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How to install RAID 10 in centos7?

Posted by shazim on 03 06 2019. 0 Comments

How to install RAID 10 in centos7?

Once you done with other setting go to INSTALLATION DESTINATION


Select all disks present on the system for raid 10 minimum 4 disks required. If re-installing operating system having RAID configured before go to How to reinstall RAID?

Select I will configure partition

Centos vps

Click here to create them automatically this will create partitions

Select Device Type: RAID, Select RAID Level: RAID10 and File System: xfs

Centos vps

Can select swap to DEVICE Type: RAID and RAID Level: RAID0 File System: swap

Linux vps

We can verify RAID configuration using df -l command or mdadm

raid 10 vps

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