The importance of 24/7 technical support in hosting: Ideastack’s commitment to customer service

In the fast-paced digital world we live in today, having a reliable web hosting service is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re running a website for your e-commerce business, a personal blog, or a web application, the quality of your hosting provider can significantly impact your online presence.

One crucial aspect of hosting that often goes underestimated is technical support, and Ideastack understands this better than anyone. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of 24/7 technical support in hosting, highlighting Ideastack’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.

The Foundation of VPS Hosting

Before we discuss the significance of technical support, let’s briefly touch upon VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, as it is a service prominently offered by Ideastack. VPS hosting is a popular choice for many website owners because it strikes a balance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

With a VPS, you get your own virtualized server environment that’s isolated from other users on the same physical server. This translates to improved performance, security, and customization options compared to shared hosting.

24/7 Availability Ideastack's technical support team

The Critical Role of 24/7 Technical Support

While VPS hosting offers numerous advantages, it’s not without its challenges. Managing a VPS can be more complex than shared hosting, and this is where technical support becomes indispensable. Here’s why 24/7 technical support is crucial in the world of hosting:

1. Immediate Issue Resolution

Technical glitches and server issues don’t wait for convenient working hours. They can strike at any time, even in the dead of night or on a holiday. Without round-the-clock support, you could be left helpless while your website faces downtime, potentially costing you customers and revenue. Ideastack’s 24/7 support ensures that help is just a phone call or message away, no matter when disaster strikes.

2. Expertise Matters

Not everyone is a server expert, and that’s perfectly fine. When you choose a hosting provider like Ideastack, you’re tapping into a team of professionals who specialize in managing server infrastructure. Their technical support staff is equipped with the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues efficiently.

3. Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have access to technical support around the clock provides peace of mind. It means you can focus on your core business activities without constantly worrying about server-related problems. Ideastack’s commitment to 24/7 support ensures that you can sleep soundly, knowing that your online presence is in safe hands.

Ideastack's Dedication to Customer Service

Ideastack takes customer service seriously. They understand that a hosting service is only as good as the support it provides. Here are some key aspects of Ideastack’s commitment to customer service:

1. 24/7 Availability

Ideastack’s technical support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that no matter when you encounter an issue, you can count on them to be there to assist you promptly.

2. Responsive Communication

Communication is key when dealing with technical problems. Ideastack ensures that their support team responds swiftly to customer inquiries, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your online operations.

3. Diverse Support Channels

Ideastack offers multiple channels for customer support, including live chat, email, and phone support. This flexibility ensures that you can reach out using the method that suits you best.


In the world of VPS hosting, where uptime, security, and performance are paramount, having reliable 24/7 technical support can make all the difference. Ideastack’s unwavering commitment to customer service and their dedication to providing round-the-clock assistance demonstrate their understanding of the importance of technical support in hosting.

By choosing Ideastack as your hosting provider, you not only get the benefits of VPS hosting but also the assurance that a team of experts is always on standby to assist you. With Ideastack, you’re not just a customer; you’re a valued partner in the success of your online endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is virtual private server hosting, and how does it vary from shared hosting?

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. It provides users with their own virtualized server environment, offering better performance, security, and customization compared to shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting, where multiple websites share resources on a single server, VPS hosting allocates dedicated resources to each user, ensuring greater stability and control.

Q2. Why is 24/7 technical support essential for hosting services?

24/7 technical support is vital for hosting services because it ensures that customers can get immediate assistance and issue resolution at any time of day or night. Hosting-related problems can occur unpredictably, and without round-the-clock support, downtime and disruptions can lead to significant losses in business revenue and reputation.

Q3. What sets Ideastack apart from other hosting providers in terms of customer service?

Ideastack distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to customer service. They offer 24/7 technical support, ensuring that expert assistance is available whenever needed. Ideastack’s responsive communication and diverse support channels, including live chat, email, and phone support, further enhance the customer experience, making them a top choice for those seeking reliable VPS hosting with exceptional customer service.

What is bandwidth in hosting? What is the best way to check a website’s bandwidth usage?

What is bandwidth in hosting?

Many companies wish to invest in web hosting for different reasons. However, you must understand more about bandwidth and benefit business requirements before using them. The advent of the internet helps you find exact bandwidth hosting meaning and decide to invest them. 

Bandwidth determines the capacity of data that moves between site, server, and users. The role of such a thing is to deal with traffic. Higher capacity helps you carry data transfer faster and boost the volume of data. You can never confuse to choose the right one for hosting and perform an activity without any obstacle.

What is bandwidth in hosting?

What is website hosting bandwidth?

Bandwidth is an essential thing when it comes to website hosting. It calculates the maximum rate of data and traffic that shift in a specific time. When choosing website bandwidth, you must pay attention to the website and visitors. On the other hand, data transfer is entirely different and transfers the amount of data in a given time. 

Bandwidth can state in the form of MBPS or GBPS. If you fail to choose the suitable bandwidth for hosting, more visitors on site suffer a lot, and slow interaction happens with the server. You can choose the right package that comes up with the ideal bandwidth.

What are the significance of bandwidth in web hosting?

Web hosting is an essential requirement in a website. Bandwidth is a vital element in a different hosting plan, and the hosting company provides a hosting service package with necessary things.

What is the bandwidth requirement for website? What is the best way to calculate it?

Bandwidth is a vital factor in setting up and running a website properly. Therefore, it is necessary to consider web hosting capacity and pick up the right plan for your needs. 

When it comes to calculating bandwidth requirements, you must understand Webpage size. Whether you need to determine the size, you can utilize a load time test, focus on ten pages’ data, and calculate page size. Based on the information, you need to be aware of essential elements like:

It is the best way to avoid potential performance problems and downtimes. Site owners follow vital steps for calculating bandwidth requirements.

What is the bandwidth requirement for website? What is the best way to calculate it?

What is the best way to check a website's bandwidth usage?

Bandwidth limit may vary based on a different website. You can find the right hosting package with outstanding features and enjoy web hosting.

However, you must keep an eye on average website monthly bandwidth usage and higher bandwidth capacity. The hosting service provider manages a separate section to see bandwidth usage. 

Professionals keep track of everything and provide a complete record of monthly bandwidth transfer. You may also use Cpanel to find accurate information about website bandwidth. As a result, business owners gain a cost-effective solution to deal with heavy spikes and draw more audience.

How do you pick a good bandwidth hosting provider?

Choosing good bandwidth hosting provider is a significant concern for website owners. The hosting provider plays a vital role in protecting site performance and security.

You can access the hosting package with stunning bandwidth space. Business owners focus on bandwidth size and pick up an ideal plan. Higher bandwidth is suitable for companies to deal with high traffic. In addition, it is a great option to prevent the site from experiencing downtime.

What is unlimited bandwidth?

Many service providers offer an impressive package that covers everything for hosting. You can access an affordable plan with an unlimited bandwidth option. It is easy to run as much as traffic and data.

You can work with the best provider and acquire maximum bandwidth to run a website. Companies spend the right amount of money to access a web host service. It is a great deal for you to use a server that the site needs.

What is the difference between bandwidth and traffic?

Traffic and bandwidth are different things when it comes to hosting. The bandwidth describes the amount of data and level of traffic transfer among users, the internet, and the website.

Higher bandwidth is ideal for speeding up activities on site. When deciding to use a hosting service, you can understand bandwidth requirements. Site owners determine traffic depending on someone using the site on the internet, images, web pages, etc.

What is the difference between bandwidth and traffic?

Frequently purchased bandwidth plan at IDEASTACK

With the advent of technology, you can quickly find reputable service providers. Ideastack is a well-known provider that offers various hosting solutions like VPS, dedicated server, GPU, shared web hosting.

Before getting the package, you must look at the web hosting bandwidth cost. The organization enjoys an incredible hosting experience and manages the site’s global presence.


Proper understanding of hosting and other things is essential to managing and running a website without disturbance. You can go for the suitable Bandwidth to deal with everything and manage stunning performance and functionality on the site.

Organizations gain maximum benefits with web hosting. You can use an online resource to learn how it works and how it is vital for a website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much bandwidth will i require?

Finding the right plan with a suitable bandwidth is vital for a website. If you do not have proper bandwidth, the site will go offline. The amount of bandwidth can determine based on size and number of pages, the number of visitors accessing the page, and the number of visitors looking for the page. Whether you need to know how much bandwidth for the site, you can log on to the web host account and view the traffic report.

Q2. What happens if my bandwidth is exceeded?

When bandwidth exceeds, site owners experience major things like host postpone website, charge overage fees, or update plan to the new version for more bandwidth.

Q3. How can i save bandwidth on my website?

Whether you are not ready to update the hosting package, you may minimize site bandwidth. You can save bandwidth by reducing the size of downloads, compress images and videos on the website. Site owners save bandwidth in different ways, like:

1. Cache

Using good cache system aids websites to reduce load. The service provider offers cache plugins for saving bandwidth.

2. Lightweight theme

The lightweight theme is the main reason for website load faster.

3. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

It is high demand for a website that helps visitors access worldwide.

4. Do not use Nulled themes/plugins

You can never use unwanted themes and plugins that take too much time to load the site and affect bandwidth qualities.

5. Update your website regularly

Update website regularly boosts performance and functionality of the site. However, it is easy to fix the theme, and the plugin consumes enough resources.

6. Compress files

You can compress different files like videos, images, javascript, CSS, and others.

7. Combining similar files

Combining similar files is helpful to minimize HTTP requests for pages and make them faster.

Top 10 Reasons To Opt For Shared Hosting For Your New Website: A Complete Guide

There are many types of web services that are found on the internet. Some of the most common ones are web hosting and web blogging. Many businesses use web hosting services to promote their business and brand online.

Web hosting is a kind of Internet hosting service. This service allows  Bloggers entrepreneurs & independent creatives, individuals as well as organizations, and Small business owners to make the website accessible to internet users through the World Wide Web. The customers can opt for the best hosting type for the best results for their business. When you want to hire a web hosting service provider, you will come across many types of hosting.

These service providers will use graphic designing tools, website design, and development.

What is Web Hosting?

• As described earlier, web hosting allocated the clients and customers space on the internet.

• The web hosting providers use Web hosting software for web hosting.

• This is done by the business owners who want to use a website online presence to promote their brand, products, and services.

• This is why web hosting is important for small as well as big business owners.

type of hosting

Type of hosting options:

When it comes to the types of web hosting, there are many varieties of hosting practices. Some of the most common ones are Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, and Cloud hosting. Business owners and individuals can use the most preferred hosting method according to their needs.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where websites use shared server resources with other websites on one server. 

• This means multiple websites single server

• There are many shared hosting benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. 

• This is the reason why it is the best hosting solution

• There will advantage of shared hosting listed below.

How does Shared Hosting work?

The shared servers host hundreds of users. The server resources will be shared and the shared web hosting provider will offer the service at cheap rates. There are multiple accounts of the users on this hosting server.

Why choose shared hosting for your new website?

The best web hosting provider will suggest most new website owners use shared web hosting plans. The users will get unlimited resources on shared servers. They can get an affordable deal with effective shared hosting common features.

Shared Hosting – Who is it for?

Shared web hosting costs are generally lower. This dedicated server is mainly for new websites, new bloggers, and small business owners. The users share a single server and this is what makes it useful for the. This is one of the most cost-effective services.

10 Benefits of Shared Hosting for your New Website:

Whether you have a new website or a small website, you should consider a shared server to gain traffic on your website. The users will get ample server resources by using this cheaper service. There are many benefits of shared web hosting services.

1. Shared Hosting is An economical solution

A shared server is the most affordable option. It will also gather the website traffic within a limited budget. The maintenance costs will also be minimal and you will get a good provider at a very cheap price and is highly affordable.

2. Built-in cPanel for ease of control

There is a built-in cPanel dashboard for ease of control and management. Site builders and CMS options will be available and you can easily manage from a central control panel.

3. No Software and Configurations Needed

There will be no configuration or software needed for the setup to control. The users will get authorization access.

4. Shared Hosting is Accessible

You will find many web hosting providers that offer shared hosting. They will have the basic tools that are used for the content management systems and the site-building.

5. Easy to manage, upgrade, and scale

A Shared Hosting plan is very easily managed, upgraded, and scaled from time to time. The hosting provider shall make sure to introduce new updates for the new sites and small sites. This will further help in promoting the increased website traffic.

6. No technical or design expertise needed

Shared hosting does not require any extra expertise. The site server administration would be enough for support. The hosting service provider will therefore make sure that the users are saving extra cost by offering site creation tools.

7. Fast Technical Support and Maintenance

With shared hosting, you will get reliable and fast technical support. Since this is a single server, the response time to handle technical issues is quicker. The users will get a great tech support team with this cheaper shared hosting.

8. Good Efficiency

Shared hosting offers good results in the long run. This is why it is the best hosting service that you can find. It also has great storage and bandwidth appeal as well.

9. Room to grow your business

With better and more efficient bandwidth performance, there shall be a chance to grow the business. This is a flexible and affordable option for the new websites.

10. User-friendly and Faster Support

For a new website set up, shared hosting is a user-friendly hosting interface. The users can easily configure or customize their website online.

What kind of websites work best on shared hosting?

Shared hosting is best suited for small to medium-sized websites. People who have small blogs to full-fledged dynamic websites can also use shared hosting services. This will boost the business on the internet.

Why Should You Use Shared Hosting for a new WordPress Blog?

You should use shared web hosting because it is cheaper than dedicated hosting and the managed WordPress hosting.

How to select Shared Hosting for WordPress?

You can choose the right web hosting solution by checking the unlimited features. The users can also check out various shared hosting plans and if they want the best site online presence.

Which shared hosting service provider should you choose?

You just review the Shared hosting plans to find the web space for your website. Just make sure that they offer reliable support.

web hosting tools


For business or blog sites, shared hosting is the most appropriate type of hosting. It is less expensive, highly flexible and multiple domains can be hosted on a single server. Hosting companies also make a good profit from shared hosting.

In a nutshell, Shared hosting is cost-effective & quality hosting service when the users use it from a good and trusted hosting service provider like Ideastack. This form of hosting is great for blogs, e-commerce sites and is offered at a very cheap price. The users must try to find the best-shared web hosting service online.


What are Web Hosting Tools?

Web hosting tools are offered by the web hosting services provider. It is the software that is available for hosting websites and for WordPress shared hosting.

Which Shared Host for WordPress Blog?

The best web hosting companies also offer a content management system. If you are planning to buy hosting for your WordPress blog, you should go with Ideastack’s WordPress Hosting which gives 40x to your website!

How is it different from VPS and shared hosting?

Multiple websites prefer WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting is secure for the WordPress sites when compared to shared plans and VPS hosting physical server.

How is it different from shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

WordPress hosting and shared single server or dedicated hosting are different when it comes to the server configuration. WordPress hosting offers resources that can be optimized for the dedicated physical server. Standard web hosting is used by large applications and websites. 

How to choose the best hosting package in 2023?


The ‘Web‘ has become a vital tool for businesses to establish their online presence. With digitization influencing both consumers and companies, a website is essential for attracting customers and showcasing products and services. The first impression of a website can greatly impact consumer perception. Therefore, choosing the right hosting package is crucial for optimal website performance. This short guide will discuss key factors to consider when selecting a hosting package to ensure your website meets both current needs and future growth.

The 'Web' has become a vital tool for businesses to establish their online presence. With digitization influencing both consumers and companies, a website is essential for attracting customers and showcasing products and services

Understanding the Nature of Your Website

The type of website you’re planning to create is crucial in determining the right hosting package. For instance, a simple HTML site may only require a shared hosting plan, while a large WordPress site expecting high traffic will benefit more from a dedicated WordPress hosting plan. Also, consider any special requirements your coding language might need. For example, PHP may have specific needs, so choosing a hosting provider that can cater to these is essential.

Assessing the Products Required

As your business expands, your digital needs will grow. You may require additional products like SSL certificates or email hosting. Opting for a hosting provider that offers these additional resources at affordable rates can be highly beneficial. Some providers even offer packages that bundle these extras with the hosting plan, providing a one-stop solution for your digital needs.

Affordability and Budget

While seeking the best hosting package, it’s crucial to consider your budget. Determine your budgetary constraints first and then compare various hosting packages. This approach ensures you find a package that offers the best features within your financial limits.

Opting for a hosting provider that offers these additional resources at affordable rates can be highly beneficial.

Reliability and Uptime

The reliability of your website and consistent uptime are pivotal for a positive user experience. Research and read reviews about potential hosting providers to ensure they offer reliability and an uptime above 98%. This can be the difference between retaining and losing visitors to your website.


In a world where every second counts, the loading speed of your website is critical. Ensure that your hosting provider guarantees top-tier speed. This not only enhances user experience but also boosts your website’s appeal, potentially attracting more customers. Check reviews to understand the provider’s track record in managing performance fluctuations and maintaining consistent speed.


Choosing the right hosting provider is a crucial decision for any organization. It’s not just about having a website, but ensuring it delivers an excellent user experience and has the flexibility to grow with your business. The points discussed above are key considerations in your decision-making process for a web hosting provider.

At Ideastack, we offer comprehensive web hosting services that exceed these criteria. With us, you don’t need to look any further for your website hosting needs. Our team is ready to help you design and host a successful website.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1.How important is hosting speed for SEO?

Hosting speed is crucial for SEO as it impacts user experience and site performance, both of which are key factors in search engine rankings.

Q2.As your website grows, it may be possible to upgrade your hosting plan?

Yes, most hosting providers offer flexible plans that allow you to upgrade as your website’s needs grow.

Q3.Is it worth paying more for a reliable hosting provider?

Absolutely. Investing in a reliable hosting provider ensures better website performance, security, and user satisfaction, which are crucial for long-term success.

How To Choose The Right Dedicated Hosting For Your E commerce portal

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of web hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.

For small businesses as well as big businesses, no matter the size, they must have an e-commerce site that maintains high performance and high security. If they don’t, then they will likely lose customers and profits.

How To Choose The Right Dedicated Hosting For Your E Commerce Portal-1

Why Choose Dedicated Servers For Your E-Commerce Website?

Businesses use dedicated servers (for websites) because it’s the best option for large-scale operations. However, small businesses can also take advantage of a dedicated server if their profits are high enough to warrant their use.

For a small business, running an e-commerce site can be a time-consuming and complicated task, particularly if the business does not have the budget and physical resources to properly manage the e-commerce site. To avoid such issues with an e-commerce site, more small businesses are choosing dedicated servers because getting more traffic. But A small business doesn’t necessarily mean a small amount of traffic or resource demand.

In fact, in many cases the exact opposite is true. Small business websites can sometimes have a resource requirement that is above and beyond what they think they need. Also, websites that use shared resources in a shared hosting package are prone to downtime.

What Are The Features Of a Dedicated Server That Will Help Your E-Commerce Website?

A dedicated server gives you full control of whatever you want to add. There are no restrictions barring the use of customized commerce software packages and background processes. Dedicated servers often have the option of providing a data backup service for an extra fee.

This is possible for dedicated servers, but rarely for shared hosting (for website). If your business was down for a day or two, you would probably end up losing a handful of customers who are used to making frequent recurring purchases. This would be a terrible thing, especially if it happens more often than once in a while.

What Are The Features Of a Dedicated Hosting That Will Help Your E-Commerce Website


Choosing the right dedicated hosting for your e-commerce portal is crucial for maintaining high performance and security. Dedicated servers are ideal for large-scale operations but can also benefit small businesses with high profits. They provide full control, allowing you to use customized commerce software and background processes. Dedicated servers also offer data backup services, which are essential for preventing downtime and customer loss. For more information on dedicated servers, visit Ideastack.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1.How does dedicated hosting enhance website performance?

With all server resources dedicated solely to your e-commerce site, you experience faster load times, higher uptime, and less frequent crashes.

Q2.What kind of security features can I expect?

Most dedicated hosting providers offer advanced security measures, including firewalls, SSL certificates, and regular software updates.

Q3.How do I assess my hosting needs?

Consider your current traffic, projected growth, security needs, and customization requirements when evaluating dedicated hosting options.