How to add MX record in Cpanel?

How to add MX record in Cpanel?

Mx Record:

Mx record is the type of DNS record which is known as Mail Exchanger.MX record is resposible to send and recieve the the mail.
The MX record st to point canonical hostname. the hostname has another record which is known as “A(Address)” record.the A record of server is handling the email for your domain.
you can see there is multiple MX records which is work on priority which we will have to set on our host.when mail will first of it will check for lowest priority.if that server does not
respond,it will go to next.
Now we will see how to add mx record into cpanel:

Please follow the steps to add MX record into cpanel:
Step 1: First of login into the Cpanel with user account.

Step 2: Once you login into the cpanel, find icon MX entry in the mail section.

Step 3: Once you got MX entry just click on it and select your domain from drop down list.
select domain

Step 4: Now we need to set mx priority,there is one option i.e “Set Google MX” just click on it.it will automatically set the google priority.
MX priority

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