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5 Things You Need to Know About Managed Colocation

Posted by shazim on 09 01 2018. 0 Comments

Apart from growth, CEO’s cite investing in technology is their maximum precedence for the next few years. 31% of CEO’s said new goods and technology is their major focus. This is the highest answer in favour of IT in the history of the Gartner CEO Survey.But for business owners and…


Why Your Company Needs a Managed Virtual Server

Posted by shazim on 08 01 2018. 0 Comments

Each month, many firms spend endless money hosting servers in their own office. This includes things like purchasing servers, replacing components, power cooling costs, and having staff onsite to interfere during an outage. That’s money that you could be spending somewhere else .Think of what else you could do with…


3 Clever Ways to Offer Live Support to Your WordPress Site Visitors

Posted by shazim on 05 01 2018. 0 Comments

When building a site to connect your clients, you actually desire it to be able to cooperate with them. Certain, convincing words, pretty photos, and amusing videos can offer a lot of reasons for individuals to visit your site, but what happens when they need to communicate or get to…


Reasons to Make Your VPS Servers DDoS-Protected

Posted by shazim on 29 12 2017. 0 Comments

Besides the problem for customers that are not able to access the website, there are many other damaging consequences. DDoS threats can culminate in lethal cyber crimes. Activities like virus activation, virus attacks, network breaches, thefts etc can all occur because of these attacks. One of the biggest threats is…


Everything You Need To Know About Encryption

Posted by shazim on 20 12 2017. 0 Comments

When it comes to computing, encryption is the process by which plain text or any other kind of data is transformed from a legible form to an programmed version that can only be decoded by another unit if they have access to a decryption key. Encryption is one of the…


What to Look for in a Reliable and Client-friendly VPS Service Provider

Posted by shazim on 12 12 2017. 0 Comments

Once you’re reading to start your business through websites, you’re obviously going to be looking into investing in web hosting. This mean that there are going to a lot of new terms that you’re going to need to get used to. There are many terms that you will be listening…


Managed v/s Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Choice Made Easy

Posted by shazim on 11 12 2017. 0 Comments

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting service where a certain server is provided specifically for a single client who can basically control and access it just like having it in his/her home. In such a case, one client pays entirely for the service, and the provider will be providing…


How To Choose The Right Dedicated Hosting For Your E commerce portal

Posted by shazim on 06 12 2017. 0 Comments

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of web hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.For any business, no matter the size, it is critical that they have an e-commerce site that maintains high performance and high…


Dedicated Sever and it’s smaller branches

Posted by shazim on 22 11 2017. 0 Comments

As far as research shows, a Dedicated server has outdone even VPS in performance price and customizability. It truly takes away the cake in this field. You can list few distinct advantages of a dedicated server over VPS hosting that is possibly not available in VPS environment. The most compelling…


How to Implementing VMs on Xen Server?

Posted by shazim on 26 09 2017. 0 Comments

Step 1:-Create a Virtual MachineStep 2:-After creating Vm Power on the Vm, press OK.Step 3:-Welcome Screen Will Appear XenServer Click on OK.Step 4:- In Next “Accept EULA” And Press Enter.Step 5:- In Virtual Machine Storage Just Click on OK.Step 6:-Select Local media and Click on OK.Step 7:-Chosse on “NO” for…