to resell hosting services and generate extra income find this hosting setup appealing.

Q3. Why choose reseller hosting?

The benefit of utilizing reseller hosting is that there’s no need for you to maintain the hosting software or hardware. Reputable web hosts offer pre-configured reseller packages that make the setup process a breeze.