How to create account in WHM panel or C Panel

Log in to Webhost Manager (WHM) using root as Username and Server Password at IP: 2086

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In the Home section, click Account Functions then click on Create a New Account.

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The next step will be by clicking to Create New Account fill all the details like Domain, Username, Password, and the Email Id.

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Create Reseller Account in WHM Panel

For creating the Reseller Account go on the Reseller Setting & click on the Make the account a reseller.


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There are three basic step to install SSL

1- Generate a CSR
2- Purchase SSL
3- Install SSL

Generate a CSR

1- First login into whm panel
2- Go to the SSL/TLS option in this select Generate an SSL certificate and signing request


3- After that fill the all credential as required like domain name, city, company, email id etc…


4- After filling all the detail save the credential and CSR has been generated, shown in below.


Purchase SSL

After generating a CSR take an SSL of Comodo, or from any provider.

Install SSL

1- Go to the SSL/TLS option in this select Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain.


2- In this fill the detail domain name and SSL certificate, private key and Certificate authority bundle.

3- After that install the SSL and write a code to redirect http to https.
Finally, the website is running on https.

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