Making Use of Rich Snippets in your WordPress helps increase Traffic for your site.

Rich snippets are something that provides site owners another way or a different path to communicate with search engines. Structured data is something that allows search engines to see different types of content on your site, and use rich snippets to show additional information in the search results.

Information in the search results makes your listing more noticeable and it comes more on the top results in search, which means more organic traffic for your site. It also helps you build authority in your niche, as your site becomes more visible in the search. Rich snippets are not just for reviews or recipes. You can use rich snippets for events, products, people, video, music, apps, articles, blog posts, etc.

Rich Snippets

Now that you know how beneficial rich snippets can be, let’s take a look at how to add rich snippets in WordPress. We will show two methods: manually adding rich snippets in WordPress as well as using a rich snippets WordPress plugin.

Maintaining rich snippets manually can be difficult even for the most experienced site owners. Luckily, there are several WordPress plugins that will make it super easy for you to add rich snippets in your WordPress posts.

Benefits of Rich Snippets

Along with all of this, you will also be able to see different sorts of content with different plugins, for example, Item Review, Events, Person, Product, Recipe, SoftwareApp, Video, Article.

Clicking on any content type will show you the fields that will be available when a user is writing a post or any custom post type.

After this, you will be required to create a new post or edit one that already exists. Below the post editor, you will see a new meta box labeled Configure Rich Snippet. Inside, you will see a drop-down menu where you can select content type for the post you are working on.


Rich snippets or structured data markup can be written into three separate vocabularies. These vocabularies are microdata, Rd Fa, and JSON-LD. You can use any of them on your site. However, most beginners find Rd Fa to be more fresher friendly.

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Last Edited: 27/04/2020

Security Plugins of WordPress that will prove to be useful for you.

WordPress is a way to show yourself to the world, market yourself, start your own way. With WordPress, you can start any kind of blog you want to be about poetry or food or music. WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today. You can pour your heart out and if you become famous then you can start earning from doing what you love.


Making your WordPress site more safe and secure requires an understanding of what security options are available to you from within the platform and from third-party tools.

In an effort to protect WordPress users, the platform’s developers have built-in a number of features intended to support site security. Taking advantage of these settings, introducing third-party security plugins, and following WordPress security best practices offer the best odds of keeping your site safe.

WordPress security

Automatic WordPress version updates

Theme and plugin notification updates

User roles that allow you to control access to different capabilities within your site

Complex password generation

Protect WordPress users

Above are a few options for the WordPress security features.

Even after all the steps taken by WordPress, many users take the additional step of installing a third-party security plugin. These security plugins can be broadly categorized into two groups: full security suites and single-issue security plugins.

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Last Edited: 27/04/2020