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Monthly: June 2019

Things to Look for in Cheap Shared Web Hosting

Posted by shazim on 12 06 2019. 0 Comments

Cheap shared web hosting is the best choice for the startups and small businesses. When your business is new, you should be able to manage with limited resources and space. However, it is important you must be ready to upgrade immediately when you feel that your business is growing and you are experiencing server crashes…

How can Linux servers be an efficient choice for your business?

Posted by shazim on 06 06 2019. 0 Comments

Linux servers have been a popular choice for most of the businesses because of its efficient and effective services. Linux along with Windows servers have been considered widely because of the uncommon additional benefits they offer. Linux servers are known as the high-power variant of the Linux open source operating…

How to install RAID 10 in centos7?

Posted by shazim on 03 06 2019. 0 Comments

How to install RAID 10 in centos7? Once you done with other setting go to INSTALLATION DESTINATION Select all disks present on the system for raid 10 minimum 4 disks required. If re-installing operating system having RAID configured before go to How to reinstall RAID? Select I will configure partition Click here to create…