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Monthly: April 2019

How to install Website Panel

Posted by shazim on 27 04 2019. 0 Comments

The quick process of installing the setup for Website Panel.   Double click the Website Panel Installer icon on your server’s desktop. If you are not able to run the installer, you may need to right-click on the icon, then Run as Administrator.   When the Website Panel Installer opens,…

5 Benefits of Purchasing Managed WordPress Hosting

Posted by shazim on 27 04 2019. 0 Comments

WordPress is known as one of the finest and user-friendly CMS which promotes simplicity and efficiency. It is widely known among the successful businesses and has gained consideration for its performance, low rates and expertise. Purchasing WordPress hosting supports efficient and solid inventory of resources. It comes with added benefits…

Is Your Dedicated Server Protected ?

Posted by shazim on 11 04 2019. 0 Comments

Dedicated servers are the powerful machines of web hosting services which is known for its performance and functioning to manage huge tasks. Owning a dedicated server could earn you a lot of benefits for a long-term. Though many dedicates owners forget one thing that with it’s care, it is also…

How to choose the best hosting package in 2019 ?

Posted by shazim on 01 04 2019. 0 Comments

Web The term “Web” might be very familiar to you these days isn’t it? Well the world is rapidly getting web-based because of the opportunity and the connectivity it yields. Digitization have created a big impact on not only the consumers, but the businesses as well. Every business be it a…