Backup and Disaster recovery same but different!

Backup Recovery

There’s a misunderstanding spread regarding backup and Disaster recovery being the same. Though in some functions they are considered to be the same they are distinct. Backup is considered to be the replication of original files stored whereas Disaster recovery refers to recovering the whole of the IT infrastructure by keeping its copy off-site from before.

It’s always a difficult task to replace a server, re-install the software and configuring all the data with proper startup again. Well, Disaster recovery can make this re-install action of IT infrastructure easy as it maintains the storage of its copy off-site and takes less time to function again.

Hence, security breaches and network outages are the most influential situations as their main core i.e. Data is not secured. Data backup and disaster recovery are the tools to make these data secured effectively.

It is mostly considered that Backup as a service is not that sufficient precaution when the disaster occurs comparatively to Disaster recovery as Backup is just a copy of a particular file whereas Data recovery or Disaster recovery ensures a guarantee of the whole restoration of all files and data.


One can always restore its original data with the help of Backup done on a daily basis. With the help of Backup, you can review any of the documents lost or deleted by mistake. Backup is considered to be handy when there is immediate access required for any document that is restored earlier. It can be done on a daily basis and is simpler in performing. All it requires to do is to ensure data retention at one single location and getting the data copied.

Whereas when it comes to the Disaster recovery system, it can be said that it is a recovery plan that ensures full guaranteed recovery and gives you the power of switching to an alternative environment. It makes the business comfortable ensuring sustenance and continuity with the help of physical resources which brings the data online and continues the business functions without any hindrance.

It also requires scaled out planning because of its complex work including the integration of tasks relating to the creation of recovery, determination of a mission-critical system, communication process, and way to perform valid steps

Disaster Recovery

It has to plan out RTO (Recovery Time Objective) to find out the time used for creating a restoration off-site of IT systems. RTO basically creates a replication at a secondary location of the whole IT infrastructure between production and disaster recovery sites. For this, it requires an external production environment to create a replica of data.

As it could be seen that Backup and Disaster recovery have similar functions of recovering and restoring data but they are Distinct in terms of business needs and various factors affecting business requirements.

Backup is the initial stage of restoring a particular data and Disaster recovery restores the whole IT system of the organization. A backup would save you from small mistakes whereas Disaster recovery can save you from critical mishaps.

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