How To Create Reseller Account in WHM

How To Create Reseller Account in WHM

STEP 1:- You must have a VPS server with root WHM to do this and Login to WHM the page is

look like.


STEP 2:- In search box right create and then click the Create a New Account link.


STEP 3:- Fill in the information as normal, then scroll to the Reseller Settings section

and Check the box for “Make the account a Reseller”.


Click the Create button and you are done.

STEP 4:- After that you can search Privileges and then go to Edit Reseller Name

servers and Privileges


Click the Submit button then you will get new page like this



Click on all check box to access all the services.


After that you click on SAVE ALL SETTING and the reseller account has been done.

Last Edited: 25/04/2020

How To Create Reseller Account In WHM
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How To Create Reseller Account In WHM
Reseller hosting provides a major advantage to those hiring reseller plans. You acquire your rate structure as well as gain access to all of the resources for your new individual web address. If you’re an entrepreneur starting on your own, this is a great way to feature your business online without the expenses involved.
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