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Why you need a dedicated server with a growing business

Posted by shazim on 10 05 2018. 0 Comments

Dedicated hosting is a hosting arrangement in which a server is staunch to a single system of government or for a single purpose, such as a site. This is in difference to shared hosting, in which a server stands as a host to multiple customers. A dedicated hosting overhaul is often…


Using Cpanel to create a website

Posted by shazim on 11 04 2018. 0 Comments

Easy way to Install: cPanel can be with no trouble installed in few ways. Simply, install the Linux OS and run the characters for installation. You will observe that a big piece of your server preparation is completed. Extremely adaptable: cPanel is flexible widely with gigantic numbers of the open…


Why is Windows Dedicated Server the right choice for you

Posted by shazim on 07 04 2018. 0 Comments

The time of traffic on the site is quite superior and you need a superior server up time, it is better to bring in a dedicated server. Windows Dedicated servers are not only steadfast and healthy; they are more secure and scalable.You can then enjoy all the assets of the…


Back up that is based on Host

Posted by shazim on 05 04 2018. 0 Comments

Also known as a Host-based backup, mostly comes in two types, known as Agentless Backup and Agent-based Backup is a new whir in the field of data recovery. People usually know the agents as small applications installed in the host server to run particular functions in a specific manner.Quite a…


Leasing Servers has more than what meets the eye

Posted by shazim on 31 03 2018. 0 Comments

The complicated situation of people confused whether to buy or lease is nothing new; consumers have been quarreling over this decision for years now. It should be no surprise then that the same situation exists with a company’s information technology (IT) equipment.Servers themselves can be made of use or have…


Reasons why Businesses need cloud servers

Posted by shazim on 28 03 2018. 0 Comments

Cloud dedicated servers have become the sources for the future of business hosting. From an abridged cost and amplified storage space, they break their traditional hosting counterparts in approximately every way.If you’re using a usual server in your office, you know that all your storage space is hosted locally on…


Windows Server 2019 with Kubernetes and HCI support to be available this year 

Posted by shazim on 26 03 2018. 0 Comments

Microsoft   announced that Windows Server 2019 will be made usually available in the second half of the year 2018. The server refers four important client test areas, along with hybrid workloads, security, application platform, and hyper-converged communications . The latest version of Windows Server is standing on Windows Server 2016, which was created in October 2016. It marks the newest release in Microsoft’s long-term servicing…


If you’re planning to invest in cloud hosting, consider these guidelines

Posted by shazim on 19 03 2018. 0 Comments

Cloud hosting service sources span a vast range of military, capabilities, and skill. The best cloud hosting providers offer a safe and reliable communications platform capable of partisan and scaling business significant operations easily and constantly. But it can be tricky for potential cloud clients to tell the disparity between…


Slingshot malware attacking router-connected devices since 2012 without detection 

Posted by shazim on 16 03 2018. 0 Comments

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab uncover exposed a malicious loader named Slingshot, which is vigorously attacking clients through routers for past six years without even being detected.Characteristically, the routers download and function a number of DLL (dynamic link library) documents from the devices. The hackers used routers to devise a malicious DLL…


Comodo Threat Research Lab uncovers new trick used by hackers to attack enterprises  

Posted by shazim on 05 03 2018. 0 Comments

A different type of phishing email attack targeting enterprises using SWIFT monetary messaging services, has been discovered this month by Comodo Threat Research Lab. SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication) messaging forces are employed by approximately 11,00 banking, business clients and safety organizations.Cyber criminals are now employing it…