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    2 vCPU2 GB50 GBWin license and Anti virus1 User$18/Mo
    2 vCPU4 GB75 GBWin license and Anti virus2 Users$25/Mo
    4 vCPU8 GB100 GBWin license and Anti virus4 Users$40/Mo
    6 vCPU16 GB200 GBWin license and Anti virus8 Users$70/Mo
    8 vCPU32 GB300 GBWin license and Anti virus12 Users$110/Mo

    Boost Your Business Productivity With Our Latest Generation Cloud PC Technology

    Features of our Cloud Desktop services

    Per-user per-month pricing – turn users on and off, month by month.

    Customized Software for departments.

    Secure storage in tier 3 data centers.

    Supports 99% of Windows published applications.

    Files and data are backed up at regular intervals.

    Full flexible specification to increase user subscriptions as you grow.

    Much more affordable than a traditional desktop.

    Now Replace Your Old And Slow Desktop With Our Superfast Cloud Desktop As A Service

    Benefits of Implementing Cloud Desktop to your Organization


    Consumers now have access to applications that would not usually have been open to them, such as software packages based on Windows on a Mac on Devices such as mobile devices, laptops. Accessibility users now have expanded due to cloud virtual pc.

    Less Bandwidth

    One of the advantages of desktop on the cloud is that you have a limited amount of bandwidth to use. The cloud desktop would host all the data that will typically exist on a user's device on a central server that would help to consume less bandwidth.

    Cost Efficiency

    It is relatively clear that Cloud desktop generates so much cost-efficiency. You just have to install updates and patches on your super admin computer . This helps your organization’s IT support department to focus on more important issues instead of engaging in daily software issues for every computer in the office.

    Access Workforce Mobility

    One of Cloud desktop's most important benefits is that users can access their workstations from all types of devices, from smartphones and iPads to laptops and out-of-office desktops. It increases mobility and reduces the learning curve for employees.

    VDI Progress With Better Graphics

    The image quality now is better because of features such as graphic acceleration. Cloud desktop user interface has been greatly enhanced, and graphics acceleration can be applied to further enhance the quality.

    Data Backup

    We take care of your critical data. The data is backed up without the chance of losing any information. This decreases costs and allows daily backups to be carried out.


    You don’t have to get the most powerful laptop or desktop to do all that processing, because the server is doing that processing work you can simply login to your desktop or any other device, and you can use the Cloud virtual desktop machine.

    Set Hierarchical Access

    You can provide different level of access to employees this provide organization to set barriers for monitoring and controlling.

    Data Security

    When stored on the server, data is better protected than on individual devices. This helps a firm secure the data and reduce the risk that viruses could corrupt the files.

    Cloud Desktop FAQ
    What is the difference between VDI and Cloud?

    Virtualized desktop infrastructure is renting the whole server and Cloud desktop is purchasing a part of a server for a small number of employees.

    Where is my data stored?

    Your data is stored in a centralized server.

    How to start with Ideastack's virtual cloud desktop?

    Select the plans according to your requirement and choose the application & amount of users you need. We will setup a server & deploy it within 24 hours.

    What operating system do you support?

    We support all types of an operating systems for the server.

    Can I purchase a whole server?

    Yes, you can purchase the whole server as per your customized server specification.


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