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Introduction VPS Web hosting and what makes it special

Posted by shazim on 23 02 2017. 0 Comments

Introduction :-

VPS services are gaining control with a decent pace , regards the great deal it offers . In VPS one can enjoy a model of dedicated service at a lower cost . It is basically a hybrid model of shared and dedicated service where a virtual boundary is created in a shared service to make it look like a dedicated one . some eye catching  pros are –

> VPS servers can run their own independent operating system .
> It can be easily rebooted separately .
> For those companies who don’t expect much growth in near future can happily adopt VPS service as it will be best suitable option for  them .
> Ability to configure or manage your VPS according to your own set of requirements .
> Ability to provide dedicated like solutions to Emails , FTP or backup process .
> Ability to manage all your servers you have purchased through single server and have a total control over it .
> The ease at which it can be modified or updated is exceptional .
> Hosting number of websites simultaneously which are like dedicated servers and this all avoids the problem of data sharing .

Some Exceptional features it offers –

RAM – VPS offers you a burstable RAM where the excess traffic for a short period of time may not have much effects , it is becoming popular for a short period of time without any technical difficulties . But this features also comes with a exceed limit for burst, so you should always keep a check with the limit .

Root access –  This feature offered by VPS plays a vital role especially when your website is a interactive one . It gives you freedom to change all or even a single file located at your website , for example – you are free to change likes of memory buffer , error logging , execution time limit for optimal performance of your site . This feature is missing from Shared hosting service.

Control panel –  In VPS it is totally depended on you to select your control panel , you also have option to exercise between Linux vps or Windows vps and can customize it according to your needs  .

Need and Steps to Backup –

It may be wrong to assume that your VPS is the safest just because of the time spent on its backup . Firstly your VPS entirely depended on you for such process like backup as only you can have access to its files and settings .

1) As the times are changing new and innovative hacks to trouble your website , you have to be sure about the update of your software , you have to fix the loopholes in your Firefox .

2)Your host also provides you with the control panel so that you can make its effective use and restart , troubleshoot or backup without contacting host for the help . You can also reboot your system independently and have different and independent IP addresses, processes , configuration files and etc .

3) In case of hacking or data loss your efficient web host will be a great helping hand to you and will help you to transfer the files , this will be a very easy process if the new environment and control panel are as efficient as the host .

4) Opting for Linux over windows will not only benefit you with the license fees but also will also offer you a greater memory efficiency .
This was all a simplified ultimate guide to your VPS .

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