Don’t Let Corona Virus Affect Your Business Productivity

With recent global pandemic of corona virus many companies around the world have asked their employees to work from home until the virus is contained. As per Reports 54% of Indian companies lack resources to allow work from home To over come this situation Idea-stack provides you the best solution to monitor your Work From employee

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    Setup A Perfect Environment And Track All Work From Home Employees Now With Ideastack's Best VDI Cloud Infrastructure Solution Starts At Just ₹ 350/user/month

    Our Features

    Screenshots At Regular Interval

    View detailed browsing history for each website & users activity as series of screenshots.

    Employee Internet Tracking

    View their internet history,including social media, search history and other websites.

    Dedicated Admin Panel

    View PC activity reports for all computers and users on a single admin dashboard.

    Monitor Program Usage

    With this feature you know what applications and for how long your users run during the day.

    Protect Your Company From Fraudulent Activity

    With access to every detail you can protect your company from fraudulent activity.

    Track Employee Attendance

    Time tracking of employees sessions for accurate attendance reports.

    Protect Your Company From Insider Threat

    Employees often have access to sensitive personal information.

    Email Reports

    Get a detailed email report of your users activity.

    Don't Let Your Company's Performance Go Down During Pandemic.