How to install TOMCAT on server by using panel CWP

The Apache Tomcat software is an open-source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language, and Java WebSocket technologies. The Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language, and Java WebSocket specifications are developed under the Java Community Process.

Apache Tomcat, Tomcat, Apache, the Apache feather, and the Apache Tomcat project logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation

Apache Tomcat/8.0.14The Apache Tomcat Project is proud to a

Announce the release of version 8.0.x of Apache Tomcat. Apache Tomcat 8.0.x is intended to replace 8.0.x and includes new features pulled forward from Tomcat 8.0.x. The minimum Java version and implemented specification versions remain unchanged. The notable changes compared to 8.0×2 include:


  • Various HTTP/2 improvements
  • Fixes for sending file related issues that could cause subsequent requests to experience IllegalStateExceptions
  • Servlet 4.0 early access updates

Step to install Tomcat on the server using CWP panel

Step 1-Login into your CWP panel using IP: 2030 in a browser.

Tomcat server


Step 2) Once you got the login into your CWP panel, GOTO Appache Setting >> Tomcat Manager.

Refer below screen.

Tomcat server


Just click on Tomcat Manager, it will provide screening for installation.


Step 3) Refer below screen, click on Install Tomcat, it will start installation. It will take up to 15-20 min to install.

Tomcat server


Step 4) After 15-20 when installation done, it will prompt for below the screen.

It will show success Tomcat Installed.

Tomcat server


Step 5) As we know Tomcat work on port no. 8080, you can also verify from browser. Just put below url under your browser
Url: IP: 8080 i.e:

Tomcat server


Step 6) If your url: IP: 8080 i.e: show above screen, it means Tomcat installed on your server properly. Now you can host your website using Tomcat.

If you want to start, restart or stop the tomcat service, then just, GOTO Appache Setting >> Tomcat Manager.


Tomcat server


Click on Start Tomcat. It will start Tomcat service.


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Why is Windows Dedicated Server the right choice for you


The time of traffic on the site is quite superior and you need a superior server uptime, it is better to bring in a Windows Dedicated servers are not only steadfast and healthy; they are more secure and scalable.


You can then enjoy all the assets of the server completely and this means access to amenities as and when needed. You can even tug the servers to meet your commercial aims. For firms that are prepping to sign up for dedicated hosting from a VPS hosting surroundings, the transition is perhaps easier.

dedicated server Windows

When you find that your site is rising steadily and you need more assets, you will be forced to crawl out of your shared hosting space and move on to either VPS or dedicated hosting 

You need to understand how much growth is expected over the next few years and then choose your server hence. Before you get on a dedicated server, your first task is to measure your business needs and then opt for a server consequently.

dedicated server

It is not sensible to choose the latest and most feature-rich plans if your business will not profit from those in any way. So, you should essentially check your future display for RAM, CPU cores, operating system, bandwidth and space and the types of storage space you will need, whether HDDs or SSDs. It is fascinating to see that each of these factors has linked costs.


Ideastack provides a perfect hosting alternative for business or e-commerce site that attract a large number of visitors by providing sufficient server resources for the assured performance of websites and other mission-critical applications.

Security is the most important requirement of commerce websites because the entire gamut of business processes depends on the presentation of a  

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Significance of dedicated web hosting for your online business

dedicated web hosting

For any type of online business, web hosting is necessary and it is also considered as an important part of online marketing. If the customer wants full control, then you can provide a server with a high level of security to be hosted by a  dedicated server this provides more flexible and reliable services.  Type of Web hosting service shares one server with other customers in Ideastack. And also the low-security problems could be faced using a dedicated server now you can know more about the servers in a systematic manner.

Benefits of dedicated web hosting:

benefits of web hosting

Providing high-level security all those resources of the server will be stored in memory, the amount of bandwidth will be calculated and another type of resources will also be allotted. When you access databases or files that are located in a more secure place at that time there is no chance of getting blacklisted

With the help of dedicated resources, one just gets the liberty to use such resources of those servers, considering the bandwidth and also the disk storage according to that you can fulfill your needs. 

They will give, the better uptime as per needs accordingly you can select the resources with other users and also offers better uptime than you shared servers with the least downtime will be possible. 

It will be available to access administrative and then to complete the control of the server, which means it will be able to install any kind of software which can be able to modify anytime. It can be supported by good technical ways with the help of Ideastack, and also provides instant support for saving your time and money.

Get better performance as well as speed:

performance and speed
A Dedicated server is more reliable and it increases the performances on the site so by using a dedicated server for your websites it allows your sites and your web pages to run faster. By providing all those features as per the required online business, then only you can get the best results. 

The only drawback of dedicated hosting is it is more expensive and then they will share a virtual server in private hosting. By assigning IP addresses along with your dedicated server, it provides more safety and security for your valuable data to be processed on your website. Now the online business needs the best website hosting service.

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