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How to allow multiple Remote desktop session in windows server 2008?

Posted by on 22 05 2015. 0 Comments

In windows server 2003 you can make multiple remote desktop session with the same user but in server 2008 it is not possible. If you will try to login with same user account it will be taken by second session. But by changing a registry key, we can allow multiple Remote Desktop…


SEO hosting is the right choice for any webmasters

Posted by shazim on 18 05 2015. 0 Comments

Now days are gone by and the technology is getting changed in the fastest way.Today which is the latest and most updated is replaced by another new device and the space of time between them is very short.So if we consider SEO host is the most updated and is would…


How to add MX record in Cpanel?

Posted by on 15 05 2015. 0 Comments

Mx Record: Mx record is the type of DNS record which is known as Mail Exchanger.MX record is resposible to send and recieve the the mail. The MX record st to point canonical hostname. the hostname has another record which is known as “A(Address)” record.the A record of server is handling the…


How to add addon domain in cpanel?

Posted by on 14 05 2015. 0 Comments

Addon Domain: The addon domain service in cpanl is provide to add new and unique website in a new folder on your account. so you can add several domains from one control panel. Now please follow the steps to to add the addon domain on cpanel: Step 1: Login into cpanel with “root” user. Step…


How to setup CWP(CentOS Web Panel)?

Posted by on 13 05 2015. 0 Comments

CWP: CWP is known as CentOS web panel which provide the web access form anywhere in the world.It similar to cpanel which provide graphical interface on web. It made to use linux easily. CWP is designed to use easily and for easy management. Now, we will learn how to setup Cent OS…


How to configure telnet server in Linux?

Posted by on 06 05 2015. 0 Comments

Telnet: Telnet server is used to login into another system. You can use the telnet command to log in remotely to another system on your network. The system can be on your local area network or available through an Internet connection. Telnet operates as if you were logging in to another system from…


How To Install Postfix on CentOS 6 ?

Posted by on 04 05 2015. 0 Comments

About Postfix Postfix is free open source Mail Transfer Agent which works to route and deliver email. Please follow the steps to install the Postfix: Step 1: First of install postfix on centos [[email protected] ~]# yum -y install postfix Step 2: Edit the main file of the postfix [[email protected] ~]# vi /etc/postfix/main.cf # line 70: uncomment and…


How to add a DNS Zone in Cpanel?

Posted by on 27 04 2015. 0 Comments

DNS ZONE: A DNS zone is any distinct, contiguous portion of the domain name space in the Domain Name System (DNS) for which administrative responsibility has been delegated to a single manager. Steps: Step 1. Login to WHM Step 2: Go to DNS function Step 3: Click on add zone   Step 4: Under the domain selection,…


What is LVM and how to create it on Cent Os?

Posted by on 25 04 2015. 0 Comments

LVM: LVM is a tool for logical volume management which includes allocating disks, striping, mirroring and resizing logical volumes.With LVM, a hard drive or set of hard drives is allocated to one or more physical volumes. The physical volumes are combined into logical volumes, with the exception of the /boot/ partition. The /boot/partition cannot…


OpenVZ commands and its Usages.

Posted by on 25 04 2015. 0 Comments

OpenVZ: OpenVZ  is an operating system-level virtualization technology based on the Linux operating system.OpenVZ allows a physical server to run multiple isolated operating system called  virtual private servers. Commands :   1. Command to list the running VPS list # vzlist Example: # vzlist CTID NPROC STATUS IP_ADDR HOSTNAME 106 104 running xx.xx.xx.xx server1.test.com 107 46 running xx.xx.xx.xx server2.test.com 108 83…