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VPS vs Shared hosting : What is the difference ?

Posted by shazim on 16 03 2017. 0 Comments

Choosing a right web host according to your needs is quite important but at a same time it is not easy to choose from variety of hosting options out there .

In this article we will compare shared hosting service with VPS to figure out some specific differences between them and which one would be suitable .


Shared hosting is a way to put large number of users on a single server , clients here will share the server and its resources like RAM , memory , processor , hard drive and etc .

While in a VPS server is still shared but the technology used to assign resources keeps users seperate with a virtual boundary and is much more sophisticated and technically superior option as compared to shared hosting .

Resources –

In a shared server you have to share the resources with other users , these resources includes servers memory , hard drive , RAM , processor and etc which can reduce the effeciency of your operation .

Whereas in a VPS server though it shares the network virtually but all the resources necessary for performance are divided up and hardly any user have to share the same hardware and everyone here has their own private envoirnment .

Cost –

A shared server here takes a lead above not only VPS but on any other hosting option . It is often regarded as the starting point of small businesses simply because you get this service at a very reasonable rate , lower from any other hosting option at any given point of time . A shared server you use can be very powerful but hosting companies put several other users on that server and thats how the cost is reduced for you and other users on the server .

While on the counter part as compared to shared hosting , the cost of use of this option is more . But with the additional features and technology provided by VPS it has justified its additional cost .

Operational disturbance –

In a shared server your smooth functioning operations can be affected because of some other users on smae server , this is called “bad neighbor” effect . For example if a site uses up majority chunk of memory , other users gets affected as they are left with the remaining small part of memory and dont get the share they deserve . Secondly a malicious attack on a single site will spread problems throughout the userbase on that server , worst part is it is very unpredictable can any time cause a downtime to your website .

Security –

You are on a high risk of data leak when on a shared server , because you share a common server with many others some fraudlent hackers can take undue advantage of it and can cause trouble to you .

Whereas a VPS offers you a good deal of security as you are virtually seperated and use almost different resources from others there are less chances of any security breach and the advanced technology used by VPS also ensures this .

So considering the factors above it is recommended to switch to a VPS , although it comes at a higher rate compared to shared server but its better features will pay for it in long run and you will be definately benefited from it . Apart from this it also depends on your needs and requirements as to which one will suit you the best .

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