How to install Cpanel and WHM?

How to install Cpanel and WHM?

Please follow the steps to install WHM and Cpanel :

Step 1: Go to /home directory, run the following command:

#cd /home

Step 2: To install GNU Wget, which you can use to retrieve installation files with
HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP, run the following command:

#yum install wget

Step 3: To download and fetch the latest installation files from cPanel’s servers,
run the following command:

#wget -N http://httpupdate.cpanel.net/latest

Step 4: To open and execute the installation files, run the following command:

#sh latest

Or step 5: If you will face any issue then use the following command to fetch and
install forcefully

#sh latest –force

In this this way you can install Cpanel and Web host Manager

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