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Recent trends for webhosting in 2018

Posted by shazim on 19 10 2018. 0 Comments

With lots of advancements taking place in the field of technology and e-commerce, need and requirements of web hosting service are advancing too. This is leading the power of web hosting to emerge continuously. Individuals and organizations are planning to go web-based because of the world getting digitalized. With this…



Posted by zaheer ameer on 09 06 2018. 0 Comments

REMEMBER THIS? The difference between the speeds of hard drives and SSD is about the same as between them and floppy disks. So, what happened when I tried to access different files from the drive at the same time? Yes, things got worse. Right? And now imagine that there are diskettes in…


Magento hosting :Advantages of magento hosting.

Posted by shazim on 26 05 2017. 0 Comments

  Ever thought of opening your own e-commece ? Well with the leatest technology and resources anyone can start a e-commerce business of your own. There are many options out there on which you can start your own business . But as a beginner a person may not need that much…


Developmental tools for WordPress which are good

Posted by shazim on 25 03 2017. 0 Comments

There is a large variety of tools at your disposal, when it comes to Wordpress. Many people like to know about development tools because WordPress has expanded far past being just a blogging platform; it’s now a full on CMS a platform for developers. Take a look at these development tools…


Common Issues faced in Blog Hosting

Posted by shazim on 20 03 2017. 0 Comments

SLOW MOVING BLOG Hosting is vital to any website or online entity. If you don’t have great hosting, you’ll struggle to get any type of success out of your blog.There is nothing more annoying than doing a Google search, finding what sounds like the perfect article and clicking on it just…


How To Create Reseller Account in WHM

Posted by shazim on 27 12 2016. 0 Comments

STEP 1:- You must have a VPS server with root WHM to do this and Login to WHM the page is look like.     STEP 2:- In search box right create and then click the Create a New Account link.     STEP 3:- Fill in the information as normal, then scroll to the Reseller…


Reseller Hosting – Profits of Reseller Hosting Options

Posted by shazim on 15 10 2016. 0 Comments

Reseller hosting is the web hosting project or administration which re packages the administrations that are accessible from the essential suppliers or the genuine web has. Reseller hosting can be an individual or business making utilization of web servers and data transfer capacity of higher level host and afterward exchanges…


Shared Hosting Service- Incorporating Technological Growth

Posted by shazim on 24 09 2016. 0 Comments

Mechanical advancements throughout the years have prompted the wide utilization of the web and the development of e-trade. The procedure which includes electronic exchange of business basic information and data crosswise over land separations utilizes the servers and altered IT framework, cell phones and cell phones over the organized environment…


Empower Your Website With Low Cost vps Hosting Plans

Posted by shazim on 24 08 2016. 0 Comments

In the focused ecommerce time, business efforts incline toward vps Server for their site’s hosting prerequisites. Minimal effort vps hosting arrangements are accessible with every single fundamental element and qualities, which are significant for the development of your business. Minimal effort vps arrangements are superior to anything shared Server since…


DDoS Protection Is It Really Necessary

Posted by shazim on 11 08 2016. 0 Comments

With regards to ensuring your online information, organizations can never be excessively mindful. As per a study led in 2010 by Sophos, a site page is hacked at regular intervals. Programmers will dependably be around; in any case, it is the site proprietor’s duty to give first class security to…