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Monthly: February 2017

Joomla Hosting . What is it all about

Posted by shazim on 27 02 2017. 0 Comments

Meaning – To understand what exactly it does first we have to know its basic meaning or defination . In simple words we can say that joomla is a Content Management System through which the users can manage websites and can also build powerful apps . Its popularity and reasons behind it…


Introduction VPS Web hosting and what makes it special

Posted by shazim on 23 02 2017. 0 Comments

Introduction :- VPS services are gaining control with a decent pace , regards the great deal it offers . In VPS one can enjoy a model of dedicated service at a lower cost . It is basically a hybrid model of shared and dedicated service where a virtual boundary is created…


DDOS Protection help you to defend server from attackers

Posted by shazim on 20 02 2017. 0 Comments

As the time is passing and techonolgy is emerging the loopholes or security threat is turning out to be a strong point for concern . Many remains clueless as the methods for breach of securities are evolving at a high pace . It is always dependant on who holds the…


Detail information about Dedicated Servers

Posted by shazim on 19 02 2017. 0 Comments

A Web server is a program that uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to serve the files that form Web pages to users, in response to their requests, which are forwarded by their computers’ HTTP clients. Dedicated computers and appliances may be referred to as Web servers as well. So, what is…


Difference between Windows VPS Cloud Hosting and Linux VPS Cloud Hosting

Posted by shazim on 17 02 2017. 0 Comments

Using VPS for web hosting is rising up currently and become a famous means to run websites amongst businesses and other entities.Before VPS, websites were hosted using a dedicated server, a piece of hardware that provided all the resources the business needed, including storage and access to programs, files, and…


Ideastack Offers Host Based Backup

Posted by shazim on 13 02 2017. 0 Comments

Host-based backup, mostly comes in two types, known as Agentless Backup and Agent-based Backup is a new whir in the field of data recovery. People usually know the agents as small applications installed in the host sever to run particular functions in a specific manner. These applications (agents) are installed…


How to Change Process Priority using Linux Nice and Renice

Posted by shazim on 07 02 2017. 0 Comments

In a Linux system, there are hundred’s of processes, that are continuously running diffrents tasks. Linux Kernel does a fantastic job in mediating between these processes and allotting CPU to these processes. Every running process in Linux has a priority assigned to it.We can change the process priority using nice and…