How To Create VPS on KVM Virtualizor

Create Storage


Before creating any VMs, its necessary to define your storage.

Navigate to Virtualizor Admin Panel -> Storage -> Add Storage

Linux vps

Create IP pool


Before creating any VMs, its necessary to define your IP Pool..

Navigate to Virtualizor Admin Panel -> IP pool -> Create IP pool

Windows vps

Step for create new VPS

Prerequisite :

Check the SPACE, Memory, Load(should be less than 9) of the server where you need to create new VPS.

Steps given Below :

Step1: Log in into virtualizor

Step2:  Create or select user account

1. If new user then Fill the user Email, Password, first name  and last name in user details

2. If already exist then select user_name in user field.

Step3:  Select Operating system

1. If you want to create linux then select OS under  Operating_system option.

2. If you want to create windows  then select OS under ISO option.

Step4: Give the hostname of the server . ( eg:- server.ABC.com)

Step5: Set the vps root password. (optional)

Step6: Assign the free ip address

Step7: Enter server specification amount (As per customer plan)

  1. Disk Space (eg. 20gb) and select appropriate HDD .
  2. Guaranteed RAM (eg. 4000 mb)
  3. Swap RAM (as per requirement but we are set to Zero)
  4. Bandwidth ( eg. 1000 GB)
  5. Network Speed ( 0 for unlimited)
  6. CPU Units ( eg. 1024 units)
  7. CPU Cores ( eg. 4)
  8. CPU % ( eg. 40%)

Step8:  Tick the option VNC ( Must )

Step 9:  Under network setting

  1. Tick the option Bandwidth suspend
  2. Virtual Network Interface Type ( Intel E1000 for Rabale and realtek 8139 for rest of all)
  3. DNS Nameservers ( && )

Step 10: Under Advanced option

  1. Disk Caching ( writeback )
  2. OS Reinstall Limit  ( 0 for unlimited)

Step 11: Select add virtual server

Last Edited: 06/05/2020

 How to install KVM Virtualizor

  1. CentOS 5.x / 6.x / 7.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x / 6.x or Scientific Linux 5.x /  6.x or Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04(x86_64)
  2. yum / apt-get
  3. Storage to create the VPS disks

Step1: –> Take putty of the hardware server

Step2:–> Download and Install virtualizor

  1. wget  http://files.virtualizor.com/install.sh
  2. chmod 0755 install.sh
  3. ./install.sh [email protected] kernel=kvm           //put any email address

Step3: –> Reboot the server (# init 6)

Step4: –> Once rebooted.  Restart the virtualizor service on server

# /etc/init.d/virtnetwork restart      ——> in centos 6

# service libvirtd restart                      ——> in centos 7

Step5–> Check and put network interface for the server

  1. Open Virtualizor in browser
  2. Go to

Configuration-> Master setting -> network interface -> network_interface_name

  1. Save the configuration

Step6: –> Done

Step7: –>  Check firewall service and enable virtualizor port.

# service iptables stop ( For centos 6)

# Systemctl stop firewalld.service   (For centos7)

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Last Edited: 06/05/2020