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Monthly: March 2017

Developmental tools for WordPress which are good

Posted by shazim on 25 03 2017. 0 Comments

There is a large variety of tools at your disposal, when it comes to Wordpress. Many people like to know about development tools because WordPress has expanded far past being just a blogging platform; it’s now a full on CMS a platform for developers. Take a look at these development tools…

What type of hosting is the best for WordPress Sites?

Posted by shazim on 23 03 2017. 0 Comments

When you consider running a WordPress site, you also have to take into consideration what type of hosting is going to work best for your site. There are numerous options to choose from and that makes a hard for you to select the right one. Choosing the perfect hosting fit will…

Common Issues faced in Blog Hosting

Posted by shazim on 20 03 2017. 0 Comments

SLOW MOVING BLOG Hosting is vital to any website or online entity. If you don’t have great hosting, you’ll struggle to get any type of success out of your blog.There is nothing more annoying than doing a Google search, finding what sounds like the perfect article and clicking on it just…

VPS vs Shared hosting : What is the difference ?

Posted by shazim on 16 03 2017. 0 Comments

Choosing a right web host according to your needs is quite important but at a same time it is not easy to choose from variety of hosting options out there . In this article we will compare shared hosting service with VPS to figure out some specific differences between them and…

Why small business needs dedicated server

Posted by shazim on 14 03 2017. 0 Comments

A dedicated server is used mainly because it is the best option available for people carrying out their website businesses on a large scale but by this article we will also get to know how it is useful to small scale businesses as well . A small business generally use shared…