How to install WordPress in CWP

1- Open CWP panel and create a new account.


2- Create a MySQL database. First, go to SQL services, then select MySQL Manager and click on Create Database & User.


3- Take SSH access of servers and run below commands.

3.1-CD /home/USERNAME/public_html
3.3-tar xvzf latest. Tar. gz
3.4-mv WordPress/*.
3.5-rm -rf wordpress

4- After WordPress installation, just visit to the domain name in any browser and configure.

4.1 select language.


4.2 insert database details which one already created in step 2.


4.3 fill all details and click on install WordPress button.


4.4 After installation you are to login into the WordPress Admin section.


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VPS vs Shared hosting : What is the difference ?

Choosing the right Web host according to your needs is quite important but at the same time, it is not easy to choose from a variety of hosting options out there.

In this article, we will compare Shared Hosting Service with VPS to figure out some specific differences between them and which one would be suitable.

Web Hosting


• Shared hosting is a way to put a large number of users on a single server, clients here will share the server and its resources like RAM, memory, processor, hard drive, etc.4 Vital Difference Between VPS Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

• While in a VPS Server is still shared but the technology used to assign resources keeps users separate with a virtual boundary and is much more sophisticated and technically superior option as compared to shared hosting.


Web Hosting Resources

• In a Shared Server, you have to share the resources with other users, these resources include servers memory, hard drive, RAM, processor, etc which can reduce the efficiency of your operation.

• Whereas in a VPS Server though it shares the network virtually all the resources necessary for performance are divided up and hardly any user has to share the same hardware and everyone here has their own private environment.


Web Hosting Cost

• A Shared Server here takes a lead above not only VPS but on any other hosting option. It is often regarded as the starting point of small businesses simply because you get this service at a very reasonable rate, lower from any other hosting option at any given point of time.

• A Shared Server you use can be very powerful but hosting companies put several other users on that server and that’s how the cost is reduced for you and other users on the server.

• While on the counterpart as compared to shared hosting, the cost of the use of this option is more. But with the additional features and technology provided by VPS, it has justified its additional cost.

Operational Disturbance:

Operational Web Hosting Service

• In a Shared Server, your smooth functioning operations can be affected because some other users are on the same server, this is called “bad neighbor” effect. For example, if a site uses up the majority chunk of memory, other users get affected as they are left with the remaining small part of memory and don’t get the share they deserve. 

• Secondly, a malicious attack on a single site will spread problems throughout the userbase on that server, the worst part is it is very unpredictable can any time cause downtime to your website.


Web Hosting Security Service

• You are on a high risk of data leak when on a Shared Server because you share a common server with many others some fraudulent hackers can take undue advantage of it and can cause trouble to you.

• Whereas a VPS offers you a good deal of security as you are virtually separated and use almost different resources from others there are fewer chances of any security breach and the advanced technology used by VPS also ensures this.

So considering the factors above it is recommended to switch to a VPS, although it comes at a higher rate compared to Shared Server its better features will pay for it in long run and you will be definitely benefited from it. Apart from this it also depends on your needs and requirements as to which one will suit you the best.

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Fascinating Windows VPS Tactics that Will Make Your Business Grow


A VPS copies the Operating system of the host environment and runs on it. So a Windows VPS quintessentially runs its copy of the Windows operating system. The owner has the super-user level access grants, thus, they can install and run any software they want. A VPS draws parallelism from a dedicated server and can replace it too. Because it is a designed and developed software, it is much easier to configure and create than physical servers.

The developer’s community is creating newer and better VPS every day, fixing the bugs, enhancing the security features, and updating the features. They are said to be better performing and more efficient than physical dedicated servers but it needs hardware support too.

Feature of VPS Servers

VPS Server

You can purchase a VPS online From Ideastack. But remember to buy from a trusted website only. Stay away from fraudulent websites that tempt you with fishy offers. Using a VPS, you can successfully host your website and ensure its smooth and effective functioning.

Understanding the requirements of your application is important too. do not get swayed by the cheap prices, rather look for quality. Often cheaply priced servers are not compatible with your system requirements. Memory and bandwidth are the two most important factors for deciding a VPS. Decide your OS too and buy a server of the same type. Choose such a plan that comes with customer support provision. You will always need the aid and support of a backup team for technical glitches.

Windows VPS

Features you should look for in Windows VPS

Full RDP access

MySQL/ MSSQL Database

PHP4, PHP5, ASP3.0

24/7 support

KVM Virtualization

ASP.NET 1.1/ 2.0/ 3.0/ 3.5

Website panel/ Plesk panel

99.9% uptime

Business Growth

Tactics to make your business grow

If you choose a Windows VPS server, you get the benefit of having several features that are required to host your project. Because of its outstanding features, it is extremely safe, secure and reliable.

It guarantees speed, reliability, and power. KVM virtualization runs remotely on every system thus, ensuring privacy to each customer/ user. It is very easy to use and requires no extra knowledge or code. You can run all your applications all day long, all through the year and access them from anywhere.

Some sites offer very prominent VPS that are renowned to work efficiently even as cash servers. Such servers can support dual CPU along with up to 8GB of core memory.

You can install the server by using the pre-defined configurations or ask for customer support if you need to customize a few features.

VPS are available under different packages and plans. So if your business has to function all year round, you can opt for the annual plan. There are even monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual plans available.


Ideastack offers Virtual Private servers that take care of all your needs, you just need to be able to identify them correctly and choose the right option for your business.

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Benefits of employing Windows VPS services at reasonable rates

VPS Servers

VPS Server

VPS servers have gained popularity because of the advantages it is posing for web-hosting needs  VPS refers to the virtual private server which acts like a physical server in a virtual way giving the same features as the physical server would. It works with a definite number of resources allowing you to scale up your resources as per your requirements. So with VPS hosting, you can actually seek advantages of a physical server in a much cheaper way.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, Windows VPS is considered to be the most effective because of the added features and performance it offers. Windows VPS runs on the OS of Microsoft developed windows OS which ultimately justifies its quality. It possesses some important advantages as follows:-

Microsoft has focused on developing Windows VPS in a newly upgraded, user-friendly way which can give better solutions and compact performance on a cheaper investment.

Affordable Windows VPS can also be a beneficial tool for those who need ASP or net technology.

Microsoft has been in this market since a very long time and now they have a perfect idea of what their customers really wants. They develop their systems accordingly and make sure to give proper assistance to their buyers regarding their usage. This makes easy for the buyers of Windows VPS to use it with better knowledge and enhance its productivity.

Windows VPS at cheaper rates could benefit you with extra features like faster updates, better support services, reliable performance rates, etc at just minimal costs.

Windows VPS uses only the Windows software and Windows functions which makes your VPS having better quality and assured performance fulfilling all your web hosting needs.

Windows VPS is also supportive with the security measure and other security tools posing no risk to your database and ensuring minimal data breaching chances.

Windows VPS


Therefore getting Windows VPS at affordable rates can be a big boon to your web hosting needs as you get the assistance Microsoft features which give you an interface being easy to use having the settings and icons which are familiar and simple to understand.

Windows VPS also offers you a flexible option to scale up your operations easily. It also comes with some in-built features which are specially developed to benefit business transactions. It offers a wide array of functions that allows you to carry out in-depth customization effectively.

You should never leave a chance of getting Windows VPS at cheaper rates. Ideastack is one of those brands offering effective services of Windows VPS at cheaper rates. 

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Importance of Cpanel in Terms of VPS Server

VPS Server

Virtual Private Servers are the best choice for the individuals who are worn out on conflicting shared server execution yet would not settle on committed hosting. In VPS hosting the assets of servers are part into virtual servers, and after that the split virtual servers begin to work unreservedly. In all cases VPS server has created as a standout amongst the most prevalent, powerful, moderate answer for countless proprietors. There are two sorts of VPS hosting administrations for clients Managed and unmanaged.

Managed VPS is immaculate answer for the individuals who don’t ready to handle server related specialized issues. In any case, it is essential that the control of disjoin ought to be in safe hand and specialized help for separate is running round the clock. This is best for little business client however for substantial and e-trade related business it’s impractical to giving control of server close by of outsider.

Managed VPS

There are numerous mainstream control board stages are Cpanel, Gnupanel, DirectAdmin, Hsphere, ehcp, Webmin and plesk but before picking any one, client must be extremely watchful in light of the fact that it characterize server appearance and perceivability of the site.
When contrasted with other control board, VPS is generally perfect. As indicated by the specialists view, Cpanel is best to manage VPS in light of the fact that it gives more advantageous and less demanding server administration. It may be anything but difficult to utilize various running gadgets of choice which incorporate UNIX and Linux by utilizing Cpanel.

Cpanel vps hosting is referred to amongst its clients as getting to be famous. A best aspect regarding Cpanel is that it’s easy to understand and exceedingly natural interface those permits client to effectively explore the critical capacities by utilizing the symbols and menus of the control board.

Unmanaged VPS

Cpanel VPS hosting by Ideastack is reasonable for all financial plans stage and business. This is truly exceptionally plausible as a result of the Cpanel virtual private servers usability with respect to the oversee board and its general adaptability. This control board additionally gives larger amount of security, particularly concerning delicate information and client exchanges. It likewise offers expanded stacking and downloading velocities to site.

The considerable news about Cpanel virtual server hosting is that there are numerous sites that may be ideal for best servers hosting administrations. For the most part Features and offers which they give could be extraordinary to settling on the choices all through for picking unmanaged VPS hosting.

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