4 Common Mistakes While Choosing A Web hosting

Web Hosting Need

In the modern world, having a unique and highly compelling website is essential to meet business needs and targets. Most of the bloggers are new in this field so they will make common mistakes while choosing a site.

To avoid these kinds of issues, it is better to go with paid web services. If you are excited and hurry for seeing the result in choosing the company to host your first blog, then who should be aware of some fake sites.

Most make the following mistakes when it comes to choosing a web hosting.

Free hosting

Free Hosting

First of all, everyone prefers to go with free hosting, but it will not perfect at all time because there is a lot of problems with free web hosting. For example, if your site suddenly impacts loading speeds. So the main reason is third party advertising is affected on your website.

The additionally affected by your search engine also. The free option is might quickly finding a casual blog. If you are trying to build the business and you need to inverts for success. To avoid those issues, it is better to go with paid services.

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Read Reviews

Read Reviews

Before going to choose any services, you have to read online reviews that allow you to pick the perfect package. Buying products without knowledge helps to overcome all the complications. So you must read the customer reviews also consider the complaints of customer service, security issues, and loading time properly.

SEO side

SEO side

Loading speed is one of the most important factors to attract more visitors. Suppose your site is loading slowly and open leads delay the visitors will get upset. It is also for the negative impact of your search engine. So your website viewers are going to leave it on websites; this also leads to more negative effects; your ranking is going down on search engines.

Therefore loading speed is always essential for search engines. When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, you must consider the loading speed; this allows visitors to read your exciting content easily.

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Choosing Right Package

Loading speed is one of the most important factors to attract more visitors. Suppose your site is loading slowly and open leads delay the visitors will get upset. It is also for the negative impact of your search engine. So your website viewers are going to leave it on websites; this also leads to more negative effects; your ranking is going down on search engines.

Therefore loading speed is always essential for search engines. When it comes to choosing a web hosting service, you must consider the loading speed; this allows visitors to read your exciting content easily.

Nowadays there also a lot of features come with the package but these cheap packagers do not provide email support, privacy, or other safety features. This feature will improve your sites. Then the more important thing is what packages you needed. Before going to choose your package, you must consider comparing different hosting plans. This allows you to get everything you need. So try to pick the right hosting plans to start your business, in addition to this, consider your budget to find the best option. Ideastack provides you with the best options for your organization.

Major Impacts of price Rise in cPanel Rates



The lightning price hike of cPanel rates has shaken the whole web hosting community including web hosts and the users. cPanel is undoubtedly an important component to be used for web hosting solutions. With its latest upgrades, it has become more user friendly and added with enhanced features.

Many cPanel users were using it happily with 11$ cost per license for each server until the cPanel people changed its prices. Not a small but a subsequent difference of 1000% increase. Shocked? Everyone is right now. Now, cPanel will not be costing you just for each server but for each account hosted in it.

For Example, if you’re using a server with cPanel to host 1000 accounts, then –

For the first 100 accounts – 32$

After 100 accounts each account will cost 0.10$ i.e. – 0.10$ for other 900 accounts. 

This shows that with every new account added, cPanel will cost you around 0.10$ extra. This increases the overall costs of owning a server with cPanel from 11$ for each server to 121$ with 1000 accounts to be managed in each server.

Though for the first 5 accounts, the price will be the same as 20$/month, but prices for having more than 5 accounts are considerably higher than cPanel partner pricing with 30$/month for 30 accounts and 45$/month for 100 accounts. Though cPanel partner pricing is lower than the general pricing where the first 5 accounts are for 12.50$/month, 30 accounts for 17.50$/month, and 32$/month for 100 accounts. 

After these first 100 accounts, general pricing for each additional account is 0.20$/ month per account and for cPanel partners 0.10$/month per account.

The major impact has been onto the web hosting community comprising of all the web hosting users and web hosting dealers as well. cPanel has been their go-to software for managing their accounts and websites. An increase in price creates greater chances of users getting diverted to its fellow alternative (DirectAdmin, InterWorx, VestaCP, Virtualmin).


Low-end users using 1 account or less than 5 accounts won’t have much impact as the price is still the same till 5 accountsHigh-end users having more than 5 accounts must be facing a brutal change in the cost where first they were just paying for the cPanel server and license and now in addition to that they’ll be paying more for each account. This had made them think about the other alternatives for escaping this price hike.

Shared hosting providers and resellers may also face a major impact as before the price change, they might be paying just the 11$ for say 1000 websites hosted on their VM, but now they have to pay 1000% more of that to 121$ for managing all of their accounts. 

The new price levels have added an extra layer of effort making for unmanaged server providers as before they didn’t need to know the number of accounts in the server, but now with each account having a price, it’s functioning will change.

You could stay connected with cPanel if you’re looking for a quality-wise and features as it offers some brilliant user-friendly features with minimal risk of any data loss. It also reduces downtime and requires less assistance from customer support.

You know I just found a coincidence with cPanel and Plesk as Oakley acquired Plesk in May 2017 and then the price hike seen was blistering. WHMCS prices were also hiked in August 2017 and now they acquired cPanel in August 2018, and we’re seeing this shocking price rise.

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Recent trends for webhosting in 2018

With lots of advancements taking place in the field of technology and e-commerce, the need and requirements of web hosting service are advancing too. This is leading the power of web hosting to emerge continuously. Individuals and organizations are planning to go web-based because of the world getting digitalized. With this emergence for the demand of web hosting, we can see some variance in the trends of 2018 regarding web hosting. Through some serious research in the market, we’ve come to know about various sets of trends that one should consider.

We can see the number of data centers being increased as Businesses have started anticipating connecting visitors from different geographical areas to their website. This task is efficiently accomplished with the help of data centers promoting a safe framework and effective security. With advancements in the fields of technology, software and web building tools are getting designed to promote hassle-free creation of sites. These tools help people to a certain extent making it convenient for the user to get started with their new site.

Data Center

 It also makes the hostings without any unnecessary delays and further makes it more significant and beneficial for the customer. In the coming future, it is anticipated that there is going to be a trend of every hosting provider assisting businesses to achieve this with the help of rich back-ends.

There is a competition running between various web hosting companies and to counter this competition many hosting providers are trying to increase the level of superiority of their hosting services by simplifying the management of websites. Coming to the recent trends, it is measured that people are considering cloud computing as more convenient and beneficial covering all aspects of revenue generation and security management. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives the facility of connecting any corner of the world which is being considered to be more convenient than having a full-fledged physical server. Cloud computing has seamlessly provided a fruitful facility of making people execute their tasks sitting from any part of the world by merely connecting with the browser. This has been seen as a trend that cloud computing will be the future of web hosting.

With increasing requirements of customers in the field of web hosting, various web hosting providers are figuring out services that would have complete solutions for this never-ending need of the customers. Customers now wish to subscribe to plans featuring everything including email hosting, SEO hosting, and several other components of web hosting. So it is anticipated that there is going to be a trend of web host plans with complete solutions.


After going through all the above points, it can be seen that continuous advancements and modifications are taking place in the field of web hosting and technology that are going to have a certain impact on the functioning of web hosting providers and customer’s thinking and ideologies. These trends changing at regular intervals cannot be ignored and avoided as they possess a real picture of the ongoing requirement that the hosting providers and the customers need to know.

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An insinght on joomla hosting

Joomla is an open source platform on which Web sites and applications can be created. It is a Content Management System (CMS) which connects your site to a MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database in order to make content management and delivery easier on both the site manager and visitor.It has become very popular because of it’s ease-of-use and extensibility aspects.

Joomla Hosting

A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don’t have to. It is used by people all over the world.


In terms of capabilities, it falls in the middle. While not as developer-oriented as a CMS like Drupal, it has more complex site development options than WordPress. Joomla’s admin interface is quite powerful but also user friendly. It has a really good interface for managing large amounts of articles . It is an open source platform therefore there is no licensing fees involved with the sharing of information. It is capable of supporting e-commerce , it’s very user friendly and is easy to edit the content and structure of the website on this platform. Joomla can be used by developers as well. Because of joomla advertising on internet has become easy.

24×7 Customer Supports

Our company provides Joomla hosting with a wide range of affordable packages to choose from .We provide features like Fragment Caching, Server Side Scanning, Total Cache Pro, SSL Support, Easy Joomla Launch, Server Level Protection, Account Isolation Joomla Super Cacher. We provide services like 24/7 customer support, best choice of resources, amazing speed with all our ssd servers, tough security and excellent staff.

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VPS hosting schedules and its web hosting choices in Ideastack

What is Web hosting?

Web hosting is an essential aspect of a site or an online business. Without the proper use of the hosting schedule, it is potential that the organizing of an online site or a business may face an entire numerous glitches.

This is the basis why online site owners and individuals who maintain online businesses, opt for internet hosting schedules via various types of servers. There are shared and dedicated servers that are used in the hosting of an online site and another order to sever is the virtual server.

This is a server that does not need the customer to invest in any special machinery and equipment in sort to maintain the server. It is known as a virtual secured server and this is a server that though, is a subdivided one, used by many users, is still consideration to each user.

Based on this, the best VPS hosting organization would be able to give the best in VPS hosting schedules. Hence, let’s discuss the importance and aspects of VPS hosting in Ideastack.

What is Web hosting?

Interior concept of VPS hosting in Ideastack:

VPS hosting in Ideastack is technically a virtual server and this shows that the customer can search a numerous number of benefits organized in the system.

The main benefit is that, when potent to the dedicated server, Ideastack serves as an affordable choice and the affordable VPS hosting performs as easy as the Dedicated one.

Since one does not require investing in the inserted elements needed by a dedicated server, the customer is also able to save up on resources and space needed to maintain the server tools, leading to a wide benefit.

The customers who choose to host their online sites on a VPS system are also efficient with the advantage of being capable to view the size of the server system based on their needs of the online sites.

Interior concept of VPS hosting in Ideastack

Significant benefits of VPS hosting in Ideastack:

Generally, it gives you the power to finish the control around your server, providing you with the complete customization and flexibility you need.

You have the power to manage your VPS account via this you can have the right to add any apps and software that your website needs for optimized performance and developed functionality.

Depending upon this, you require selecting different ranges of VPS hosting schedules present in Ideastack. To search for one that meets your requirements and also modifies or increases according to the business limit.

One major benefit is that you will include the ability to add your security like malware detection and antivirus on your server account to detect the counter hackers and attacks from unauthorized users.

But always, don’t forget that the Virtual Private Server does need a technical individual or trend or specialized for controlling them based on your requirements.


Virtual private server hosting provides more memory, faster performance, and more flexibility for a reasonable cost. It’s a great choice to take into account when you outgrow a shared hosting package.

For particular use cases, different VPS hosting services are better. Some are develop for scalability, while others are develop for developers. Certain providers stand out in terms of pricing and value, while others specialise in IoT devices and edge computing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you use a VPS for web hosting?

A VPS, or virtual private server hosting, allows you to receive dedicated resources to host your website on a shared server. In general, VPS hosting is split into shared and dedicated parts. A VPS is one of the various options for hosting your website on the internet.

Q2. How many websites can you host on a virtual private server?

There are no limits on how many domains or websites you can set up on a VPS. Depending on the amount of free disk space and other resources in your VPS, you can host any number of websites.

Q3. How much VPS do I need?

VPS plans are extremely scalable, which is one of its many attractive features. Only the resources that your site needs must be purchased. If traffic increases later, simply expand your resources quickly and effortlessly.