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Things to Look for in Cheap Shared Web Hosting

Posted by shazim on 12 06 2019. 0 Comments

Cheap shared web hosting is the best choice for the startups and small businesses. When your business is new, you should be able to manage with limited resources and space. However, it is important you must be ready to upgrade immediately when you feel that your business is growing and you are experiencing server crashes or page load becoming slower than usual times. Unless, of course, if you have restricted service to provide and have limited traffic, well in that case you should not upgrade to a better solution.

What is shared hosting?

In shared hosting, your website will be placed on a server where there are numerous other websites. One of the biggest drawback in this type of hosting is that you have to share your resources with the other websites. When one account uses extra or more resources than usual, the server will not sustain the pressure. Risks of the downtime and server crashing are high. With this uncertainty, it becomes difficult to focus on core business and instead of thinking about the future plans as how you can make your business better, you might be wasting time on just loading your website and hence losing a lot of money.

Choice of Operating System

There are two types of plans that you could select from- Windows and Linux. Windows shared hosting is a web server that is hosted on the Windows OS. Windows is a Microsoft-owned software and the users are required to pay a license fee to use all Microsoft products.

It’s recommended that you use Windows servers if your site is constructed on the ASP.NET and MYSQL technologies. Windows is compatible with all the open source scripts too. Linux is a free to use OS and is built in Python, PHP, Perl languages with MySQL as its database.

Least Expensive Hosting Option

As it is well known that small businesses and startup experience budget restraints. They should never directly host on the higher platforms. As a new business in the market, you can never rightly predict the traffic to your site. To be on safe side and to save your budget, it is recommended to look for a cheap windows shared web hosting provider. The server expenditure and its maintenance are split across the numerous users. This makes shared hosting very affordable in prize in price.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) also involves sharing, but here the clients hosting on are server which is physically divided inside the server. The features such as memory space, RAM etc. is equally divided and every consumer gets a certain amount of resources reserved for themselves so no user or client can overuse. It is a bit expensive than shared hosting but it promise great uptime for your website.

What you need from the cheap shared web hosting

Uptime: Your provider must guarantee a network uptime of at least 99%.

Not overload: look for a server provider that provides you with a hosting plan who doesn’t have large number of clients/user on a single server.

Support: Chose providers that provides you with around the clock support over email, live chat etc.

Fully managed services

There is another cost saving feature of the cheap shared web hosting. All the server related tasks are performed by the provider. You can be guaranteed of the finest performance. Any site that pulls excess resources is given a warning to control or upgrade their plan. You need not spend money on recruiting IT experts if your business is not IT-related. If you have IT experts, you could use them to build applications related to business.

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