Unmetered Dedicated Servers remain an attractive option

Hosting ServicesWith Ideastack, we’re always here to lend a hand to you in making the accurate decisions and we permit our customers to fully modify their hosting needs at any time. Adding to full modification, we’re also happy to offer Unmetered Dedicated Servers, which offer hosting with no boundaries on your periodical bandwidth usage.

After it all comes down to Dedicated Server, you have apparently everlasting options to deem. Beginning selecting how much bandwidth you need to end up deciding on the storage space type that’s right for you, there are a group of decisions that require to be made when choosing your perfect hosting package.

Unmetered Dedicated Server

For example, if you’re operating an online trade and blog, you don’t need to fret about cutting back on the applications you use or the number of files you crowd simply due to concern about bandwidth. Frequent times, this type of hosting ends up being the perfect alternative for gamers and website owners whose bandwidth needs can be impulsive. By selecting Unmetered Hosting from Ideastack, you can keep a bundle of money and take pleasure in several additional benefits in the process.

And when you don’t have to be watchful of your bandwidth usage, you can optimize the functionality of your site, eCommerce store, blog, gaming server, or any other stage for which you’re making use of on your unmetered hosting package.

Data Storage Space

First of all, when you choose unmetered hosting, you by no means have to fret about overusing the bandwidth space or being charged overages for by more than your monthly share. This means you have the suppleness to use a good deal of bandwidth as you need in either aptitude best suits you.

Points to keep in mind for choosing the cheapest dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

A need for owning a dedicated server has become a necessity for not only large or expanding organizations but small and medium organizations as well. To gain entire control of a server, people generally opt for dedicated servers to be the best option. But most often, generally, for small and budget-constrained organizations, it becomes costlier exceeding their expenditure plans. But they can also not avoid the inherent risks their website may experience because of shared dedicated servers.

Therefore, from the recent researches and statistics measured, it can be seen that there are a lot of companies providing dedicated servers at cheaper rates so that it could be affordable for the budget-constrained organizations as well.


 It’s your smartness and awareness to spot out the best service provider providing dedicated servers at cheaper rates. To develop this sense of smartness, we are ascertaining some beneficial points that could help you land on the cheapest dedicated server suiting your budgets.

Have deep research before the market  Firstly, you need to be certain about what your budget is and make a list of what all companies will suit the best to your proportionate budget

Making this list could only be beneficial if you have a piece of proper and comprehensive knowledge about the market and you choose the most efficient service provider giving you the maximum of productive services at minimum possible prices. Also, make sure that services accorded as cheap or just using the term cheap for spam or to attract new customers should be determined.

Prefer those dedicated servers which are safe, reliable, stable and can be easily controlled

Data is the most valuable asset for any web-based company and its security should be the most important concern. You should not just accept the services being named cheap or subscribe for a cheaper package that could put your data’s security into dungeons of getting leaked. 

You should ensure that the service provider avails you secured services with a blender of stability. Therefore, it is important to go for that server which can easily be managed, having an easy and optimized operating system. Always choose those dedicated servers which are cheap and provides wider bandwidth space

 bandwidth space

Having a wide bandwidth space aids at accelerating the speed at which your web pages get loaded. Most of the search engines like Google ranks most of those websites higher which can be easily accessible. Therefore it is important to choose that appropriate package containing wide bandwidth at cheaper rates.


Keeping in mind the above points, you can figure out some of the cheapest providers in your list. We are sure that we are going to be one of those providers as we here at IDEASTACK provide you with some of the quality servers at an affordable and reasonable cost.

Our pricing gets added benefits of our effective services which comes out to be a fruitful and beneficial solution for your cheap dedicated server search.

Email troubleshoot in WHM

1-Log into WHM and write “Mail Troubleshooter” in the search box and press enter. Click on Mail Troubleshooter


2- Write your email id in the blank text box and click on the submit button.


3- Process to troubleshooting will start. Wait for error messages. If you do not find anything, then there Are no problems from the server side.

  If you need any help then you can contact us are available 24/7.

R1soft Backup Manager

R1Soft Server Backup Manager is a near-continuous backup application for Windows and Linux servers. R1Soft allows for backup of both physical and virtual devices. The software provides user scheduled near continuous disk-based online backups for one or more Windows or Linux servers. Each time a user scheduled backup is performed.

Individual files inside of a disk image can be restored to their original location or an alternate computer.


In the R1 soft Server panel, we can add up to the total size of HDD available in the R1soft backup manager.

In that panel, it very easy to add Windows or Linux machine, just see the below.

You can access all of the functions you need to manage your users by clicking Users in the Main menu which is under Setting option.


We can schedule back as per our requirement, in that panel we can set automatic backup generator, this panel includes Policy. Once the backup is done successfully and we want to take again backup pf same machine, this panel has an incremental backup process.

Just click on backup now, it will start incremental backup for that machine.

Advantage of R1Soft Backup Manager:


  • This panel starts taking backup of a particular machine block by block, Either it’s Linux or Windows
  • With the help of this R1soft Backup manager, we can restore a single file from Recovery point to the destination point, where you want to restore.
  • We can download a particular file or folder which is already backup was taken in or which is present in the recovery point.
  • It provides better security for Data.
  • We can restore the whole machine into a new machine with the same data as per your requirement.
  • It will generate a new machine with the same data, which was already in the Old machine.
  • Its like true Copy of the old machine.
  • Its provide the log for all machine when you getting any error while connecting to that machine, which you want to take a backup, it provides the whole log of error, when the machine did not connect with Agent.
  • If any running process goes cancel, it also provides the reason for cancellation, a log will appear in the Log option.

Why should we use R1soft Backup Manager?

R1Soft takes a slightly different approach to server backup than most traditional backup companies. While traditional, incremental backup products allow you to backup your data at the file level, Server Backup Manager (SBM) enables you to perform backups at the block level.

• Easy-to-use web-based control panel

Easy-to-use web-based control panel

Bare-Metal Restore (BMR) for full server restores
Support for both Linux and Windows
7-daily recovery points & SQL protection

• File Include/Exclude Option available

File Include_Exclude Option available

The best thing about R1soft Back Manager, it has the option of file include/exclude, It’s very helpful when we start tacking back up of the machine.

If the HDD of R1soft backup manager low then we can take the only backup of our important file also.

• Fewer Performance Issues

Fewer Performance Issues

One major advantage of bypassing the file system is that there is no penalty on backup performance for having a large number of files. The backup application never looks at files and doesn’t care how many files there are on a server.

Block-level backups start by taking a snapshot of the live running volume. The block-level data is then read from the snapshot, rather than the actual disk. This allows the backup to run in harmony with your file system, rather than taxing your servers and causing performance issues for hours on end.

• Easy File Restores

Easy File Restores

While not every block-level backup solution could do this, but our block-level technology can read files and file attributes from raw disk blocks in a platform-independent fashion. That means that R1Soft’s Server Backup Manager doesn’t have to rely on the operating system when it’s reading the data.

Not only does this allow you to backup both Windows and Linux servers, but it also allows you to perform cross-platform file restores. Making your restores O.S.-agnostic gives you the flexibility to restore files out of block-based backup done on a Linux server to a Windows server and visa-versa.

Other applications require that you set up your NFS or CIFS share for the backup application to store and read backup data from. R1Soft has its network protocol for moving the files and block data so you don’t have to configure a network file system.

• Faster and More Efficient

Faster and More Efficient

The file system is responsible for keeping track of the tree or hierarchy of files. In doing so, it stores files in neat little fixed-size blocks on the disk. Unfortunately, files can be located on blocks that are scattered all across the disk.

Because of this, backup applications that read data at the file level are forced to jump all around the disk and traverse the directory tree just to find all of the files eligible for backup. This tends to be a very fragmented, convoluted process that causes the disk to spend as much time, if not more, searching for the correct information instead of reading the data.

Voiding that unnecessary search party goes a long way in shortening your backup window and making the whole backup process that much more predictable.

• Backup your data securely with Crucial

Backup your data securely with Crucial

Dedicated server and VPS customers of Crucial can back up their data safely and securely with R1Soft Backups.

R1Soft Backup works by taking a full server backup, then incremental or ‘changed-file’ backups each night, thus creating 7 daily recovery points. The advantage of R1Soft Backup over the typical FTP or image backup is the ability to login to the R1Soft Backup control panel via a web interface and browse & restore individual files or folders.

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Why does your Small Business need a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is used mainly because it is the best option available for people carrying out their website businesses on a large scale but by this article, we will also get to know how it is useful to small scale businesses as well.

A small business generally uses a shared server probably to save some money but if the profit generated by you is high enough, you can opt for a dedicated server. A small business does not necessarily mean less traffic, sometimes the result will be different.

For a small business, running an e-commerce site can be a time consuming and complicated task, particularly if the business does not have the budget and physical resources to properly manage the e-commerce site. To avoid such issues with an e-commerce site, small businesses are choosing dedicated servers.

Cheap Dedicated Server India

A small but emerging website can make a mistake here by choosing a shared server because this type of server is often prone to downtime and if this happens you may lose out a few of your visitors, which as an emerging business will trouble you the most.

A website should be highly responsive and should react quickly to customer’s request which can be done by the Dedicated Server more efficiently as compared to the Shared Server simply due to resources available.

A Managed dedicated server provides you with all of these services and will also guarantee you of the best server uptime guarantee. Choosing a hosting company with a strong history of positive feedbacks should be the first step of an emerging website’s owner. A well managed dedicated server will erase from your mind that the myth of a small website cannot make big money. 

In other hosting options, there is a limited potential that a server controlled software will be provided but in a dedicated server you can add customized software packages, sets and you are completely free to add as per your requirement. There are absolutely no restrictions regarding the use of customized e-commerce software packages and background processes.

Dedicated servers often have the option of providing you with a data backup service for an extra fee. This is possible for dedicated servers but rarely for shared hosting packages.

Shared Hosting

As your business will grow and emerge you may feel the resources available to you are not fulfilling your requirements. With a Shared Host, you can update only disk space and nothing else but in a Dedicated Server, you can update pretty much everything like RAM, hard drive, processor, bandwidth, etc.

This, in turn, will improve the quality of the experience of your user when the user visits your site, this can be very beneficial as the sales and visitors will start to increase.

Data Backup

In a shared server, security may be a concern to you as everyone will have access to the machine but in a dedicated server, there is no such pressure. It provides you with a hardware firewall which will increase the amount of your security

Mostly a dedicated server performs its tasks through the automation process and also solves minor problems automatically. But you have to have a fair amount of technical knowledge and expertise in this field of server administration to run your dedicated server smoothly, if not then it would be advisable to opt for a managed dedicated server to avail all these benefits from a dedicated server offers.

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