Myth of Dedicated servers not beneficial for small organizations busted

Dedicated Servers MythsIt is normally said that Dedicated Servers can be effective for only the High web traffic experiencing organizations and cannot be considered suitable for small organizations because of the level of performance and its affordability. Well is there any authorization or any certain proof or any kind of research taken place to prove this?

Dedicated Servers Performance

We don’t think so as High Performance is the key weapon that every type of organization requires whether it be a large or a small organization. Large organizations need High Performance to maintain consistency and small organizations need it to come up to the level of large organizations. For example – For an E-commerce

the site (including large and small), it is important to maintain a high level of performance, security, and privacy of the business to attract customers and increase profits.

If the earnings and profits are high for their usage of resources than Dedicated Servers can be affordable for them too. Instead of using shared services that have a disadvantage of having fear regarding their deal in the back of the mind, it is always helpful and efficient to own a dedicated server and to function without any hustle or fear with having proper control for the entire data.

Dedicated Server Higher Resources

A small business does not mean that it would surely have less amount of traffic or resources demanded would be considerably less. There can also be a situation where the small organization could experience the need for higher resources because of satisfying the particular need of a particular customer group. 

With higher resources requires a higher level of functioning, a Shared Hosting service can sometimes fail to appropriate but the Dedicated Servers won’t. Using a Dedicated server, you are given full control over something that you want with no limitations of resources to be used or any kind of boundaries hindering your functioning.Dedicated Servers Growth AspectsWith Dedicated servers, you always have a chance to practice your own customization and automation which the shared hosting wouldn’t be able to provide. So it can be said that it is not certain that Dedicated Servers will fail to prove beneficial for small organizations, instead of dedicated servers would help the small organizations to break the shackles and explore new growing aspects through high performance, reliable, secure and durable efficiency of the dedicated servers.

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Why you need a dedicated server with a growing business

Dedicated Server is an arrangement in which a server is staunch to a single system of government or for a single purpose, such as a site. This is indifference to shared hosting, in which a server stands like a host to multiple customers. A dedicated hosting overhaul is often referred to as a devoted server and can be set up in-house or outwardly as a service from inside a data center. Let’s have a look at some of the reimbursement.

Dedicated Server - Data Center

Customisation – Dedicated Server grants definite freedom and manages that other hosting solutions are not capable to provide. The fact that the server is devoted to one customer and there are no cohabitants means that the server can be modified to the exact needs of the client with the help of the hosting service provider. This ensures that they can choose and pay for the qualities that they require.

You can then enjoy all the assets of the server completely and this means access to amenities as and when needed. You can even tug the servers to meet your commercial aims. For firms that are prepping to sign up for dedicated hosting from a VPS hosting surroundings, the transition is perhaps easier.

Dedicated Server Expected Growth

You need to understand how much growth is expected over the next few years and then choose your server hence. Before you get on a dedicated server, your first task is to measure your business needs and then opt for a server consequently.

It is not sensible to choose the latest and most feature-rich plans if your business will not profit from those in any way. So, you should essentially check your future display for RAM, CPU cores, operating system, bandwidth and space and the types of storage space you will need, whether HDDs or SSDs. It is fascinating to see that each of these factors has linked costs.

It is a perfect hosting alternative for business or e-commerce site that needs to attract a large number of visitors by providing sufficient server resources for the assured performance of websites and other mission-critical applications.

DEDICATED SERVERS – Business’s tool of growth.

Dedicated Server Business Growth

As we know that the ultimate goal of a business is to achieve its objective of profit maximization and it could be done only with the coordination and synchronization of efficiency and effectiveness combined with a powerful dedicated server to boost performance, Handle high volume of traffic  & secure their data in a virtual environment.

As a website grows it is quite common for these owners to set up their own dedicated hosting web server which could lead the business in the pathway of efficiency and effectiveness. 

What is required for a large business?

Larger websites tend to use more resources such as Higher Bandwidth, server CPU, that shared hosting platforms aren’t able to provide. The dedicated server can handle an enormous amount of traffic diverting towards your website that makes you get an access to an entire server and is considered extremely secured with the best security patches and regular operating system updates.

Dedicated servers are as the name implies, a server providing with all the uses and the resources dedicated to a specific user’s CPU, memory, etc. They act as exactly as you want to use them. You can host upto 200 to 250 websites in a dedicated server. The best thing about dedicated servers is that you yourself can manage with your technicians, engineers, and developers or get a managed dedicated server from us

Benefits of Dedicated Server

1. Dedicated server provides better control and flexibility since you have a web server all to yourself. There are no restrictions on what programs you can install on it or on your website.

2. Dedicated servers hold many beneficial advantages like it reduces the dependency on web hosts and reduces time delays and possible expenses incurred from these. Dedicated hosting is considered as the better option comparatively when performance is being concerned as it manages to handle the high website traffic with pure ease.

3. It works by its name i.e. dedicatedly for optimized functioning and minimizes complications realized by the web host as it keeps running the things quickly and efficiently whether even it is about loading high-resolution photos or videos.

Need for Dedicated Server

The need for a dedicated is realized when your business starts facing loss because of your site speed. For a business, if a website that is fast and user-friendly all the time gives the visitor encouragement that your service is just as reliable, hence it would lead your business to increase and more likely to make a sale. 

Where to buy dedicated server?

There are numerous dedicated server providers with attractive offers but we would suggest that you take a demo of servers before purchasing.

Ideastack ensures you top-notch dedicated server to scale your can even customize your own dedicated server with our web hosting experts just click on the live chat option & configure in 3 easy steps only!

Points to keep in mind for choosing the cheapest dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

A need for owning a dedicated server has become a necessity for not only large or expanding organizations but small and medium organizations as well. To gain entire control of a server, people generally opt for dedicated servers to be the best option. But most often, generally, for small and budget-constrained organizations, it becomes costlier exceeding their expenditure plans. But they can also not avoid the inherent risks their website may experience because of shared dedicated servers.

Therefore, from the recent researches and statistics measured, it can be seen that there are a lot of companies providing dedicated servers at cheaper rates so that it could be affordable for the budget-constrained organizations as well.


 It’s your smartness and awareness to spot out the best service provider providing dedicated servers at cheaper rates. To develop this sense of smartness, we are ascertaining some beneficial points that could help you land on the cheapest dedicated server suiting your budgets.

Have deep research before the market  Firstly, you need to be certain about what your budget is and make a list of what all companies will suit the best to your proportionate budget

Making this list could only be beneficial if you have a piece of proper and comprehensive knowledge about the market and you choose the most efficient service provider giving you the maximum of productive services at minimum possible prices. Also, make sure that services accorded as cheap or just using the term cheap for spam or to attract new customers should be determined.

Prefer those dedicated servers which are safe, reliable, stable and can be easily controlled

Data is the most valuable asset for any web-based company and its security should be the most important concern. You should not just accept the services being named cheap or subscribe for a cheaper package that could put your data’s security into dungeons of getting leaked. 

You should ensure that the service provider avails you secured services with a blender of stability. Therefore, it is important to go for that server which can easily be managed, having an easy and optimized operating system. Always choose those dedicated servers which are cheap and provides wider bandwidth space

 bandwidth space

Having a wide bandwidth space aids at accelerating the speed at which your web pages get loaded. Most of the search engines like Google ranks most of those websites higher which can be easily accessible. Therefore it is important to choose that appropriate package containing wide bandwidth at cheaper rates.


Keeping in mind the above points, you can figure out some of the cheapest providers in your list. We are sure that we are going to be one of those providers as we here at IDEASTACK provide you with some of the quality servers at an affordable and reasonable cost.

Our pricing gets added benefits of our effective services which comes out to be a fruitful and beneficial solution for your cheap dedicated server search.

5 ways in which Dedicated servers can improve your Business’s performance

Managing high network and cabling connections has become a necessity for all organizations. With multiple web hosting platforms existing now, Businesses have got an opportunity to reap all the effective benefits of these platforms. The Famous types of web hosting platforms famous i.e. Shared hosting and VPS services.

 Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are considered to be the best Web hosting platform when it comes to captive performance for managing huge web traffic, highly secured, flexible and many other features making it be the prominent solution for organizations needing efficient and powerful connectivity for their organizational applications.

With the existence of dedicated servers, Businesses can solve multiple intense and challenging tasks. In Modern Dedicated servers pose multiple benefits to businesses but the main features or the functions capable to fulfill growth prospects of businesses are as follows:

  • Dedicated servers enhance Reliability – Dedicated servers excels in achieving a higher rate of reliability as no one else is allowed to access your control, hence keeping your business protected from other interruptions.
  • Dedicated servers provide flexibility in operations – Dedicated servers are directed and devoted to its single client and can adjust or adapt according to the client’s business requirements. For instance, the client is allowed to use its own choice of OS, software applications, adding up of extra security layers, custom tools, etc. making you manage your web traffic efficiently.
  • Dedicated servers offer dedicated performance and provide dedicated resourcesDedicated servers offers entire control of maintenance and management of the server to the client. Hence, the clients and their IT experts can utilize the productive resources of dedicated servers in their way with having dedicated resources like dedicated CPU, bandwidth, dedicated IP’s and other important components.
  • Dedicated servers offer higher connectivity – Dedicated servers offers you with a greater rate of connectivity with a service agreement ensured by the service provider on network availability for websites hosted. It avails the benefits of performing a third-party dedicated server hosting provider.

higher connectivity

  • Dedicated servers provide improved security – Dedicated servers are efficient and security proofed to protect the data residing in it through expertized software’s inbuilt. Data security would motivate and relieve businesses to carry out their operations freely.


The above points can depict how dedicated servers can be beneficial to businesses covering important aspects such as the cabling of network connections and managing huge web traffic easily.

We here at Ideastack Hosting make you available the efficient services of dedicated servers in managed and unmanaged forms at affordable costs and exclusive Ideastack features, making your investment valuable.