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How to Change Process Priority using Linux Nice and Renice

Posted by shazim on 07 02 2017. 0 Comments

In a Linux system, there are hundred’s of processes, that are continuously running diffrents tasks. Linux Kernel does a fantastic job in mediating between these processes and allotting CPU to these processes.Every running process in Linux has a priority assigned to it.We can change the process priority using nice and…


How to generate SSH key and add to the ssh agent?

Posted by shazim on 26 01 2017. 0 Comments

As we know all time we access the ssh of any system by using the username and password so we can avoid this by adding the ssh to agent system.if you don’t want to re enter the password of ssh then add your key to the ssh agent.Step1: Open ssh…


How SAR command work in LINUX VPS

Posted by shazim on 21 01 2017. 0 Comments

SAR stands for System Activity Report, as its name suggest sar command is used to collect,report & save CPU, Memory, I/O usage in Unix like operating system. SAR command produce the reports on the fly and can also save the reports in the log files as well.This article explains how…


How to create account in WHM panel or C Panel

Posted by shazim on 20 01 2017. 0 Comments

Log in to Webhost Manager (WHM) using root as username and server password at IP: 2086. In the Home section, click Account Functions then click on create a new account.  Next step will be by clicking t create new Account fill all the details like Domain, Username, password and the email Id.   Create…


How to Start/Stop/Reset IIS in Windows vps 2008 r2 or How to solve “HTTP Error 404 – File or Directory not found” error

Posted by shazim on 17 01 2017. 0 Comments

We can easily Start/Stop/Reset IIS in Windows vps and also get solve “HTTP Error 404 – File or Directory not found” error by following below steps. 1 ) Login in your Window Server with Proper Login id and Password . 2 ) Open Command promt with Run as Administrator , its shown…


How To Create Reseller Account in WHM

Posted by shazim on 27 12 2016. 0 Comments

STEP 1:- You must have a VPS server with root WHM to do this and Login to WHM the page islook like.  STEP 2:- In search box right create and then click the Create a New Account link.  STEP 3:- Fill in the information as normal, then scroll to the Reseller…


Reseller Hosting – Profits of Reseller Hosting Options

Posted by shazim on 15 10 2016. 0 Comments

Reseller hosting is the web hosting project or administration which re packages the administrations that are accessible from the essential suppliers or the genuine web has. Reseller hosting can be an individual or business making utilization of web servers and data transfer capacity of higher level host and afterward exchanges…


Introduction to Cheap Windows VPS

Posted by shazim on 04 10 2016. 0 Comments

Windows VPS means Windows Virtual Private Server. When you select a Windows VPS server, you get the most secure stage to dispatch your site. Separate organizations give the Windows hosting bundles that address the issues of clients. They are useful for the clients who have totally remote get to and…


Shared Hosting Service- Incorporating Technological Growth

Posted by shazim on 24 09 2016. 0 Comments

Mechanical advancements throughout the years have prompted the wide utilization of the web and the development of e-trade. The procedure which includes electronic exchange of business basic information and data crosswise over land separations utilizes the servers and altered IT framework, cell phones and cell phones over the organized environment…


VPS Server and Its Hosting

Posted by shazim on 10 09 2016. 0 Comments

Virtual private server alludes to an arrangement of machines, which permits its part to utilize distinctive servers to run diverse social net work sites and work with them. The term is generally utilized with the end goal of running delicate products on to the PC. When one PC is connected…