Comodo Threat Research Lab uncovers new trick used by hackers to attack enterprises  

A different type of phishing email attack targeting enterprises using SWIFT monetary messaging services has been discovered this month by Comodo Threat Research Lab. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) messaging forces are employed by approximately 11,00 banking, business clients and safety organizations.

Cybercriminals are now employing it to aim enterprises by sending a phishing email and mailing malware in their inboxes. The attackers send emails with attachments and direct the recipient to open the add-on to get information about the quantity that has been transferred to their chosen account. However, the add-on contains malware (Trojan.JAVA.AdwindRAT), which is transmitted into the user’s system if it is opened. 

 anti-adware process.

Once it has entered into the system, the malware can evolve and enter the registry, spawn numerous processes, and can also try to get rid of antivirus and anti-adware process. It additionally drops malicious files to make an association with the domain in a secretly hidden encryption network. 

Comodo has warned that this virus can disable Windows restore alternative and the User Account Control. The malware works as a cyberspy, enabling attackers to spy the scheme and access the in order about venture network and endpoints. 


The moment attackers have access to all the complex information, they can go through additional viruses into the system to rob some of the most private information of the organizations.  

Comodo rationed that the hackers are using SWIFT systems for hiding in plain sight because of basic human psychology to feel excited arousal for money, especially where bank account affairs are concerned.  

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